Seattle-area school districts turn to health centers for children

melissa harris perry

What is not mentioned in this article is if parental notification is required for a physician to meet/advise your minor child (especially if they receive family planning services). But I’m sure the lack thereof is on purpose, as noted by the spin of school health centers presented as an academic benefit for your minor children.

From Seattle Times: Evidence connecting students’ overall health with their academic performance has mushroomed in recent decades, such that Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman calls it one of the best-established links in all of social science.

Seattle’s school district, ahead of the curve on this issue, has for 30 years provided health services to kids in two-dozen schools. Now the success of that effort is spreading.

Next fall, Bellevue, Renton and Vashon Island each will open one school-based health center, offering an array of services from annual checkups to behavioral counseling — far more than the school nurses of old used to do.

Nationally, the use of such school-based clinics has increased rapidly, particularly in rural areas where families may lack a regular pediatrician, or might have to drive an hour for children’s basic medical care. Not surprisingly, lack of a nearby doctor results in high absenteeism.

But urban Bellevue has seen a marked increase in the need for such services, too, said Jessica Knaster Wasse, who oversees school-based health centers for Public Health – Seattle & King County.

Some 500 students — nearly half of them low-income — attend Highland Middle School, the first site in the district to get its own health center. “Most people think of Bellevue as an affluent community, but the demographics have really shifted,” Knaster Wasse said. “The immunization rate at Highland Middle is 76 percent — one of the lowest in the county, and it’s really just an access issue.”

Statewide, there are 35 school-based health centers — most of them in King County — and the driver behind them is academic as much as medical.

A study published in 2010 found that adolescents who used a school-based center for mental health improved their grades, compared to nonusers. And kids were 21 times more likely to get help when counselors were on-site, compared with those whose only access was off school grounds.

In New York City, asthmatic children who used a school-based health center markedly increased their attendance, with fewer trips to the hospital. “Time out of class can really add up, particularly for students who have chronic conditions,” Knaster Wasse said.

At Highland Middle, mental-health counseling will be provided by Youth Eastside Services, and the nonprofit International Community Health Services, which already operates a clinic at Seattle World School, will staff the medical side.

Startup costs for the three new health centers will be covered through a $2 million grant from King County’s Best Starts for Kids levy (aka taxpayers). Each plans to provide counseling offices, a pharmacy and space for mobile dental units.

“We took what we knew was working in Seattle and extended it,” said Michael McKee, director of health services and community partnerships at ICHS. “It’s exciting because we know it improves access.”


9 responses to “Seattle-area school districts turn to health centers for children

  1. The left wants “domination” “control” and “manipulation”. If the kids are left to the communities as it is today, they’ll grow up criminals, thieves, prostitutes, drug adicts, murderers.

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    • Alma . . . I could not agree more! What I just don’t seem to be able to comprehend is why should schools be interfering with problems in the personal lives of their students? This article would lead us to think that schools should also be responsible for the “dental care” of students!” This shifting of responsibilities from parents to schools/taxpayers is abysmal at best!

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  2. “Your children are wards of the State” is the uttering of the desire of Marxists and Globalists. Not yet spoken is, “So are the rest of you.” But not those in power. How long did it take for the Marxist/Globalist predecessors to President Trump to decide where to send their children?

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  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Welcome to Brave New World! If you are among the lucky, you will be part of our select elect! When notified, report to the assigned Parenthood Laboratory. We will extract either the egg or sperm from you, let you rest with a cup of coffee and a donut, choose the name you desire for your child, and then you go your way. Be assured, your child will be overseen most carefully for the good of society. Thank you, earth person, for your contribution to The Order. You will be notified again if we find you useful for any further contribution of any science nature.

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  4. Totalitarian goobermints have always sought to get control of the children and separate them from their families as early as possible.

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  5. Lol that woman in the pic looks like she might be extraterrestrial. Also, I can picture the future where school systems will provide hormone therapy and surgeries for trans students, as well as the new enzyme therapy that can make people forget things permanently, you know, like make them forget they believe in Jesus and aren’t gay.

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