Kathy Griffin, hypocrite



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  1. In its way, this is of course quite perfect, even as our Father in Heaven is, and why the mystery of how it will be in Heaven as it is on Earth came about.

    I’ve just had the most apocalytic sequence of dreams ever in my 74 years, and I’m not using any pain-killers, biological drugs, or any other such ‘aids’ at this time, aside from a few Naproxen and an OTC decogestat spray. I had two beers in the afternoon, a very quiet dinner, then spent the rest of my waking time surfing the Internet with a few glasses of Franciscan Vineyards California Red, before going to bed when my housemate woke me, as I’d fallen asleep listening to Frederich Gulda playing Mozart’s 20th [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1WVYFVDf4E&index=2&list=RDweK_L4oxbEo], my most highly recommended.

    I start today at 6:00 a.m. by going to my emails, and opened FotMs first, as aways, and came upon this, which is –and I’m entirely sincere– “of course quite perfect,” and I know that All is Well… as long as we follow His Will, not ours. This pathetic scene shows us what happens when we enter our Dark Wood, having lost our way.

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    • There is nothing more relaxing than drawing a hot bath, pouring up a glass of Merlot, kicking back and firing up a premium cigar. 😀

      I don’t do it as often as I once did, but once in a while…

      LOL – You just have to be sure and keep that expensive bundle of aromatic pleasure out of the tub water.

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  2. SOP for libtards/

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  3. Let’s nominate Jim Carrey and sore ass Kathy Griffin to chair the DNC!!!!

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  4. Ms. Griffin did what we use to say not to do in the Army in the mid 60’s. She “Crapped in her mess kit and fell back into it!”

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  5. Great photo find, Dr. E! This just epitomizes her and Hollywood types, they’ll do anything and everything for money.

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  6. She has been running her mouth saying that the loss of six different gigs is the fault of the Trump family. I was just outraged when she said that. The fact that many, many people called, and wrote to various of her sponsors (including me) and the sponsors made the decision that she is just “too edgy.” You have to be a major hypocrite to call the Trumps’ on that. We, Conservatives, were just taking a rule out of the Liberal’s playbook. From now on, any project she is sponsored in will be getting a call from little old me. I am sick of this vile woman. If she becomes so poor that she cannot continue to pay her lawyer to front for her . . . I say all the better. It is high time that Conservatives stop laying down and letting these Lefties march all over our faces. I do not advocate AYTHING that is illegal, immoral, or “edgy” as way the picture she choose to pose for . . . just call and complain to any sponsors that may be interested in using her for projects they have in mind.

    The Lefties were instrumental in getting sponsors to remove themselves from Sean Hannity’s program due to the fact that he was reporting on the death of Seth Rich . . . then the proverbial shit hit the fan! There was such a ground swell of Conservatives that called this financial services provider, and told them they would take their monies elsewhere . . . that all of a sudden . . . this company contacted FOX news, and reinstituted purchasing advertising during Hannity’s program. This just shows that when we are proactive, and vote with our money, we can change things.

    I think that we can all agree, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our Dr Eowyn for her time and efforts in keeping all of us in the know regarding what the “other side” is doing. I can say for certain that if I did not have the privilege of having FOTM, I would certainly not be as knowledgeable regarding current affairs. As Joseph indicated above, the first thing I do each day is “check in with my FOTM family” to see what’s goin’ on in the world.

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  7. Kathy Griffin was only able to dish crap out; unable to take heat for it.
    Lisa Bloom, spawn of the odious Gloria Allred, had the audacity to turn this incident on to Melania Trump. How dare she blame Melania’s parenting as the cause for Barron Trump’s exposure to Kathy’s vile and graphic display.
    In sum, Liberals are the best at playing stupid games to win stupid prizes.

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  8. I’m having a hard time trying to understand how a hack D-lister like Griffin had 6 shows and the new year’s thing gig with that gay CNN guy in the first place… she’s not funny, not attractive, and never has been. I think I’d rather have a rabid screech owl perched on my head, pooping on my shoulders and back, than watch or even just listen to, or even read any of her “work”.

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  9. Nothing of real consequence will happen to this poorly aging windbag. The next “celebrity” scandal is probably fomenting right now and as such will relieve the pressure Old Ginger is currently feeling. The pressure her facial skin is under from the innumerable cosmetic surgeries is another matter altogether.

    The monetary losses O.G. has recently suffered will be recouped after the inevitable book deal and HBO special. People will move on. Forget. I’m forgetting her right now….

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  10. 2007 Kathy Griffen “Suck it Jesus” my “Emmy is my God”


    • Ms. griffin will one day stand before GOD and JESUS. When they remind her what she said she will just babble and try to say she didn’t know. It will be too late then! I doubt her oscar god will have much to say in her defense either!


  11. “Diamond and Silk have a few words for Kathy Griffin”
    Published on May 31, 2017
    Diamond and Silk can’t hold back their true feelings about the vile image they saw depicted from Kathy Griffin. As usual, they hold nothing back.


  12. “Pakistani Christian responds to Kathy Griffin attack on President Trump”
    Published on May 31, 2017
    Pakistani Christian defends President Trump against Kathy Griffin attack.


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