Venezuela crisis forces women to sell sex in Colombia, fuels slavery risk


Sean Penn and BFF Hugo Chavez

Hey Sean Penn, when are you going to come to the aid of these victims?

From Fox News: As a humanitarian and political crisis in neighboring Venezuela deepens, a growing number of Venezuelan women are working in bars and brothels across Colombia.

“I didn’t do this in Venezuela. I never ever imagined I’d be doing this in Colombia,” said Maria, who declined to give her real name, to Reuters. She charges $17 for 15-minutes of sex, and the money earned is spent on buying medicine for her mother who has cancer.

For the past year, she has traveled back and forth from Bogota to Venezuela’s capital Caracas every 90 days, before her tourist visa expires, carrying medicine, food and soap. “I’m ashamed I have to do this. It’s a secret,” said Maria, 26, who has told her family she is a traveling salesperson.

Venezuelan migrants are often lured by false promises of well-paid work in Colombia’s restaurants and bars or as domestic workers. But then they find they are forced to work long hours with little or no pay, are not free to leave the bar they work in, and may be trapped by debts owed to the agents who brought them across the border.

According to Asmubuli, a Colombian sex workers association, currently there are around 4,500 Venezuelan sex workers in the country.

Fidelia Suarez, head of the sex workers association, cited the case of 11 Venezuelan women trapped in a dingy bar in Colombia’s northern city of Bucaramanga. At first, she said, the women were allowed to come and go as they pleased, but in February the bar owner seized their documents, withheld their wages, and prevented them from leaving the bar.

“That’s slavery,” said Suarez, who has visited the bar. “They are enslaved there, under the conditions and rules decided by the owner, which aren’t legal.”

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have crossed into Colombia in the past year, as triple-digit inflation, a collapsed health system and weeks of violent protests engulfs oil-rich Venezuela.

As prostitution is legal in Colombia it makes it difficult for society to see sex workers as victims of trafficking, and a blurry line often exists between those who voluntarily engage in adult prostitution and those coerced into sex work.

It’s not just women who say they have no option but to sell their bodies for sex, but young Venezuelan men too.

Dorian, 25, started working in Bogota’s Lourdes Park about two weeks ago. “It’s disappointing. I’m disappointed in myself,” said Dorian, a business studies university graduate unable to find a job and with no money to pay for rent and food.

He left Venezuela six months ago, after a close friend was shot dead by gang members on his way home from a party. “It could have been me. I knew then that I had to flee, that I was in danger,” said Dorian, dressed in tight white trousers. “The economic instability, the insecurity in Venezuela, it all becomes unbearable.”


9 responses to “Venezuela crisis forces women to sell sex in Colombia, fuels slavery risk

  1. Where’s NOW? I thought feminists care about women and sex slavery? /sarc

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  2. This article has made me feel such a profound sorrow, I am just sick inside. Here we have a wealthy nation, but because of the greed and avarice of those who are in charge, they suck up all the good stuff for themselves, and their families . . . yet the poor are starving, and must turn to acts of depravity in order to survive. Why is it that people here in tis country cannot see the inherent evil in Socialism/Communism? It always fails those at the bottom of the pyramid.

    I cannot help but believe that all of those who have played their own unique rolls in the subjugation of these helpless people will reap a horrific, yet well deserved reward in Hell come their interview at the Judgement Bar of God. Frankly, in my eyes, Sean Penn is amongst that group, he had to have known the plight of the common people in Venezuela . . . yet he turned his head and partied on!

    DCG .. . you have brought to us sad, but profound article. Thank you.

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    • I can only tell you that Venezuelans were warned [from the Cuban experience] not to vote Chavez in, he was a dictator under the command of the Castro communist regime. Venezuelans did not heed the warnings and said “we are not Cuba, we can hold free elections and oust him”. They had a second chance but the arm of Castro had extended and gripped the country -just like Russia, bled out Venezuela. Yes, they are not like Cubans, Venezuelans stayed and rebel, Cubans and the will to fight disappeared. Cuba today is poor, bacteria, parasites, hepatitis, is rampant, prostitution from an early age, and……….nothing happens. Nobody cares. Poor Venezuela and the youth murdered in the streets, and……..nobody cares!!!

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  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Maria goes from a country rich in resources to the one next to it to earn money to save her mother’s life. People come to the presently rich but in great debt from across oceans to ply the same trade. Will there be any dominoes of morality be left standing if this global corruption does not stop? We are not under a law of the jungle, we are under a power of those intending to create an immense chaos for their increasing power. Then, that struggle will continue among themselves. That is the human condition without Judeo-Christian law. Start with following the Ten Commandments, the Two Commandments (love the Lord they God with all thy heart, soul, and strength and thy neighbor as thyself, and the Sermon on the Mount.

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