‘Eco-friendly’ de Blasio won’t give up SUV rides to gym

bill de blasio in suv ny post photo

Bill de Blasio: Do as I say, not as I do./NY Post photo

Why should he? The climate alarmists only want us peons to alter our lifestyles. The elites make the rules, not live by them.

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio says all New Yorkers must change their lifestyle to curb carbon emissions — well, all except one man: Mayor de Blasio.

Hizzoner portrayed himself as an eco champion on Friday, announcing plans to ban plastic bags and beef up enforcement against idling vehicles, and called on all his constituents to alter their habits in light of President Trump’s withdrawal the Paris climate accord. “Everyone in our own life needs to change our habits to start protecting the Earth,” he said in his weekly appearance on WNYC radio.

But when asked to explain why he needs a motorcade of gas-guzzling SUVs to take him from Gracie Mansion to Park Slope, Brooklyn, just to exercise at a YMCA, he didn’t have an answer — and declined to give up the habit. “The issue is not cheap symbolism,” he said testily.

The question was raised by a caller into the show. “How about you stepping up your game and leading by example [by] getting out of your SUV armada?” said the caller, Charles Komanoff, a longtime energy-policy expert from Manhattan and a Carbon Tax Center founder.

“And if you need to go to the Park Slope Y five days a week rather than a gym near you, why don’t you take mass transit or even once in a while ride a bike like the vast majority of your fellow New Yorkers so you will know how we are suffering under a transit system?”

De Blasio defended his rides by noting that his SUV is a “fuel-efficient” hybrid.

I wish my life was like everyone else’s, but it’s not, for obvious reasons. But again, the issue is not cheap symbolism here. The issue is, Are we going to take action? Are we going to change the way things are done?” he said.

The mayor is ferried to the Y by two SUVs — a regular GMC Yukon XL, which burns 16 mpg in the city, and a Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, which is only slightly more fuel efficient at 20 mpg.

De Blasio also suggested the city would start cracking down on idling cars — even though his own fleet has been caught waiting with their engines on for up to an hour outside the gym. “Idling is a huge problem, and blocking the box is huge problem,” the mayor said. “I will have more to say on that in the coming weeks.”

Komanoff, who said he voted for de Blasio in the last election, later told The Post he was “appalled” by the mayor’s “tone deaf” reply to his question.

“This whole ‘tale of two cities’ thing — I guess he really fancies himself as one of the little guys,” he said, invoking de Blasio’s campaign theme. “Most of us are little guys, and no one looks on him as one of us when he gets ferried everywhere in his armada.”

He said the mayor’s fuel-burning trips to the gym set a bad example. “This is what makes the climate issue such an easy mark for the right wing,” he said. “It’s so easy to characterize this [as an issue] the elites drag out to make the common person feel bad for driving around in a pickup truck.”


16 responses to “‘Eco-friendly’ de Blasio won’t give up SUV rides to gym

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Lives “high on the hog!”

    DeBlaso, the communist, gets his kicks out of Route 66. Don’t do as I do – do as I say do – typical corrupt communist.


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  2. All NYC politics is Clubhouse Politics: Just like any other mayor, Deblasio was chosen in advance. Hell, the Republican candidate, John Castiatides, didn’t even run a real campaign, giving “Kaiser Wilhelm” 74% of the popular vote. Now everyone I talk to in the cab hates Deblasio. But that’s all right: They’ll reelect him next year!
    Deblasio = The White Dinkins!

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    • Most cities pick dumbazz demoncrats for mayors. Pittsburgh routinely picks loser demo mayors and they keep on doing it! The one ahole Tom (S)Murphy raised the sales tax 1 percent extra for building the stadiums, and that was supposed to be (ha ha) ‘temporary’. This new loser is just as bad, a socialist as usual. And, the city is becoming a huge homeless enclave to boot. Places you used to be able to walk through at night are now no-go zones.

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  3. It’s kinda a requisite that to be a lib one must be hypocrite above all.

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  4. This really burns my cookies! If he needs to exercise . . . why not ride a bike, or walk the stairs in his office building? The “Why” in that question is that, along with the likes of the Obummer’s, he wants all the goodies he can possibly get . . . at the expense of the peons. It is an outrage that the vehicles that take him to and from the YMCA, let their engines idle all the while he is inside. He truly does believe that he is one of the elite, which in my eyes does relegate him to the office of “Comrade” in the Communist ranks. I can only fervently hope that the people of New York City hang him out to dry the next time up.

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  5. Hey-if he wants to run NYC according to NWO standards,I’d gladly allow him to pay to relocate any freedom-loving residents to the FREE United States then start his own Country;fence off his jurisdiction,install border guards,negotiate trade deals with other Countries,etc. I wouldn’t miss NYC,or HIM, in the slightest.

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  6. New synonym of liberal = hypocrite!

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  7. The commie-lib mantra: Liberalism is for thee, not for me!

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  8. Who takes cues from idiots?

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  9. “They will be known by their works”. Why doesn’t he just walk, or doesn’t he really ‘exercise’ when he goes to the gym? He looks pretty scrawny to me. Typical communist “do as I say not as I do” bs.

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  10. What a hypocrite the way tried to dodge the question:

    “The issue is, Are WE going to take action? Are WE going to change the way things are done? he said.”

    What he means is, What are all of YOU going to do to solve this [FAKE] climate change problem?

    Here’s how Trump solved it… 😉

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