AG Jeff Sessions knows Joe Biden is a pedophile

The American Heritage of the English Dictionary defines “pedophile” as:

“a person who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.”

Nearly 8 months ago, I posted a C-SPAN video of Obama’s VP Joe Biden pawing and groping girls in plain sight. See “Joe Biden tells 13-year-old girl he’s ‘horny’?”.

Now, ron johnson of YouTube has compiled footages of Biden feeling up young girls into a single video. The most fascinating part of the video is then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, now U.S. Attorney General, slapping Biden’s hand away from a young girl, which suggests Sessions knows Biden is a “pizza” (young girls) pedophile.

Here’s the video:

In the event the video is taken down by YouTube, I had a GIF made of Sessions slapping Biden’s hand away:

H/t Steemit

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21 responses to “AG Jeff Sessions knows Joe Biden is a pedophile

  1. ironbutterfly1951

    I saw these videos before, no doubt about it, Biden is a creepy, filthy old man. The face of the Democrat party is Satan.

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    • I don’t care who that POS thinks he is you touch one of my little girls and you get punched in the face!!! I’ve done it, one time a man slapped the hat off my sons friend, they must have been pre-teen at the time and I beat that MFer up and down the street and when the cops finally showed HE got arrested for slapping a child, HA HA he went to jail with a broken nose and a very swollen face.#donot touch children

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  2. Good ole Uncle Joe “horn dog” Biden. He knew he was doing this on camera, but he’s not afraid of being called out on it, nor is he even ashamed. The parents who knew what he was doing, and said nothing, are about as bad. 😧

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  3. “Handy” Joe’s face tells it all, this slug repulsive bastard makes no distinction of who he “manhandles”. He belongs in the Sandusky’s team; waiting for a touch down and benched out forever.

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  4. Kinda takes dirty old man to a whole new level.

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  5. Helene Pineau

    The pizzagate related bracelet Biden gave to Obama certainly should raise people’s suspicion that Biden is part of the pedophile elites, who are also tied to Satanic worship. Who are the leading Satanists in America? This former Satanist (allegedly the daughter of a high priest) actually names names. If true, very revealing. We need to know who our enemies are. For your discernment:

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  6. This clip which shows multiple instances of his petting these little girls is just dumbfounding. I had seen one instance, which was weird enough . . . but here we see that this is his regular MO. How sad that one of these little girls doesn’t just turn around and knee him in the groin!

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  7. Blocked by Facebook when tried to send😒

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    • Lorrona . . . the fact that Facebook has gotten into suppressing fact is more than enough for people to just dump them . . . now rather than later!

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  8. It occurs to me if just ONE of those kids had punched him in the groin for his inappropriate touch,he’d have reacted,probably chastised her,the News Media would have reviewed their footage to see why the girl hit him,and the whole thing would have been blown wide open.

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  9. Years ago, I used to give Biden the benefit of the doubt, for the reason he was in a really bad automobile accident (the one in which he lost his first wife). It seemed to me that he suffered some sort of long-term brain trauma, given his behavior.
    Then I saw one video of him feeling up a little girl. All right, I dismissed it. But then came a second, and a third, and a fourth. Then Old Joe was at a public meeting with some bikers, and one of them politely told him to lay off his wife!
    Well, I give Biden the benefit of the doubt no more. He may not have actually had carnal knowledge with a minor, but there is something clearly wrong with the man. He appears to be struggling under some sort of mind control, also. He gives me the creeps.

    But we are indebted to a number of people, beginning with David Icke, who have been laboring for over 20 YEARS to bring the truth to the World: That we are being ruled by Satanists and pedophiles. This is no mere occasional thing: The ruling cabal won’t take honest people because they cannot be blackmailed and controlled.
    And, YES, George H.W. Bush has been credibly implicated in the disappearance of at least one teenaged male (Johnny Gosch) and in the Franklin Scandal. As have some members of England’s Royal Family. The list goes on. It’s not limited to the late Jimmy Savile—or the Clintons.

    And the news is so numbing, people cannot comprehend this exists. The news of corruption in the Catholic Church was stupefying enough. We’re about to witness something: CIVILIZATION IS GOING TO COLLAPSE IN OUR LIFETIMES.

    Joseph Biden, get yourself to Confession AT ONCE.

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  10. AGREED! “Joseph Biden, get yourself to Confession AT ONCE.”
    IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner!!

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    • I think Biden might not be possessed in the Catholic understanding of the term, but he does, as some Protestants say, “have a demon.” There is something wrong with the man, and it manifests itself in the will.

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  11. Creepy. Hard to miss the hands on their waists, breasts, necks… not cool. I was never comfortable with his “used car salesman” smile… The Joker.
    The reason the Left doesn’t condemn him? 1) he’s their man, and 2) in the party without morals, pedophilia is a mere life choice, not a “sin”. HOWEVER, put the shoe on a Republican, Christian, or even (I’d think) a conservative Democrat (e.g., Joe Manchin), and you’d see this all over the news and headed for hearings. At very least. Because that is the nature of today’s leftist/anarchist “tolerance”.
    BTW, I think I’ll stop using the general terms Democrat and even Liberal to point to the leftist/anarchist wing of their side, out of deference to old school Dems and Liberals who were actually somewhat decent folks back in the day. I’m not even sure they realize this new controlling faction is dragging their party (and if we’re not careful, the entire nation and world) straight to Hell. They could prove it by refusing to keep re-electing the same nuts into office.

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  12. Certainly eye-opening, Biden’s as creepy as he is stupid. But the guy lost me at “chem-trails”.

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  13. Hear and see the Kay Briggs video’s on Youtube about the use of homosexuality and other sexual orientations in the army en secret services, to get people in a special mindset,in order to be a murderer for the state. The link is the first , of 4×2 hours of interview on YT. Jeff Rense had interviews with her as well. Use Google search.

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