Family of London Bridge terrorist shot dead by police after he slit the throats of innocents ask to be ‘left alone’

um yeah nah

From Daily Mail: The family of one of the London Bridge terrorists today pleaded to be left to ‘grieve in peace’ as 21 of his innocent victims continue to fight for their lives in hospital.

A brother-in-law of 27-year-old Muslim extremist Khuram Butt made the comment as police swooped to arrest 12 people over the atrocity in raids across east London. Butt was one of three men who embarked on a stabbing rampage in London on Saturday night.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured, with a number of victims having their throats slit, before police marksmen brought the violence to an end.

The sister of one of the killers is believed to be among those held in East Ham.Her husband told The Sun: ‘I don’t know anything. We haven’t been told what’s going on. We just want to grieve in peace.

It has also emerged Butt held a farewell barbecue at his flat in Barking.

Neighbour Ramou Grant told Good Morning Britain: ‘Last week he called for a barbecue and invited all of us. [I’m] thinking, “was this a send-off?”.’

Amid a series of revelations last night, it was claimed that a friend of the suspect had reported him to the anti-terror hotline after he became radicalised by watching extremist videos onYouTube.

It was also alleged that police were warned about the 27-year-old radicalising children in a local park two years ago, giving them sweets and money.

And yesterday, a photographer captured a detective carrying secret notes which appeared to suggest a man embroiled in the investigation had been quizzed by police last year.

A friend who called the anti-terror hotline said: ‘I did my bit, I know other people did their bit but the authorities did not do their bit’.

The Telegraph claims that counter-terrorism officers were watching a terror cell in Barking on the eve of the terror attack.

Gardai in Ireland have confirmed that an Irish ID card was found on the body of another of the killers, Rachid Redouane, 30, who claimed to be Moroccan-Libyan.


14 responses to “Family of London Bridge terrorist shot dead by police after he slit the throats of innocents ask to be ‘left alone’

  1. “Butt held a farewell barbeque at his flat in Barking” Anyone in attendance at that gathering who did not call the authorities to inform them that Butt was planning a horrific act should either be tried as an accomplice . . . or ushered out of the country within 24 hours. This mess can only begin to be cleaned up when the authorities get tough and start kickin’ butt!

    I see where the Muslime mayor of London has his nickers in a twist over Trump’s comments about his incompetence, and he is calling for cancelling Trump’s journey to Great Britain in October. May, the Prime Minister was silent for 48 hours, but has now stated that the USA is the greatest and closest alley Britain has . . . could that possibly be because it is American Blood and our treasury that has come to their aid. I rather doubt that they want American money to dry up.

    How many of us have seen clips of American religious cults who use venomous snakes in their worship services. Only to find that once in a while someone gets bit. This reminds me of Britain, Germany, Sweden, etc, etc, allowing Muslimes to enter their peaceful countries . . . and low and behold, they are now getting bit. If these countries cannot act with a modicum of common sense . . . I do not want ANY American blood shed in the attempts to pull them out of the great snake pit they have created, nor any of our treasure sent to aid them.

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    • Sorry, I wasn’t done . . . any of these families that wish to be “left alone to grieve” should do their grieving back in their native countries! Otherwise, just shut the dickens up, you are not the offended party . . . all of the innocents that were slaughtered are the injured parties.

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    • Hi Auntie Lulu, i’m just an ordinary person living in the UK,just very sad about whats happened. Like i am over many things going on throughout the world today which doesn’t make any sense.Seems its the innocents everywhere, who have to pay the price for what the wicked get up to. Up in the north here (on the other side of the pennine hills)where i live, we’re still mourning the senseless deaths & injuries of the Manchester tragedy, where many kids attended the Ariana concert. Then now this. We’ve a columnist Katie Hopkins who warned us a few weeks ago on Twitter how Ramadan was approaching & how it can make some of these people turn nasty. seems she wasn’t mistaken. Maybe its the fasting & empty bellies that make them get so worked up. There are some -like yourself-who feel we asked for this. If we’ve to take on the rulers of a country’s karma for the wrongs they commit,then there may be something to that. Tony Blair perhaps was assuaging his karma in Iraq, by bringing into the UK tons of Muslim immigrants into the UK (the bastard as far as i am concerned should be frog-marched to Traitors Gate & hung for treason)I have complained about our interventions in the Mid-East after discovering there were no weapons of mass destruction after all. Yet i cannot understand the hypocrisy of the Jihadis, who have blamed their hatred of us on the same aspect, when their own gripe is not about this at all,for the Isis/Daesh & it allied cutthroat terrorists have been killing innocent Muslims themselves in the mid-east.
      But i am the last to want American money to drag us out of the snakepit our politicians have plunged us into,please rest assured on this. I would rather starve then be beholden & be a pest.If i can’t earn it, then its not mine.I still have some pride left. So its not we ordinary folk wanting your treasures. Besides isn’t it us who are thought of as Treasure-Island, at least to all these migrants, who hate us & yet swimming the seven seas to get here for freebies. We are condemned by folk like yourself, for taking vipers in who bite us. Yet only today i sent a tweet off regarding your American John Kerry who lambasts us for “not being kind enough to Muslims” He thinks we’re not doing enouugh !!! (How many “refugees” has he taken into his home & given them his all time & all his money, i wonder?) So A or Z we can’t do right for doing wrong it seems.

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      • Ramadan … Maybe its the fasting & empty bellies that make them get so worked up…?

        How many Catholics go on rampage during Lent?

        Maybe we Catholics just aren’t strict enough in our observance…?

        Or, maybe it is time for us to go all crusades on this situation?

        As I recall, it took about 400 years for us to get a bit fed up, but nowadays, with the internet, (and no gov’t help) who knows?

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      • This analysis may interest you.

        F. William Engdahl: The Lost Hegemon: How the CIA Lost It’s Holy War Crusade.

        I think most of Mr. Engdahl’s analysis is correct, but I do think he leaves out the ‘economic’ perspective during this talk and I think that is purposeful so as not activate certain radar.

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      • Pennine . . . God Bless you for jumping in on this topic.

        Please do not listen to anything that John Kerry has to say, believe me, he is not what most of us would call a real standup American. He forged his exploits during the Viet Nam era; had a large costly yaught that he would not dock in his home state because he wanted to defraud the state out of taxes due on it. He is not what many would call an honest man. This miscreant should not be advising anyone about anything.

        Since I have ancestry going back to the British Isles, I take no comfort in thinking that “cousins of mine” are being betrayed by their politicians, or slaughtered by the Muslime hoards invading their homeland. I truly do grieve over the average “native English citizen” who has been betrayed by “10 Downing Street,” and what they are having to endure due to no fault of their own.

        Perhaps their is something to be said about the “issue of fasting/empty belly.” It would be much better if all the Muslimes would return to their lands of origin, and live out their lives in any manner that they see best.

        It truly is a blessing to hear first hand from someone who is there in England on the front lines . . . we will pray for you and all other’s of your persuasion. Hopefully, both our governments will pull their heads out of the sand and get it together.

        God Bless and keep you and your family.


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    • None of this is incompetence. The EU wants the terror to continue. The end result is more command & control. Trump knows that. Whether his role is to put the temporary brakes on what Brzezinski called the technocratic or technotronic era, remains to be seen.
      The history of GLADIO may be informative. GLADIO was a terrorist precursor to the current terror. World War II may have ended on paper but those ‘stay behind’ teams (Gladio) weren’t left behind to help rebuild bombed out cities. Terror is used against populations by their ‘own’ governments more often than not.
      And religion is very often the vehicle used against the masses because the masses so easily fall for the program and are herded like cattle. It’s a tried and true modus operandi. And targets need to be militarily and psychologically softened before the coup de grace. Humanity is the target. Softening the target can take many, many decades. Our enemies have nothing but time and money.


  2. ironbutterfly1951

    Why doesn’t Britain deport them?

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  3. …a friend of the suspect had reported him to the anti-terror hotline after he became radicalised by watching extremist videos onYouTube.

    Moooooooooooooslims aren’t ‘radicalised.’

    They come out of the box that way.

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    • Dave . . . I think that listening to the older members (even many Muslime mothers express adulation for those who martyr themselves) of their families and the imam where they “worship” has more to do with their “radicalism” that watching youtube. I think there are a great many who, as you say . . . “come out of the box that way.”

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  4. Shouldn’t the family be allowed their wishes? Send them back to Libya or whichever hell hole they came from. And send the rest of their co-revisionists with them.

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  5. Oh, boo hoo. Here’s the world’s smallest violin playing just for them.

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  6. ManCavePatriot

    All of these characters are tied to Choudrey’s mosque, and he is a KNOWN MI5 operative.

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  7. I hate, yes that’s hate with an “h-a-t-e”, liberals yelling to leave terrorist families alone, yet turn around and shame every white person for just being white.

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