Muslim yelling ‘Allahu Akba’ is chased out of church in Spain

On June 3, 2017, at around 6:30 pm at the Church of San Pablo, Valladolid, Spain, a Muslim man disrupted the wedding service by storming up to the altar, shouting “Allahu Akbar (Allah is great)”.

As reported by the Spanish-language newspaper ABC, the man tried to attack the priest who was officiating the wedding ceremony. As the groomsmen surrounded and grabbed hold of him, the man struggled and tore off the altar cloth. He was then chased out of the church, where he was promptly arrested.

The man is a 22-year-old student from Morocco with a history of disorderly conduct. He is “accused of disturbing public order, threats and crime against religious feelings”.

After the arrest, the bride, groom and guests calmed down and resumed the wedding ceremony, which had been delayed for 20 minutes.

I can’t help but wonder if the Muslim would be dealt with as quickly and firmly if this had happened in one of America’s cucked churches.

H/t Church Militant


17 responses to “Muslim yelling ‘Allahu Akba’ is chased out of church in Spain

  1. If a Christian had committed such an act in a mosque, regardless of the country in which the act was committed he would have been killed and the muslim congregation would probably be exonerated for doing so as they acted in accordance with the Koran and were provoked. It is time to let the muslims understand that they should be subjected to Christian wrath.
    “It is not the earth the meek inherit it’s the dirt.”

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  2. Helene Pineau

    Kudos to those Spanish groomsmen. This prompt and decisive action is the only thing these Muslim brutes understand. Wish our deluded leftist governments & PC sheeple would finally wake up to this truth.

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  3. Thrown out of the church: next, throw him out of Western civilization until he completely stifles jihadism with a good course in Islamic violence management.

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    • I completely agree with that . . . this turd needs to be sent packin’ back to his own country. Anything less than that is a miscarriage of justice. How very unfortunate that the groomsmen did not beat the holy stuffins out of him before he was arrested by the police; he should have at least come out of that melee with a broken leg, and a broken arm (preferably his right arm,) and missing his two front teeth. That would at least have given him something to think about. Why would anyone disrupt a wedding service, unless they were an absolute goon.

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  4. The Spanish know so much of them after centuries of Muslim rule

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  5. Sadly, churches will need armed guards as jihad grows in the west. If I was a pastor I’d be armed, and encourage known congregation members to arm themselves likewise.

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  6. Had the big groomsman taken one step with his left foot toward the attacker, and made swift contact to the assailant’s head and/or facial area with his then appropriately-positioned right knee (a very common MMA move), he would have ended the altercation by separating the jihadi interloper from his consciousness temporarily, after which the savage could be removed and left, hog-tied, in the gutter at the street until authorities could pick him up for proper prosecution and lock-up to prevent further harm to society…
    Recall, it wasn’t long ago that similar attacks in churches ended up with the priests permanently separated from their lives when the Muslim terrorists slit their throats…
    It’s a shame that calling out “Allah is great!” has been adulterated from a “call to praise” into a prelude to a heinous, murderous action by those who would try subverting their faith into a terrorist organization bent on world domination, including killing, by deplorable means, any who disagree with their archaic ideologies.

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    • Allah is a call to praise? Coulda fooled me.

      Allah the “god” represents nothing more than violence, death, and world domination of women, children and any infidels who disagree with his ideology.

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      • The God of some people is God, Lord, Father, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit mystery in one, Jehovah, Adonai, HaShem, and other sacred names; others may be serving Satan, Lucifer, and others seeking our God’s throne (will never take it) whether they know it or not. Unfortunately, many Christians lack the fervor held for our God that followers of His enemies have.


      • Now, often yes. but…
        In the non-terrorist version of Islam, where they consider themselves descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, rather than primarily followers of their prophet-leader, the masses were called to prayers in their mosques by specific men calling out “Allah is great!” five times a day… facing Mecca.
        If we are to believe them, the majority of Muslims still believe this form of their faith, and not in the radicalized, hate-mongering version the terrorists have created as a means to gain converts to their cause.
        Of course that only explains Arab Muslims per se, not American blacks or Asian or other races of Muslims that I’m aware of. But they can follow their prophet-leader without claiming Abrahamic descent and yet not subscribe to the terroristic ideologies… unless they dwell on the particularly-harsh parts of the Koran as fundamentalists. But our own Bible has very dark and harsh parts early on too; it’s just that those of us who accept Christ as our Lord & Savior also accept that His New Testament supersedes and fulfills the Old and its harsh realities, laws, etc. And that our Bible is the Word of God… the Koran itself makes no such claim (although some Muslims do).


        • I believe all Muslims are expected to follow the Koran with abrogations (which are violent) and the Hadith wherein no one is excluded from violent jihad except for those physically unable to “fight with their goods and their persons. As for violence in the Bible, it was there only for a specific piece of geography for a home for a specific group of people at a limited time. The violence did not call for killing all people who did not convert to Judaism, nor are rules to kill non-Christians in the New Testament. True, Christians did do that, but that was part of the evil in man, not from the Gospel.


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  8. I can say with all certainty that if something that like went down in the Ukrainian Catholic parish I know, the guy would not be able to walk out under his own power.

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  9. Bravo to these brave men! I am confident that if something like this happened in New York, one Timothy Cardinal Dolan would likely cower in fear and trembling!

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  10. “I can’t help but wonder if the Muslim would be dealt with as quickly and firmly if this had happened in one of America’s cucked churches.”

    Down here in the south the Muslim man would be beaten to a pulp or shot, as his actions would be perceived as a terrorist attack. Us rednecks tend to carry 24/7.

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