Mexican lawyer sells toilet paper with Trump image

When and how have humans degenerated to the point where not only have we lost the sense of shame for doing wrong, some get on a moral high-horse and seek revenge?

In the case of Mexicans entering and staying in the United States without our government’s permission, they are CRIMINALS who violate U.S. immigration laws, which is why the U.S. government calls them ILLEGAL aliens — a correct descriptive term. But the Left deem “illegal aliens” politically incorrect. And so, the MSM no longer call CRIMINALS who cross our borders “illegal aliens,” opting — in lock step — for the Orwellian Newspeak “undocumented immigrants”.

In August 2015, California governor Jerry Brown even signed into law SB 432, which removes from the state’s labor code the word “alien” in reference to illegal aliens.

Huffing and puffing with faux righteous indignation, State Sen. Tony Mendoza (D), chair of the California state Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations who had introduced SB 432 in February, said it’s “outdated and derogatory” to refer to those who illegally cross U.S. borders as “aliens,” which is why that word must be expunged from the state’s Labor Code.

Having expunged the word “alien” from California’s Labor Code, Mendoza furthermore said illegals shouldn’t be barred from employment:

“The word ‘alien’ and any law prescribing an order for the issuance of employment to ‘aliens’ have no place in the laws of our state and more importantly, should never be the basis for any employment hiring.”

Mexican lawyer Antonio Battaglia is another unrepentant, vengeful wrongdoer.

Madeleine Weast reports for The Washington Free Beacon, May 30, 2017, that Antonio Battaglia, a lawyer in Guanajuato, Mexico, plans to to sell toilet paper imprinted with a cartoon image of President Trump.

A prototype has been created and the brand name “Trump Paper” was trademarked at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property in 2015, a few months after Trump declared his candidacy.

The Trump toilet paper will be distributed throughout Mexico’s grocery stores and markets later this year.The project will cost around $26,606, or 400,000 pesos.

Battaglia larded his vengeful project with faux righteousness, saying a portion of proceeds will be donated to “migrant” aide organizations that help those who have been deported back to Mexico. He said he came up with the idea while he was looking for a way to make a “positive” impact. “Trump Paper was the fruit of Battaglia’s desire to produce an inexpensive, long-lasting product that would enable people to fight back with their wallets,” Adweek reported. Battaglia insists that “Generating business is secondary for me. What I want is for it to be useful to support migrants and victims of deportation. At the outset, I hope to allocate 30 percent of the profit to organizations in Guanajuato.”

Here’s an idea: Antonio Battaglia Toilet Paper!

There are online custom toilet paper businesses that will create an Antonio Battaglia toilet paper. Click here.

Antonio Battaglia’s Facebook page here.

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18 responses to “Mexican lawyer sells toilet paper with Trump image

  1. What do you expect from him? Im sure he would use newspaper as long as he could practice law in America.

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  2. Lawyer jokes aside, doesn’t this donkey dung lawyer realize how incredibly stupid he is? He doesn’t realize that he’s saying (indirectly) that his own country SUCKS SO BAD that people are always trying to flee it so they can actually make some REAL MONEY (or at least a lot higher rate) in the USA versus his own country, Mexico. So, Mexico must be a third world hell-hole, and this jackass lawyer is proving it by supporting illegal emigration out of Mexico.

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  3. This is just a story I remembered hearing from a medical person I worked with. The woman said her sister (a surgeon) refused to eat in Chinese restaurants (many employ Mexicans in the back as food preparers, but that’s another story entirely), she said the reason is she feared getting Hepatitis C from the workers. And, this was a long time ago that she had told me this.
    I can only imagine it could get worse, with the moronic governor Brown loosing the floodgates with illegal aliens.


    • There is no doubt that peoples from third world countries’ like Mexico are carriers of diseases . . . it sickens me to think of people who are sick, or who do not adhere to hygienic rules, such as washing their hands after using the restroom . . . . Wow! That is just plain ugly to think of!

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    • This reminds me of one of those med shows on cable I saw. In this episode a teen had contracted a parasite from his family maid who was from south of mehico, and it was eating his brain, causing him to have seizures. Either he was having sex with the maid or the maid cooked food with hands unwashed from using the toilet and he was the unlucky one who ate it. The parasite eats little cubicles for itself out of your brain, apparently, and is common in south America. They caught it in time and the kid healed up at least some.

      For a long time I also wouldn’t eat at a Chinese or Mexican place till I’d forgotten about those parasites, thanks for reminding me.


  4. Pretty sure he got the idea from legal Californians who use toilet paper with a map of Mexico imprinted on the rolls.

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    • CalGirl . . .There is little doubt that this joker was not original in coming up with the toilet paper idea.

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      • Look at all the possibilities!!! Reid paper,Pelosi paper,Obama paper,Holder paper,Hillary paper,Feinstein paper,Schumer paper,Shotgun Joe paper,Maxine Watters paper,Mo Denis paper (A Nv. State Senator who’s trying to “out Reid” Harry Reid),______ paper…..(add your personal favorites

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Didn’t know mexicans bothered to wipe their…..well…….you know….

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  6. Mexicans can make whatever they want. They have an outhouse of a country, anyway. Who in their right mind builds a vacation home in Mexico City? When was the last time you saw a great Mexican movie? Or drove a Mexican luxury car? Or applied for a job in Mexico because it was a career boost? Who enrolls in Mexican universities to study engineering or brain surgery? Where’s the crowds rushing to cross the southern border for a better life in Mexico? I could do this all night!

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    • OK Youghn….I’ll play…….Who in their right minds would wrap corn mush (my father’s Great Depression staple here in the USA) up in a corn husk and steam it…..serve it with mashed pinto beans mixed with lard…refried…. and call it a National Treasure? Or how about some fried fat with scant tendrils of beef rolled up into a flour taco shell with potatoes and disguised with one sauce or another? Or beef or pig stomach soup?


  7. Y’all beat me to it… There’s a reason they try to come here and nobody is trying to go there…It’s a 3rd world shit hole….


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