Trump-inspired performance of Julius Caesar features the Roman dictator in a ‘business-suit’ being stabbed to death

trump shakespeare play

A scene from the play with an apparent reference to Trump and Melania

Par for the course these days due to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

From Daily Mail: A new reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic play about power and intrigue, Julius Caesar, has sparked outrage for showing ‘Donald Trump‘ stabbed to death on the Senate floor.

The year’s version of the annual Shakespeare in the Park summer program got underway on May 23, with the Bard’s famed work featuring until June 18.

One of the key scenes in the play is when Caesar is stabbed to death by conspirators in the Senate, after much plotting by two of his former friends, Cassius and Brutus.

That scene remains in the Public Theater’s new version, but it’s the appearance of Caesar that has many drawing comparisons to the president. The titular character in the play has reddish-blonde hair, wears a suit, and sports a tie that hangs a few inches below his belt.

And the similarities to the president don’t stop there. A woman who attended an early session of the play said Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia – who begs him not to attend the senate due to a premonition she had foreshadowing his murder, resembles Melania Trump and speaks with a ‘Slavic accent’.

The similarities were no fluke, as Playbill described the new version as taking: ‘aim at the current presidential administration’. 

At least one person who has seen the play was outraged by the Trump-inspired take on Shakespeare. ‘I always go to Shakespeare in the Park, but I wasn’t expecting to see this,’ Laura Sheaffer told AM 970, according to Mediaite.

Sheaffer went on to explain how she was upset by the play, and especially the scene in which Caesar is killed. ‘They had the full murder scene onstage, and blood was spewing everywhere out of his body,’ she said. ‘To be honest I thought it was shocking and distasteful. I mean it was the on-stage murder of the president of the United States.’

She also took offense with the ending of the play, in which Antony – a friend of Caesar’s who fights to avenge his murder – forgives Brutus after he falls on his own sword in a bloody battle. ‘The message it sent was that if you don’t support the president, it’s OK to assassinate him,’ Sheaffer said.

However, the reason Brutus’ is celebrated in the play after his death is because his actions were motivated by wanting to see Rome prosper. Brutus took part in the plot to kill Caesar after Cassius manipulated him and planted fake letters in his home allegedly from Romans who were concerned about Caesar being elevated to the level of a deity.

He also described Caesar as serpents egg, ‘Which, hatch’d, would as his kind grow mischievous’, citing potential damage he could do in future if not killed. But then, before impaling himself on his sword, Brutus proclaimed Caesar can rest soundly now – as he and Cassius, who killed himself earlier in the battle with his own sword, were dead.

Many were outraged after news of the Trump-inspired Caesar spread on Monday and Tuesday.

‘This is sick! When will the Hollywood types learn it is inappropriate to act out the death of our president?‘ CNN contributor and Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany wrote on Twitter.

‘THAT IS DISGUSTING. HOW COULD YOU MAKE A PLAY ABOUT THE PRESIDENT BEING STABBED TO DEATH. AMERICANS BOYCOTT,’ another person – who claimed in their bio that Barack Obama is planning to destroy America – tweeted.

‘Everyone associated with that play should go to prison,’ Ivan Gentry said.

‘We need FBI & Secret Service to stop this! Crazy people! I will not support this,’ a woman who claims the Democratic Party is corrupt added.

‘It wud (sic) have been extra special if you folks of Public Theater were stabbed to death also,’ another person, who was seemingly advocating for murder, chimed in on Twitter.

Much of the outrage seemed to appear shortly after the story was shared online by Breitbart – the right-wing news outlet formerly ran by Trump’s adviser, Steve Bannon.

And despite the anger, others seemed more sympathetic to the play’s infusion of Trump.

Read the rest of the story here.


13 responses to “Trump-inspired performance of Julius Caesar features the Roman dictator in a ‘business-suit’ being stabbed to death

  1. The Left are a vicious murderous bunch, aren’t they, as they’ve been through history. Just look at the record of the hundreds of millions killed in the so-called communist countries in the 20th century — the bloodiest century in human history.

    The only thing different today is that, in their psychopathic rage over Hillary’s electoral defeat, the American Left have finally stripped off their masks to reveal their true faces.

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    • “finally have stripped off their [own] masks …” They UNMASKED themselves..

      Liked by 2 people

    • EXACTLY!!! There is no other reason that a group could or should show such viciousness save they are livid that their plan to advance their totalitarian rule has been thwarted.
      “…the American Left have finally stripped off their masks to reveal their true faces.” They did not strip them off, they got distracted by their rage and accidently forgot to hold them up. I think most of them still haven’t figured they are standing naked or else they would have backed off and put the masks back up by now.

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  2. More:

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  3. I can imagine the outrage if the subject of murder had been a recent predecessor to President Trump rather than The Donald himself. Those who would support the killing of a Constitutionally elected president who has not had clear evidence of a crime or even misdemeanor show lack of due respect for the greatest nation in history and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and those who courageously worked and died to live by it. Their love lies elsewhere and is fulfilled living by values that are not American. Perhaps they are globalist.

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  4. Patriots, if it gets to that point, and the need arises, will lock and load and rally around the POTUS.

    Don’t forget: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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  5. I notice they didn’t mention who dreamed up this brilliant idea. I have to agree,this wouldn’t have been tolerated AT ALL if the lead character was portrayed as Hillary Clinton. Ah-the TOLERANT LEFT.

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  6. I am still in awe of the lack of respect for other’s opinions, beliefs and freedom. They absolutely have no consideration or concern for anyone who refuses to be ruled by them. Remember, these are the same people who once paraded around advocating “free speech” and “individual liberties”. Now they are Bolsheviks.

    I can’t really bring myself to believe that anybody actually is sorry for Hillary’s “loss”. I remember that here, unlike other elections, I didn’t see any Hillary stickers on cars. So, I suppose I’ll have to take people at their word about that, but I personally never met anyone who admits to voting for her (or Obongo for that matter) either.

    Basically, it all feels too contrived to me. The Globalists are claiming a loss. I don’t believe it. I’m sure it’s in the script. If it weren’t, the offender would have been “removed”.

    No, this is an attempt to orchestrate some sort of “coup” or other uprising in the hope of disgusting the eaters with government in general. Then, The Controllers will come along with “The Solution”. Doubtless “The Solution” will look a lot like the Omaha stockyards do to cattle.

    Trust me, I’m not disputing the stupidity factor here. But those presstitutes and hand-wringing Hollywood celebrities, etc., are reading their lines. Rothschild’s agent Soros (aka Georgie Swartz) is handing out the fiat money to make it all happen. Anyone who gets genuinely anxious about this needs their head examined.

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  7. Its so stupid and wrong to have a show theater showing President Trump like this being stabbed like Julius Caesar with actor and actresses hopping around like they’re on drugs acting like idiots!! Hard to believe this kind of silliness and stupidity! What happen to America?? Why allow this? People have become mindless human beings

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