CNN Host: Trump ‘A Piece of S–t’ for His Response to London Attack

reza aslan tweet

This comes from a man who ate a human brain while filming with a Hindu cannibal sect in India.

CNN must be so proud to employ a terrorist sympathizer.

From Fox News: The hosts of “Fox & Friends Weekend” blasted a CNN host for posting an expletive-laden tweet directed at President Trump, moments after the London terror attack unfolded.

Reza Aslan, an Iranian-American religious studies expert who hosts a Sunday program on the network, called Trump a “piece of [expletive]” for saying America must get “tough” on terror.

“We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety,” Trump tweeted.

Aslan responded by calling Trump the obscenity, as well as an “embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency.”

Previously, Trump retweeted an alert from Matt Drudge’s “Drudge Report” which said there had been a terror attack on the London Bridge.

The team at Lester Holt’s “NBC Nightly News” tweeted that they would not report on Trump’s message because they could not confirm it.


27 responses to “CNN Host: Trump ‘A Piece of S–t’ for His Response to London Attack

  1. “This comes from a man who ate a human brain while filming with a Hindu cannibal sect in India.”

    May Allah grace you with kuru, Reza Aslan.

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  2. This idiot Persian camel-washer needs to return whence he came.

    As for the treasonous swine at the Crescent News Nutwork, they might as well go with him.

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  3. A man is more known by who his enemies are than by who his friends are.

    Trump 2020!

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  4. Hummm,, this sand flea should be closely watched by Homeland Security, FBI, Sate Dept. and and any agency in charge of our security. Dangerous asinine, is he legally here? He’s coming from enemy territory!

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  6. Aslan is also a “creative writing” professor in the University of Calfornia system. Could be at the Riverside campus. He still has his job there.

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  7. In the 1990’s, our Intel, including military, knew Islam well, but, at some point, a academics, social scientists, and soft jihadists promoting Islam to the Amrican public determined how that religion was to be presented to us. All from forces higher than our elected officials.

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    • marble, exactly—& here is what happened: early 90’s our school systems fr pre-K-thru’ grad school here in CA began promoting the idea that we were NO LONGER a “melting pot” of cultures that mixed & came out as common-shared “Americans.” I was in grad school then & my profs were all militant for “Hispanic culture.” (Remember back…both Reagan and Clinton gave mass “amnesty” to illegals in their terms…the “set up” to this anti-Americanism that has been sweeping over us ever since—-further fueled by the Obama invasions…..) won’t go into details, but it was horrible/disgusting what we had to agree to/listen to/regurgitate in order to get a decent grade & our degrees…..the major point being that we were NO LONGER a “melting pot,” but a “tossed salad.” The idea was that we all keep our own languages, cultures, & not “melt into one,” but rather… just rub up against each other like a tossed salad of many different ingredients…..together as “one,” but never “melted into one.” (And, by the way, white men were the GREAT SATAN). I’m NOT making up these analogies… this is how it was TAUGHT to us in grad school….word for word. Also, abt this time I was teaching Medieval History, the rise of the great religions of the world…& the focus at that time shifted fr teaching these religions (in a nutshell) as regional contributions in a world scene that resulted in feudal systems ….which changed drastically w/great plague, resulting in the growth of towns/trade routes/ the guild and capitalistic economy/exchange of ideas…..changed instead TO…..single, stand-alone, powerful theocracies that shaped our body politic even unto today…& THIS is where our teaching model shifted—–we were no longer teaching, for instance, Islam, as a part of Medieval society in the historic sense….but as a part of EVERYDAY USA a part of the tossed salad as a stand-alone theology. BUT THEN….At no time were we expected to teach Christianity or Buddhism, or anything else this same way….STILL taught ONLY within the Medieval time period….

      And subsequently, when we adopted our last history texts as a district …within a decade of this shift…I found that the TEXT THAT WE ADOPTED (under duress—long story—I went to the district to protest and ALMOST got them to avoid this adoption, but lost by 4 votes) was primarily edited by and published by practicing Muslims. You can look it up: TCI (stands for “teachers-something or another- institute). So many of their chapter editors of the 7th grade text (Medieval World History) are Muslims out of San Francisco Universities (surprised much???)… On top of all this….9/11 happened…..and I could no longer stand to teach out of these texts…nor could I teach the “pillars of Islam” and the concept of “jihad” in my classroom (after all….why was I supposed to teach the concept of “jihad” to my middle school kids, but, in NO WAY was I, for instance, responsible for teaching any corresponding tenant of Christianity, like GRACE for example…..?????) The texts (poor IMO in language development, academic content and development of critical thinking….printed on the cheap….) are documents of indoctrination: unbalanced in their approach to the great religiions, mainly too heavily weighted & in over-the-top detail about Islam, and awfully THIN on anything else as “doctrine.” AND…just BTW….WHY did any DOCTRINE of ANY of the relgions have to be spelled out in this text in the first place? Standing alone without doctrine…they all had a social-political basis that became the historical contribution regardless of doctrine…..THAT is what should be studied by these kids…&NOT the minutia, the doctrine….the “ism” of it all.

      At this point, when the opportunity arose, I “ran away to art” (my other single subject certification)….and tho’ I still teach history when called upon….I’ve mostly taught US History and Constitution as an adjunct to my art…..FINE with me so long as I don’t have to go back to Medieval History and those awful texts again.

      The moral of all this is….YOU, the public, whether or not you have a kid in school or not, are invited everytime your school district adopts a text of any kind to PREVIEW and study the texts….you get to say whether or not you approve….It is a notice to “preview textbooks” published in the paper—the invitation to preview texts that are being considered for adoption–& will give you a time and place to see them. Take along your iPhone or IPad to photograph salient pages that you can research later. This might be a daunting task that you might not feel able to do……but you could also call your district and ask which teachers and administratiors are on the adoption committee…and then get their contacts and communicate with them all for their opinions on the texts being considered. When I protested our present texts before they were adopted, I had only ONE other teacher in a huge district join with me…we ALMOST prevented this poor adoption that we’ve been stuck with for a decade now. I feel that if we’d had even ONE parent or concerned community member join us at that meeting…..our whole last DECADE of history text books (more than a million bucks when purchased) used in our district would have been altered/avoided.

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      • Is it any wonder why the Rockefellers had one of their tentacles in public education? If you haven’t read them, two great books are “The Rockefeller File” and “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”, both by Gary Allen. He saw the future, those books were written in the early 70’s. Another one you may find intriguing is “The Policeman is Your Friend and Other Lies” by Ned Beaumont. Good for you for at least trying to change ‘the system’.

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      • Thank you for this informative contribution. The tossed salad nation l leads to a country of no go zones that lead to conflict and destruction of the country. Then the blender will be brought out, and the deceived proles/hoi polloi and those objecting (no offense is meant regarding any of the victims) will be pureed. Excess will be disposed of.

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    • I wonder if islam is going to be the 100 million horsemen at Armageddon that the Bible talked about.


  8. Oh, Yes, Let Us Partake of the wisdom of the brain-eater.
    I hope Aslan gets kuru, but it might take another 20 years to develop. Kind of like syphilis, it seems.

    It has been plausibly reported by some (a few) that Hillary Clinton herself may be suffering from kuru, or exhibiting some symptoms of it.

    We must always be ever vigilant, ever on-guard: Satanism, like the fog, “creeps in on little cat feet.” We are living in the Age of Satanism Rising. It’s curious: Aleister Crowley himself said, toward the end of his wretched life, “You know, when I was about 13, I was curious about Satan, and I went over to his side. I not only wanted to be on his side, but I wanted to be his Chief of Staff. And I don’t know why.” Well, Aleister, if the Devil practiced truth in advertising, he wouldn’t have too many converts, now, would he?

    Another curious observation: It seems to me that society as a whole is reenacting the secondary stages of Nietzsche’s syphilis. Society is slowly going insane, but it has no idea it’s going insane.

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  9. HE ATE PART OF A HUMAN BRAIN. I wonder, did he put that on his resume when he applied for a job at CNN? Maybe that was one of the requirements.
    All I can say is, when they reported this on the fake news today (radio newscast), they barely even mention the terrorist attack or the details or even the number of dead- all they go on is the blah blah blah Trump did this, blah blah. I guess what Trump says is more important than all those dead and injured people the Muslim terrorists killed and wounded.
    Wow, the guy ate part of a human brain…now THAT IS NEWS! Will CNN mention that? (sarcasm)

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  10. Flashback: CNN Host Who Called Trump ‘piece of sh*t’ Encouraged Rape of Congressman

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    • That’s pretty sick. He also looks very gay in that photo. You can always tell by how they smile. Just look at Cary Grant and other homosexuals.
      To say anyone should be raped is plain disgusting. He’s got my vote for most disgusting religious reporter on crap news network.

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  11. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    If Islam is to be taught, the instructors must be informed and honest. Let the teaching begin with chapters 8 and 9 of the Qur’an and depart from it with study only of the history of how it was followed and is being followed today. What are those who make such decisions promoting and hiding and why?

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