A letter from Venezuela on how desperate life is

As Venezuela enters its third month of street protests, the country continues to spiral down into utter chaos, as seen in recent headlines:

So what’s day-to-day life like for Venezuelans in their post-collapse society?

A Venezuelan reader of The Organic Prepper blog sends the following account (Note: the account has been edited for spacing and grammar; English is not her native language):

I’m a Venezuelan mom of a 1 year old baby. And we are living a war here 😔.

You can’t go outside to buy food or supplies or medication because each activity is a high risk and more with a baby. So I stay home as much as I can. There are a lot people outside trying to live normally, trying to go to work and buy foods and continue their lives. But when you are working or whatever thing you’re doing you don’t know if you will be able to come back home safe… people continue to work to get whatever miserable pay to buy some food. Everything is so expensive. Perhaps the beans and rice are affordable but still not cheap and is so hard to find food. Options are limited because of the price… you can only buy one item or two of pasta. Everything is so expensive. Perhaps the beans and rice are affordable but still not cheap and is so hard to find food.

And you have to wait in long long lines at your own risk because there are a lot of fights in this store. Imagine tons of people wanting to buy the same product. This is the worst since perhaps about 5 years now… because of scarcity.

Malls and big stores are basically alone because there are places where “colectivos” use to attack, with bombs and there is a group of about 40 men on motorcycles who have been creating chaos in the whole city. They have plenty of arms and they just go through the city shooting houses; stealing stores, people on the streets, batteries of cars, everything they want….

This situation is far worse than we ever imagined. They kill people every day and they pay mercenaries from the government because no one does nothing. The government people are also killing innocents — kids, teenagers, the youth.

We are panicking. We bought a piece of land 3 years ago, but I got pregnant and we decided to wait (on moving there). The land is a safe zone but is 5 hours from here in a very small town of 11,000 people. I live in a city with about 3 million people. At least for now the town (where our property is in) is peaceful. There is no electricity and no asphalt road, so this doesn’t sound lovely for thieves who are looking for biggest fish to catch. According to our neighbors the town is calm, nothing has happened. We need to go there as soon as possible. I am scared because what you say is also true. But in the city there are no options, at least not now. What do you think we should do? I appreciate what you recommend.

I’m sorry for my bad English. I’m trying to write this while playing with my baby.

Venezuelan houses are already bunkers. It has been like this ever since I can remember — perhaps 20 years. Every regular house is made like bunkers — pure concrete from the bottom to the walls to everything. Every house has also 2 to 3 security doors — really big and heavy ones. And on top of that we have fences and electric fences and BIG GATES.

And trust me, even that is not enough to be safe.

The army has damaged gates and has entered different houses looking for students, or rebels. Innocent people have died because they were sadly in the middle of these events. I don’t doubt that the countryside have problems too. But so far, cities are (places of) pure anarchy and madness.

There are several groups creating chaos — the army, mercenaries, thieves, and the rebels who want to kill chavismo and politics and whatever.  A few days ago, they put a bomb into a propane gas distribution cargo and it blew away and this has affected every single thing. They steal cargo transporting food or gas and even fuel, so there is not much to do now.

Communities in the city are not organized since they really need to find food and basic resources. So each individual is waiting in long lines to buy a bread or a medicine or whatever they need. People don’t want to organize; they don’t see this could go like this for years. I assume that we got used to living in chaos and violence.

But the truth is most people are praying and just wishing this will pass soon, when a new president arrives.

But what if it doesn’t? Let’s be clear that we (Venezuela) have so many resources, and Canadá and USA are pulling all of the gold and minerals now so no country really cares what we are suffering as long as they can get their way.

We really feel hopeless.

Meanwhile, actor Sean Penn, who was best buds with Hugo Chavez, continues to be MIA from the Venezuela that once was the object of his praise. Penn was last seen on May 8, 2017, cavorting with another socialist Hollyweird dirt-bag Robert De Niro (see “Robert De Niro threatens violence against Trump“), at New York’s David Koch Theater.

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23 responses to “A letter from Venezuela on how desperate life is

  1. And many think something like this cannot happen here in America. Not saying it will, but more and more looks like it may. Be ready. Lock and load.

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    • When the dollar crashes, the trucks stop rolling, stores shelves are stripped bare, the large cities will be utter chaos. Children, get out of the cities. When the food stamps don’t get sent on time people flip, imagine how they’ll respond in real shtf.

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  2. You don’t see or hear ANYTHING about this in MSM. I guess poor Venezuela doesn’t have anything that the United States wants otherwise we would already be poking around in their business and setting up a new government for them. At this point it will take an army and some kind of martial law to go in and clean out the thugs to reclaim the country. Good luck and good prayers to them

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    • Wall street wants two things from Venezuela wich are part and parcel to its problems. One is all that nice oil, the other, and likely more important of the two is the fact they don’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank…. yet. In a similar view, North Korea and Iran also “lack” a Rothschild controlled central bank, and oddly enough so does Syria. The empire of the devil, where all who wish to buy or sell have to have a mark in their right hand or forehead, can’t be built if not all nations are in the same satanic monetary system. Does that explain things a bit for you?

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  3. I have family in Paraguay. They told me a couple of years ago about the doctors and other professionals who were moving out of Venezuela in droves. Anyone who could afford to leave has already left.

    Those who are left behind are desperate and have very little to lose.

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  4. The oposition will be better.?? Like Temer in Brazil??


    • Since the opposition are not given the chance, how would you know?


      • I don’t trust this opposition a single second. It is similiar to fake “oppositions” in Europe. They are stirring shit up (through Soros funded ngos) in peaceful countries, fabricating “people’s” revolutions and changing governments in Europe. After the change of regime, foreign-schooled political “squads” come to power and privatize country’s strategic resources- this has been happening all across Europe and the rest of the world too. After privatization of resources they usually install “human-rights” /liberal/ anti-russian dictature- this shit plan is realized everywhere.
        I think Maduro is desperate and he’s acting desperately. MSM whores already proclaimed him dictator as they did in Assad’s case, Gaddafi’s case etc. … that should indicate he’s fighting a foreign-backed opposition.


        • “that should indicate he’s fighting a foreign-backed opposition.”

          That’s Maduro’s line. Please provide actual evidence that the whole thing in Venezuela is a foreign (U.S.) plot.


  5. The oposition has to wait new elections. Is democracy.


    • Mario10 in Argentina:

      Are you as uninformed, ignorant and gullible as you appear to be?
      Do you not know that Nicolás Maduro has suspended the Constitution, and refused to have a referendum despite hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans asking and protesting for it? Do you not know that Maduro has imprisoned the leader of the opposition? — all of which makes Venezuela today NOT a democracy, but a dictatorship.

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    • You need a dictionary that has the correct definition of “democracy.”

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  6. Is the Pope aware of the pitiful state the common man is in during this time in Venezuela? It would seem that since Catholic Charities is very big in the US in bringing aid to immigrants here, that they would be front and center in trying to combat this horrific situation here. We have seen the Pope chide others for their seeming lack of charity toward the poor and needy. Are they present at all?

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    • Sadly, many catholics and the pope himself support what is known as liberation theology, a mix of marx and the church. South America is riddled with it and has been since the 80s. This softened up South America for Russia and China to make headway, and most recently islam has broke in and set up camp in several south American countries. Isis now has a training camp a few miles from the Texas border with mehico.

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      • Josh . . . Thank you for your enlightening post. I guess in my mind I am living back a few decades ago. Why is it that people of intelligence cannot see how evil and pernicious Socialism/Communism really is? When people are forced to commit acts in order to survive in order to feed themselves . . . it is very easy to invoke the charity and forgiveness that Christ, Our Savior showed the woman caught in sexual sin. It is not a true test of their character when they are battling to just stay alive. Thankfully, we know that The Savior will judge with a knowledge and compassion that He alone possesses. I am grateful for that very fact . . . The Savior loves us by virtue of His blood being shed for our sins, and it is His prerogative over who He allows forgiveness for their trespasses. There is an Eternal balance between Justice vs Mercy, that He alone administers.

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        • Socialists/communists/marxists/fascists think they have all the answers to mans ills, but they’re really the source of them. Throw islam, satanism, and any non christian faith in the mix. It’s funny how libs ignore the fact that some form of socialism has murdered more people than any other form of government. I include the nazis as they were socialist too. Anyway, even while the blood of a hundred million murdered souls cries out, the modern socialist sleeps smug in his ignorance. Only satan has that level of deception. Also note that one thing unites all the various peoples of satan be they socialists, atheists, muslims, they all hate messiah Yahshuah.

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    • Dear Auntie Lulu:

      Before he was mis-elected pope and became Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio was the archbishop of Argentina.


  7. Naturally, Democrats want this.

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  8. Where are the loud mouth pontificators when the repressive dictators they support make their people suffer. DeNiro and Penn should be bitch slapped on the street and have their films boycotted.

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