Tucker Carlson interviews racist “political commentator” about racist Black Lives Matter group

tucker carlson

The woman that Tucker interviewed last night is Lisa Durden. From her Twitter bio she is a: “Show Host, Pop-Culture Commentator, Content Creator, film Curator, Fox Contributor.” (And her Twitter profile pic includes Oprah, she must be serious!)

Tucker had Lisa on his show to discuss a Black Lives Matter group in New York City inviting only black people to their Memorial Day celebration. It was an “exclusively black space.”

Lisa didn’t feel like providing any rational answers to Tucker’s questions. Us white folks are racists after all and we just wouldn’t understand.

Ms. Durden must be a blast at holiday parties. If you don’t believe me, just check out her Twitter account (at the link above in her bio.) Lisa is a hoot: boo, hoo, hoo!

FYI: In case the video doesn’t work tomorrow AM (because several I have inserted into this post have already been removed from YouTube), go to YouTube and search for “Tucker Carlson and Lisa Durden” and you should be able to view a video that works.


19 responses to “Tucker Carlson interviews racist “political commentator” about racist Black Lives Matter group

  1. Miss Daisy is driving me crazy.


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    Watched this last night. My opinion was the woman did not want to have a serious conversation with Tucker because of her flippant attitude and interruptions. There was no lobbing back and forth which normally happens in a civil society. It was a demonstration of idiocy in the world of Democrats. How do they expect to interface with the world? I would suggest an IQ test before any further exhibition of this person.


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    • I notice that Liberals,especially BLACK Liberals,don’t know how to DISCUSS anything. Their idea of discussing an issue is to get on TV for an “interview” (An interview is an exchange of ideas,perspectives and information-a discussion,by nature,right?) with their point of view locked and loaded,set the mouth on broadcast and shut off the ears and brain. You look in their eyes while they’re speaking and it’s like looking in a window of a vacant building-nothing in there.The first time you hear them drown out the other person’s question or comment,you KNOW where it’s going-might as well go get a cup of coffee or change channels.

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      • These people can’t think straight, from the greatest to the very least. End of discussion. The most educated and seemingly sensible among them, backed into a corner, will find some way to justify OJ Simpson. And the talking-over-people trait is universal. Period.

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  3. What I saw was a black, ignorant bobble-head, and a calm, cool and collected white interviewer. I am very glad that he cut her off. She must really have loaded up on somethin’ before coming on his program. Just what we don’t need in this country are ignorant, instigators like her. More is the pity, since there are many, many fine upstanding African American people of true integrity and comportment . . . time is way too short to waste it on someone like her.

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  4. Not “racist” when Leftists do it apparently…

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Weren’t no need to send me an uninvite.

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  6. blah blah blah. What a mouthful of shit!

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  7. I’m done with these folks, they are stuck on stupid and wish to stay there. I want my tax dollars to stop supporting people who hate me because I’m white. The white people in this country are getting fed up with this kind of nonsense, and people will only put up with so much.

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  8. I thought she was the supreme example of the level of intellectual thought blacks have achieved. Her demonstration of her mastery of logic, eloquence, reason, the marshaling of facts left one awe struck by the depth and width of her achievements.

    She really demonstrated the tolerance of blacks and their devotion towards civility and fair play. No wonder Africa stands as a shining example of what civilized nations should be.

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  9. African and Haitian peoples are the underprivileged, poor, living under the worse conditions, famine, diseases poverty, no water, raped and murdered. They posses the quality of HUMBLENESS
    Lets take Maxine Waters, Mustafa Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Lisa Durden -all born Americans. The only thing they share with the peoples of Africa is the color of their skin.
    Black panthers 1966 Black lives matter 2013

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  10. You are supposed to to feel guilty when you feel anger and resentment.
    and if you argue, you will no doubt stumble on a racist tripwire The Left has left all over the jungle. You’re bound to say something politically incorrect then get massacred in the MSM for it.
    FOX lets bomb throwers on their station frequently. Tucker was not willing or able to deal with her.
    Glad I didn’t watch the show. This clip was enough for me. Without O’Reilly it’s not worth watching the station.
    Although I like the judges.

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    • I don’t blame Tucker for not wanting to “deal with her”. She was there for ONE reason only-to BROADCAST her Racist point of view,shout down anyone in opposition or who wanted to discuss her programmed talking points and prevent ANYTHING else from being heard. I believe he showed remarkable restraint in not having her carried off stage in a straight jacket. The FIRST time she shouted over his question I knew EXACTLY what she was there to do. He should have just had the sound man shut off the microphones and left to get a cup of coffee.

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  11. When I was a teacher at Bushwick High School, I was talking to some students about race relations and what could be done to improve them, and one of the students of a largely black group interrupted me and said, “Broiles, our own parents teach us race hatred.”
    The same thing happened at George Washington High School some years later.
    Don’t misconstrue me: Many black people are really good people, even if we are not on the same wavelength, politically. But if pushed to a certain point, a number of them will let their racialistic animadversions loose, with vigor and candor. Making the matter more complex still, a large number of these black people DO NOT agree with or support either Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

    Durden here is what some blacks would call “an educated fool from an educated school.” “Demented” is too kind a word.

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  12. Hatred shuts a mind closed like a trap, or a black hole… just waiting to suck all logic and life out of anything with which it comes into contact. There is no Socratic discussion, no communication to be had; only fighting, mayhem and death. It gets spread by the evil forces whose sole desire is to perpetuate it at any and all costs, turning the gullible vulnerable into soldiers doing its dirty work, just as Nazism did decades ago. Brainwashing the young & ignorant is the most obvious entry point. It provides an easier path than education, responsibility and accountability — just blame someone else; make them the focus of your hate, the reason for your failure… the target of your attack. It guarantees the impossibility of growth and success of a society in which it flourishes.


  13. Dat lady be needin sum hep!!!!!K!


  14. Common angry black woman M.O. -Talk over, belittle, and be condescending. I wanted to shove something in her damn mouth every time she did that, “Boo hoo” thing. I feel sorry for the kids of these types of she-apes. They grow up being talked to like that, and no father to balance things out. Check out Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube for far too many examples of women like her. BTW, Tommy is a black man, so no racism involved.

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  15. I…. can do without absolutely hate-filled individuals such as this.

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