London Bridge terrorist attack: video of police changing into camouflage pants

At around 9:58 pm on June 3, 2017, just 12 days after the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, Britain experienced a third terrorist attack in 2017 when three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge. Wielding knives, the men left the van and went to the nearby Borough Market, where they stabbed people in and around restaurants and pubs. The attackers were believed to be Islamist terrorists.

Seven people were killed and 48 wounded, including four unarmed police officers who attempted to tackle the assailants. The three attackers, who were wearing fake explosive vests, were shot dead by police. The Metropolitan Police declared the attack a terrorist incident. Twelve people were arrested and four properties raided the following day, with more raids on the day after. (Wikipedia)

ISIS has claimed “responsibility” for the attack.

That same night, a citizen took a video of what appears to be a group of police officers changing behind a police van.

One of the officers pulled on a pair of camouflage pants. Now why would he do that?

Note that the black t-shirts the police officers wore have a white insignia on the upper left, as shown in this pic:

But wait!

The same officer who put on the camouflage pants appears to be one of the three terrorists shot dead by police at 10:16 pm. According to The Guardian, the man had canisters strapped on his body.

Note the same red hair and beard, camouflage pants, and white insignia on black t-shirt.

The Metropolitan Police identified the terrorists as:

  1. Khuram Shazad Butt (born 20 April 1990), a British citizen born in Pakistan.
  2. Rachid Redouane (born 31 July 1986), who claimed to be either Moroccan or Libyan.
  3. Youssef Zaghba (born 1995 in Fez, Morocco), an Italian national of Moroccan descent.

Does the man with the pale skin, red hair and beard lying on the ground look like Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane or Youssel Zaghba to you?

Here’s the video:

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36 responses to “London Bridge terrorist attack: video of police changing into camouflage pants

  1. Very simply, the MET and all large police depts. employ photographers and one of them took the pic of supposed dead terrorist. This is a police PR activity to regulate what the public sees. This is standard practice [but they have never been caught before]. This is done for many reasons. In this case, it may be to ensure that the US does not pre-empt release of identities or other classified info as happened with Manchester and caused an international incident by pissing off MI5.


    • You must forgive me, john namnik, but I have no idea what you mean by “This is a police PR activity to regulate what the public sees…done for many reasons. In this case, it may be to ensure that the US does not pre-empt release of identities or other classified info”


      • Police will feed the public their own version of any contoversial event to the public when they have the opportunity. This may be to conceal identities or to keep evidence concealed or even to censure very gory scenes. It could even be to paint them in a good light. With the Manchester attack, a US spy satellite took pictures of evidence and from those pics they released the identity of the terrorist. This could have resulted in the fleeing of other suspects before the police detained them. As a result Britain threatened to pull out of the “Five Eyes” arrangement [a.k.a. Echelon].
        Hence, with this attack, it appears that the MET got in first by releasing a pic of the fake terrorist so that a real I.D. could not be made that might impede the police follow-up.
        Note that there is a photographer right there to take this snap. Note that there is only this single pic released. Note that it is blurry and the body positioned so that a definite I.D. cannot be ascertained. It is not evidence of a false flag but simply manufactured by the MET for what they want the public to know and see.


        • John, I know police do stuff that is not legit, but that explanation seems a bit strained to me. Who knows what is going on, but we already have multiple cases of fakery and lying with the help of authorities in staged terror and shootings. What seems much more plausible is that this was yet again another set up by the Masonic overlords; the actual crimes being committed by either trained intelligence, or Manchurian candidates. Hence what we see above, where the police are in on having to construct the fake story line. Also remember in England almost all police are Masons too- at least at the upper echelons.

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          • Sure Lana, I am familiar with Masonic influence, I am simply giving an insider view of police procedure and motives. I am not knocking other views or this FOTM site as it, and Vlad Tepes, are my favorites. As Kevin previously said ‘we are entitled to the truth’, but unfortunately we will never get it; but speculation is not truth either. Let’s keep looking and one day we might defeat the liars and deceivers.

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        • Kevin J Lankford

          I would consider it perfectly reasonable to consider any deception, evidence of a “false flag” operation. Like it or not, people are entitled to the truth. And they are entitled to the information and the means to make needed plans for their own defense.

          Imposing sanctions and more oppression on the freedoms of the victims of terror, whether real or staged, make the true agendas obvious.

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          • Agreed, this continuing saga of protected terror is fabricated and calculated to one end; “we’ll be your slaves if you just make us feel but not actually safe”.

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        • Thank you for the clarifying explanation, john namnik.
          I have another question for you:

          How do you know that? In your response to Lana, you claim to have “insider view of police procedure”, but your IP says you’re in Australia. Are you a retired UK police officer?


          • No Dr. Eowyn, I am not an ex-cop, but one forms groupings with various experience and expertise in their efforts to expose collusion of the elite class ideologues. Enough said for this platform. I can say that my city has recruited hundreds of serving British police. Some are now retired and some maintain associations in a whistleblowing-type capacity, since they left the UK due to corruption at the top.
            We do have our problems here, e.g. our PM is a former Director of Goldman Sachs, we have six missing RPG’s sold to mid-easterners, my city’s private security personnel is 80% mid-easterner. Some months ago a Muslim convert mowed down a crowd in Melbourne and the obvious false flag nature of that has caused a rift between honest cops and bought cops. It is the opinion of my circle that not enough attention is paid to the judiciary from which OWG machinations emanate, but they are a class unto themselves – though some are working on it.

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            • Thank you for answering my question. I have another question for the purpose of clarification:

              You say you’re not an ex-cop, but that “one [meaning you, I presume] forms groupings with various experience and expertise in their efforts to expose collusion of the elite class ideologues”. What does that mean? And how does your “forming groupings with various experience and expertise” equate to your having an “inside view of [UK] police procedure”?

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    • Lol yes it’s our duty to not piss off mi5, anything but that!

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  2. Wow! I read the articles out of sequence this morning. This article would certainly bring to the forefront that some false event was taking place. This sickens me to my very core!

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    • Here, Auntie, is what I wrote on my forward of this posting:

      “So I guess May had the tourists killed, then sent in a black op for the terrorist angle, and here we are, Achmed’s yer uncle:

      So how do we contact CBC, as their old INPUT address is dead years ago:
      CBC doesn’t want or need to hear from us taxpayers, dontcha know.

      Local papers, anyone? Let’s not always see the same hands….”


      • Joseph . . . Thank you for your part in bringing us this exceedingly unsettling news. After reading this post today, I tried to lookup whether recent “attacks” in Europe had caused the percentage of vacationers from the US and other countries to stay away, but could not come up with anything that was of recent date. I for one would not go to Europe anytime soon . . . it would appear that a person would be taking his life in his own hands to do so–although I think it would be wonderful to see all the places that we have all marveled over . . . I guess I had better just settle for getting glimpses over the internet on hulu, Netflix, etc. (and it will be cheaper.

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  3. I believe this was a staged event, and so were the two events in London before it. I watched another video with Ole Dammegard on the Sage of Quay program . The interview was recorded the day after the Manchester concert event, and they discuss that event, as well as the previous London Bridge event, and both have definite signs of fakery with crisis actors involved. Ole predicted there would be another event shortly after Manchester, probably using a vehicle. He was right. The interview was two hours long, and many other false events were discussed.

    I went to his new websight,, and registered as a member so I can watch and read all of his work. He has zeroed in on a British company called, where fake crises are the order of the day. He believes they are running these events that are happening across Europe. On this page of their website is a very telling little video
    At the end of this short video, it says “Crisis Solutions – the clue is in the name. Ole asks if it is CR(ISIS). What this company is able to do now is scary. And I have no doubt it’s being done in this country too.

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    • Hmm, that is very intriguing! I wonder if there are any infiltrators that work in these crisis-actor centers. It’s amazing this stuff is actually out in the open…or is it a fake company?


  4. ManCavePatriot

    The globalists are throwing these events at the world community in such rapid-fire sequence that it’s becoming impossible for their ‘hired actors’ to ensure plausibility. And because the media is the propaganda dept., they continually move on to the next disaster without vetting the previous incident, and no one holds them accountable. The ‘sheeple’ are being led to the slaughter without a bleet.

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    • “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
      (David Rockefeller, Statement to the United Nations Business Council, September 23, 1994.)

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      • The uber-wealthy, psychopathic evil bastards running the world are scrambling to keep power. They are losing. EVERYONE, just STOP SPENDING! Stop paying the gov’t their ill-gotten gains (we’re being taxed without representation – remember??). Keep your love, friends, family at peace. Be smart and prepared – if the police come, we’ll need militias to stop them, so get armed & trained, but always, ALWAYS STAY WISE: Do not start violence; use your intellect & communication skills; empathize, and sympathize; We can beat FEAR with LOVE, but not stupid romantic or puppy love, I’m talking a SPIRITUAL LOVE, recognizing, as the aliens do, that ALL life is sacred, even when you disagree with them. In the end, the UNIVERSE is one big family, so will you be a Blackwater BlackHawk Black Program Black Sheep? Or someone with love, who’s loved, and who loves?


    • “…without a bleet.” ☺️


  5. Either that or the terrorists have inside access to the apparel of London’s equivalent to SWAT uniforms (not hard when the mayor is a hard core muzzie).

    Seriously, what better way to cause confusion and hesitation by dressing like “the good guys”? If in fact they were doing this, only fake explosive vests (and of course their actions) would ID them. Fake explosive vests, which are odd, do cause delays in response by requiring more skilled sharpshooters for head shots and IDing dead man switches.

    Didn’t check out the site, but “crisis actors” are regularly used for US exercises. They get painted up as wounded (moulage) and are trained to exhibit various symptoms to evaluate responder skills in field training exercises (usually some disaster). Most of ours are free volunteers.

    What is appalling is mucking about changing pants. It was an 8 minute response time in a known terror target. Mayor Mohammad must have nixed having snipers on overwatch or a SWAT team ready to go. No way does an armed attack go on for 8 minutes in NYC before they get an armed response in say Times Square or Penn Station.

    I’d ask the very pointed question if the London mayor has dropped police readiness for attacks since elected. Unarmed police may be quaint, but it’s stupid in the light of attacks everywhere.

    Does the UK have an equivalent of posse comitatus? If not, rotate SAS through various hotspots, or just park their snipers up high and don’t let the mayor know which nests are full on any given night. Call it “Parliamentary protection duty” or something national that trumps local PD.

    Timing right before an election is odd. Thought for sure Paris attacks would help Le Pen. Guess Euros are scared into voting not to offend terrorists.

    Dead terrorists should have pig blood dumped on them, publicly, and each of their respective mosques closed and Imams deported. This should happen for every attack.

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  6. Replace Theresa May with this guy:

    (Pardon the French, but it is what it is)

    Someone made the observation that Mayor Mohammud is more upset with Trump than the terrorists.

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  7. you are insane! someone I know was killed in this attack…. and you have a nerve to call this fake. You should get help, you are totally screwed up!


    • Do point to where in my post I called the London Bridge attack “fake”.

      My post is a meticulous EMPIRICAL presentation on something specific — that:
      (1) In the midst of an emergency terrorist attack, persons who appeared to be London police changed into camouflage pants that are not part of standard police uniform.
      (2) One of the alleged attackers lying on the ground allegedly shot dead by police, does not look like any of the 3 attackers but instead bears a remarkable resemblance to the police officer changing into camouflage pants.

      Instead of examining and disputing the empirical evidence I assembled, you resort to name calling — which is a mark of those without a substantive argument and of the irrational. So if you want to see insane, I suggest you look in the mirror.

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  8. Did the real attackers get away (are they paid by Soros or whoever to kill people), and did these bad cops ‘stand in’ for the terrorist’s bodies? What’s really going on, that is what I’d like to know.
    Did they kill all these people so that there will be more ‘martial law’ in London and fewer freedoms for the English subjects?
    Dr. E, did you figure out what happened, if this is a Sandy Hook/9-11 combination or what? I am guessing they’re doing something nefarious, but what, and to what end?

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  9. Why would this be any different than SHES or BMB (or a host of others)? Remember Karl Rove’s injunction about “creating reality”? Sometimes they can’t resist telling the truth. They know that few will believe them.

    Much of this sounds like some wish to excuse the cops. There is no excuse. They exist to serve the elite, period. Anyone who participates in these attempts to lie to the public deserve whatever they get. Of course, most of the time that is a promotion or other valuable prizes.

    Looked at globally, these things are so obvious it defies logic for most to not see how ridiculous they are. Somehow they are all made to order for the Controllers. Want to tweak the agenda? Just order up a “terrorist event”.

    Apparently herding actual cattle is much harder than it is with eaters. All one has to do is say “boo” and sic a prestitute on them.

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  10. traildustfotm

    The puppeteers are at work on this one. Their angle puzzles me. It seems they (the puppeteers) want to inflict psychological trauma on whole populations. I know why the muslims want to do this, but how would that serve someone else?


  11. I always wondered what they did to the passengers of flights 93, 77 and whatever hit towers on 911. I have many questions of that day but only one certainty, the US gov was behind it. Were they gathered to form part of the coming dictatorship after a mind cleanse and some reprogramming? Chaging clothes? To what end? To get rid of PM May and reverse the Brexit?


  12. Clearly another lie by the corrupt criminals in charge (CCC). How about a PsyOp to put these traitors in office DOWN?


  13. Is this for real? Just from the vague photos you provide the guy on the floor clearly has dark hair and is wearing different clothing, not that it matters. Are you suggesting a metpol officer volunteered to get shot dead by one of his mates in a false flag role play? What contentious tripe.


    • No, the guy on the floor does not “clearly has dark hair”. How interesting that you choose to ignore the fact that both the officer and the “terrorist” on the ground have:

      (1) Red hair and beard
      (2) The same clothing: black t-shirt and camouflage pants; and, most importantly,
      (3) The same white insignia on the t-shirt.

      Nor can you explain why during a terrorist attack, a group of police officers would be changing their clothes behind a police van.

      If anyone is writing “contentious tripe,” it’s you.

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