Fake News: CNN Becky Anderson stages fake Muslim ‘peace protest’ in London

Journalists are supposed to report, not make up, news.

Yesterday morning (June 4, 2017), UK independent journalist Mark @markantro tweeted a video he took of CNN staging a phony demonstration of a Muslim peace group in London. He writes:

CNN creating the narrative

Note the white police officers leaving before the CNN shot & the Asian officers coming in. They then left after they went off air!

The video shows CNN journalist Becky Anderson staging the street theater. See her giving directions to police (or crisis actors) in yellow jackets, and a group of Muslims (a child, men, and women in head scarves), as each lays down flowers to terrorist victims and holds up professionally-printed #TurnToLove #ForLondon signs.

Here’s a GIF of Anderson giving directions, in case YouTube takes down the video:

Anderson then proceeded to report the fake protest she’d just staged as real news. Here’s her tweet:

CNN Anderson’s fake news is being disseminated as real news by other media.

BBC reported it as real news. Scotsman Donald @DonOftheDead tweets:

AP journalist Raphael Satter also reported CNN Anderson’s fakery as real news by posting to his Twitter account a picture of the staged photo-op.

CNN is a habitual purveyor of fake news. See:

See also:

H/t Will Shanley and Gateway Pundit


22 responses to “Fake News: CNN Becky Anderson stages fake Muslim ‘peace protest’ in London

  1. I’m very suspicious of this entire London “terror attack” . I saw this strange video by BPEarthwatch last night, and I’m not sure what to make of it:

    Now I’m watching a video by Sean of SGTReport, and his guest, Ole Dammegard, recorded on June 1st. They are talking about the London Bridge attack from a couple of months ago and the Manchester attack. They appear to be staged and I’m pretty sure the one on Saturday was too.

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  2. Becky Anderson’s efforts to support Muslims puts us all at risk for making
    people think that so-called moderate Muslims do not support ISIS.
    It is not radical Islam that is the issue: it is all Islam.

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  3. The good news is they’re so sloppy with the production of hoaxes it all comes out in the wash. In light of that, we must be on guard for more and bigger media fabrications in the future. With every time they get caught they learn more on how to best fabricate news and avoid tipping their hand. This current ordeal could end up like the suspicions I have regarding sandy hoax, they used a ems/leo exercise as a fabricated news event. But who knows, islam doesn’t need law enforcement exercises to jihad.

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  4. Just saw Fox News showing a picture of the protest and mentioning the hashtag-they’re buying it…..

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  5. The Brit Becky has been mum on Twitter since she sent this out. Probably trying to figure out how she can keep her job. LIAR.

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  6. Lights, Camera, Action!

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  7. CNN – Crappy News Nitwits…

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  8. BBC – Bullshitters Broadcasting Crap…
    (Birds of a feather crap together…)

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  9. Reminds me of the Sandy Hook fake news and fake crisis actors. That and the whole 9-11 thing too. I hope more wake up soon!

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  10. CNN (Split Screen) Caught Staging Muslim Protest Against ISIS – Becky Anderson In London

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  11. Hey, that last video was great too, “Yeah I know that guy, John Geekerman, he’s a cameraman, I went to Africa with him….”

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  12. We need a stickied thread where every crisi actor/false flag event/hoax is documented. This place has the right idea;


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