London Bridge attack: Witnesses report unarmed police were running away

police running away

Who even has unarmed police? Oh that’s right, the UK.

These unarmed police who were seen fleeing are known as “community police.” According to Wikipedia, “due to the non-confrontational nature of their role police community support officers (PCSOs) are not normally issued with batons, incapacitant spray, handcuffs or leg restraints. “ In other words, they carry NOTHING to deter criminals.

Also, “PCSOs may, subject to permission from their force, carry handcuffs and leg restraints which are both governed by the Criminal Law Act 1967 or common law and can be used in the same manner as a constable. They may use them for detaining or arresting a person using reasonable force under the powers listed. There are three forces at present whose PCSOs are currently carrying handcuffs (BTP, Dyfed-Powys Police & North Wales Police). PCSOs are also lawfully authorised to carry CS spray and a baton when on duty, although none have yet been provided by any Chief Officer of any Police Force.”

In other words, the PSCOs are basically useless.

The Guardian kept a running report of the London Bridge attack on Saturday. According to witnesses, citizens had to throw chairs at the terrorists because unarmed police officers were running away. See the screen shot from The Guardian above. Visit their report of the London Bridge attack here.

I wonder how many citizens who witnessed these attacks were wishing they had the equivalent of our Second Amendment.

h/t Gateway Pundit


23 responses to “London Bridge attack: Witnesses report unarmed police were running away

  1. ……….About as useless as tits on a bull . What was he going to subdue him with , harsh language or bad breath ?

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    • Impressive virtue-signaling…

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    • Very true words! Why bother having police, when they are vulnerable. I rather doubt that their pay grade is so high that they should be expected to take on knife wielding thugs when they have no viable means of protecting themselves. Just another in the list of stupid things being contributed to the British. It really defies imagination. I would turn and run given those same circumstances.

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    • LOL – Hit him with a pint of Guinness?

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  2. Maybe the fact that the local police in the UK have NO weapons to deter criminals/ terrorist from attacking citizens verses police in the USA being armed with several types of defensive weapons is why you don’t see many terrorist starting crap in the USA. Please stop vs. stop or I’ll shoot you makes a world of difference in persuading someone to stop stabbing someone else! You gun control fruitcakes here in the USA had better reconsider you way of thinking. Even here a police officer can take 10 to 30 minutes to arrive, whereas a 357 round can respond in less than a second!

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    • David . . . You have concisely stated what should be obvious even to the British.

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      • Auntie – yes it “should be obvious” – but it isn’t.
        Even here, a lot of the hoplophobia is due to the “unfair’ advantage a person with a gun has against assailants. Witness the cry to prosecute and/or sue the customs agent who recently shot multiple burglars, “unfair’ because they (allegedly) were ‘unarmed’.

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        • GomeznSA . . . It truly does mystify one that so many individuals are unable to see that robbers, and those who prey on others are responsible for whatever happens to them. In other words, the sin sits directly on their own head . . . not on the head of an innocent who is trying to protect himself, his family, his neighborhood, etc. There is nothing “unfair” about good men and women protecting themselves. It truly defies imagination that so many just cannot understand that concept.

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  3. Dont be fooled.

    This is a fake story

    A fake event

    Now you are asking TPTB to arm more police.

    Dont be foolish


    Dont fall for this hoax! Demanding more weapons for police is THE WRONG direction.


  4. I don’t mean to be vulgar, and people who read these pages and comments on FOTM know I usually restrain myself. But I will be candid and frank: What we have been witnessing in the West, beginning with the Queen and her Royal Family in the UK, and over here with the Rockefeller Foundation, the CIA and their plants for the past 50 to 60 years is, baldly, the systematic (and now systemic) p*ssywhipping of men.

    That’s right, I said it.

    Talk meister Michael Savage—no Barry Goldwater conservative, he (contrary to his claim)—has said it rightly: “Only the soccer (or rugby) savage can save England.” He went on to explain that only these rough and tough British males can save British society and culture from what it has become, namely EMASCULATED. (“De-balled,” as Savage put it, time and time again, for the eleven years I listened to him).
    And he is correct: The p*ssywhipping onslaught has been relentless and unstoppable, across the Pond, and over here. Even rapper Ice-T, no hero of mine, has opined the exact same. Look at it: We have been witnessing the untold curse of The Fall: Disastrous women who seek to rule over men. The onslaught has made many men suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.

    And Dr. Henry Makow has reported something unheard of in the news over here: In many European countries—as well as Canada, he reports—one CANNOT become a civil servant, e.g., a police officer or civil clerk, unless he is first a Freemason. This has led, he has explained, to a systemic corruption of those departments.

    Yes, the police officers ran. Well, for all my gripes about New York City, if a police officer ever retreats here (it was reported once, years ago, in Brooklyn), that police officer will soon be out of a job.

    I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: WATCH what happens in England, because whatever happens over there has a surreptitious habit of coming over here, ten or so years down the road.

    And Teresa May was ABSOLUTELY WRONG: The internet and its free speech DOES NOT allow hatred to incubate and thrive: EASY IMMIGRATION ALLOWS JIHAD TO THRIVE. But, again, that’s England for you.
    Fish Dance, indeed.

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    • Very true! You are correct. The NWO globalists that want to enact the Georgia Guidestones can’t do it with able bodied men to thwart them. So what do they do? They pussycat them. How do they do it? Many many ways. They emasculate them with so called ‘higher education’ drivel like ‘sensitivity training’, and promote psycho feminist ideals in the MSM. They destroy their testosterone levels at infancy and beyond by having them suck on soy formula and put soy in every fast food and convenience food out there (soy acts as an estrogen, it screws with males, especially babies but also adults, it lowers testosterone, sperm count and libido, so does a low fat diet). They encourage teenagers to become vegetarians and vegans, but make sure to drink red bull so you can have weak bones and break them when you’re arm wrestling or skateboarding (there are vids on youtube of guys arms breaking just arm wrestling). So once their physical health is destroyed, it’s much easier to get rid of the now ineffective men. Oh, and autism is another great way to destroy both males and females too, while burdening the future generations.


      • You’re absolutely right, Chemtrails, and I would highly recommend Dr. Ted Broer, who is a master on proper diet and nutrition. (He can be heard on Hagmann & Hagmann, and he has his own daily podcast). He says what you’ve already said—fat is not the primary enemy, and soy (and pork, he maintains), simply must not go into the human body.
        There are a number of things the New World Order has been doing to enervate and kill us, and I call each one of these programs an EXTINCTION PROTOCOL. And I am very literal: The elites want us homo sapiens to be extinct, and they seek TRANSHUMANISM. They think they can become gods!


  5. Socialism at it’s best!

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