An Unexpected Friendship

Sometimes the animals in our lives reveal something wonderful, like a glimpse of heavenly harmony.

9 responses to “An Unexpected Friendship

  1. I loved the special friendship between Cassie the cat and Moses the crow. This real life story inspired children’s book author Lisa Fleming to write the book Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship.

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  2. What a great story!

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  3. Fabulous post! Thank you.

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  4. Lol check this one out;

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  5. Truly, that crow and kitten — animals without sin — gave us a glimpse of Heaven.

    Lisa Fleming, who wrote a book on the crow and Cassie the kitten, wrote this comment on the video’s YouTube page 2 years ago (

    “ ~ Cassie passed away on December 19, 2014, at the age of 14. Her beloved owner Wally, is now 95. Ann Collito passed in 2005. You can visit my FB page to see my tribute to Cassie, Moe and their beautiful friendship. I wrote their true story to show the world how to get along…A message we need more than ever around the globe. Lisa Fleming, author”

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