U.S. Men’s Brand introduces see-through lace shorts for men

lace shorts for men

“Fun fashion” for men?

The era of Pajama Boy is over. Can we please stop with the feminization of American men?

From Daily Mail: A Los Angeles-based fashion company is trying to make lacy shorts for men happen.

Hologram City, a brand known mostly for producing mesh clothing often worn by pop stars, debuted the new item online this week — and it very quickly earned the attention of the internet.

Made entirely out of lace with no opaque fabric underlay, the $49 shorts are see-through and come in a variety of pretty pastel colors. 

Hologram City certainly means to push boundaries. The brand produces a lot of revealing club- and street-wear, and its mesh shirts and pants have been seen on the kinds of stars who like to raise eyebrows. Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Kylie Jenner BFF Jordyn Woods, and Fergie have all been seen in Hologram City designs, as have Jennifer Lopez’s back-up dancers during performances.

But the company’s tagline — ‘Don’t fkn mesh with us’ — hardly prepared anyone for its ultra-feminine and ultra-revealing new men’s clothing.

The shorts come in pastel green, pink, blue, purple, and yellow, and would look exactly like the kind of thing one might find at a preppy BBQ or country club — except for a major, head-turning difference. They’re made entirely of floral lace and are completely see-through, flaunting the tighty-whiteys of the models who wear them on the website.

The shorts quickly caught the attention of major publications, blogs, and the Twitterverse, spawning countless jokes. ‘Lace shorts for men??! Y’all gotta chill with this stuff man,’ chimed in one disapproving voice. ‘Not sure what direction this new Power Rangers is going…’ joked another.

Despite some head-shaking across the internet, though, not everyone is laughing. In fact, the shorts seem to have quite a few fans, with people remarking that they’d ‘love a pair’ and others weighing in on which color they’d choose.

‘Why is it so ridiculous that men want to dress in a way that ppl consider feminine? Like? Chill,’ wrote one woman on Twitter.

The shorts are only available for pre-order, and won’t ship until the middle of the month.

Their release comes shortly after a Kickstarter for an item called the RompHim went viral. In mid-May, the internet went wild for the male rompers, which are still in the fundraising stage. Despite some people poking fun, the Kickstarter campaign raised $361,845 — quite a bit more than its $10,000 goal. The first run is also already sold out.

The men’s romper is set to come in four colors — Blue Chambray, Red Chambray, Splatter print Cotton and Special edition 4th of July seersucker — and is touted as perfect for pool parties and ‘beach days’.

Unsurprisingly, the male rompers caused a stir online with one Twitter user calling them ‘just wrong’ with another saying she was ‘offended’ by them.  One wrote: ‘My hubby would never wear a #romphim’. However it wasn’t all negative with one man branding them ‘cute’ while Ken Casparis said he ‘would probably wear one’.

But ACED Design, which came up with the product, is not worried about the criticism. A spokesperson told Femail: ‘It was very cool to see so many people supporting the Kickstarter [campaign].

‘We knew the product was something we would wear, and we had gotten positive initial feedback from a wide range of people who tested it out, but we really didn’t foresee it being so popular on day one.’

Speaking about the social media backlash, they added: ‘With any new fashion, there will be supporters and critics, but we look forward to using the feedback to continue to make standout clothing.  All that really matters to us is that those wearing the RompHims are confident and comfortable with their own styles. That’s part of the fun of fashion.’


37 responses to “U.S. Men’s Brand introduces see-through lace shorts for men

  1. I am so DAMNED SICK of the faggotry! WOW does this make my blood BOIL.
    And it’s all fake, too: Even the gay men in Manhattan don’t dress this way. (At least not yet).

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  2. Stay calm, Steven, this is a mere tempest in the Bizarro New World Disorder teapot: it will soon be a wet tea bag of a poor idea, bought into by guys[?] with more money than brains. Our contemporary world is full of these weak wannabes that try to pass for men. My transgender woman housemate who wants to pass as a man says she wants to be a very ‘femmy man,’ even when I point out to her that there are too many of these in society now, unable to function very well as a ‘man’. She says she doesn’t care. So, as we used to say in VietNam, ‘there it is.’

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Kinda wondering just how that is gonna work when half the young ?men? round here don’t pull their pants up no how.

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  4. Not only the world is In a rapid decline but decaying completely at its core, and in my estimation it’s too late to turn back. Where did it all go? The moment prayer was not recited in our schools, the salute to the flag became a dirty gesture, when promiscuity was the norm on tv stories mid day, when parents were too busy to teach morals. Pity for all the children that have to live in this corrupt world and be part of it. For us the not so young it was an innocent and beautiful world.

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  5. Almost clothes for almost men ……

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  6. the “don’t fkn mesh with us” cause if it wasn’t for the hate laws any man wearing that silliness would get their ass beat on principle alone.
    I bet it won’t be too long before it is a gay fashion statement and some gay apologists (dumb hetros) will sport one….

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  7. I think they left the word gay out of their shorts description.

    “U.S. Men’s Brand introduces see-through lace shorts for men”

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  8. Judging from the look of each of the men in the picture shown above . . . they need to rush to their doctor’s office and have their “testosterone” levels checked . . . it would appear that they are all at least one quart low, and need to be topped-off. This is sickening and gross. What R-E-A-L man would wear such nonsense, and what R-E-A-L woman would give them a second glance. If any of my nephews start wearing garbage such as this, you can expect that I will write them out of my will! If they are so goofy that they think this is appropriate wear for men, then I can be assured that they will waste everything that I amassed and that which was passed down from my mother and father, and my grandparents.

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  9. Um, no.

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  10. Hey-they need to get the street gangs to wear this stuff. It’ll be hard to carry on a decent gang-fight with everybody laughing at how everybody else looks in this fluff. It’ll make each one “feel-like-a-nat-u-ral-woman”……Sorry-still laughing at the “serious” looks on the faces of the girly-boy models……

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  11. Queer Lingerie for the man embracing his “feminine” side.

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    • Every man has a “feminine side”,but most of us keep it under control. These “men” are letting their feminine sides drag them right into the pits of Hell though.

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  12. I don’t think the left hates anything as much as they hate masculinity.

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  13. Notice the facial hair on the girls modeling the shorts!

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  14. That’s gayer than gay.

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  16. Next they’ll be wearing bows & ribbons in their hair. Watch for it! Sissy-boy on the far right looks like he already needs a bow at the end of his ponytail!

    Before Corruption Became “Normal”:

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  17. As if they didn’t have enough choices already…

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  18. Classy vs. Trashy…

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  19. In case you missed it… Alt-News is just NOW catching up with what FOTM posted THREE WEEKS ago!

    “Seth Rich Murder Update: Owner of Bar Where Rich Spent Last Night Reportedly Visited White House 4 Days Before Murder” by Jim Hoft on June 4th, 2017:

    FOTM WINS the “breaking news” trophy!

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  20. ManCavePatriot

    This evidently is a BLM production since there are no WASP’s in the scene. How racist, sexist, mysogynistic, and anglo-homophobic.

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  21. because of “fashion” and “art”, decency laws no longer exist….just wait until one of ’em decides it’s cool to go au naturel under those shorts….eye bleach alert….ew!

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  22. The guy in the yellow lace looks like a standard-bearer for this fashion statement. I expect to see him in similar “fashion rollouts” in the future…esp here, where we are Califonicated…….I’m sure he will go over big in certain populations…..

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  23. fred flinstone

    As long as it covers their pussies, protect that pussy !!!!!!


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  25. traildustfotm

    Must run off to puke…

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