Monday Funny: How to hammer a nail

John Key, 55, is the former prime minister of New Zealand from November 2008 to December 2016, when he resigned from both the prime ministership and leader of the center-right New Zealand National Party.

A March 2015 video of Key trying to hammer a nail — and missing — rapidly went viral as a GIF.

Key said: “All that proves is I’m never any good at woodwork. I did tell them I can’t do this very well.”

Asked if he’s a handyman around the house, Key said: “No, (my wife) Bronagh gets a man in, don’t worry about that.” (The Australian)

Born on August 9, 1961, Key was 53 years old when he tried, but failed, at hammering that nail — a task that many women easily do.

Key is one of the wealthiest people in New Zealand, with an estimated wealth of NZ$50 million (US$35.7 million).


13 responses to “Monday Funny: How to hammer a nail

  1. Apparently Mr. Key never had one of these as a child:

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  2. He should try a bigger hammer.

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  3. Maybe, however I would suggest he hand hold the nail. Five tries each hand will increase his aim,

    I had the experience! Lessons learned😂

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  4. In his defense, and having myself done construction work in my youth, it’s much harder to hit the nail on a vertical surface, especially if one’s eyesight isn’t great. You need both visual acuity and stereoscopic vision to hit that nail repeatedly. Hitting at it while perched to the side rather than below it didn’t help. But he may not have done much better had it been a horizontal board. Best chances? Use a nail gun, hah!

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  5. 3M Command® Damage-Free Designer Hooks/Strips. Won’t miss, No mess, job well done. A freebie for the 3M company!

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  6. What is this guy, a jerk?

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  7. If he looks like a jerk,sounds like a jerk,swings a hammer like a jerk….


  8. He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. I bet he can’t even lift 3 lbs. I guess the wife wears the pants in that family.
    God, what a loser! No wonder he went into politics, the refuge for most wastes of humanity.

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  9. Just like…

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  10. He hammers like lightning……….
    He Never Strikes Twice In The Same Place…………

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