Californians like universal care, unless they’re taxed

Occupy Wall Street supporters march call

Shocker, not.

From Sacramento Bee: A new poll indicates that most Californians support changing the state’s immense, insurance-based medical care system to one in which the state provides universal coverage.

However, there’s just one small detail: 65 percent support drops to 42 percent if a “single-payer” system requires new taxes, which, of course, it would.

The Public Policy Institute of California poll was issued on Wednesday, just hours after the California Nurses Association and other advocates of Senate Bill 562’s universal coverage laid out the taxes they say would make it feasible.

It could work, says a study by the Political Economy Research Institute, if federal, state and local governments taxpayers continued to pay the lion’s share of Californians’ medical care costs, if overall medical costs could be cut by 18 percent due to centralized, nonprofit operation and if “two modest taxes” on business income and retail consumers were imposed.

“What this new study proves is that we can finally achieve the dream of guaranteeing health care for all Californians without the punishment of crippling out-of-pocket costs …” said RoseAnn DeMoro, head of the nurses’ union.

Maybe not. Those assertions from the liberal think tank appear more optimistic than realistic.

The proposal would not only cover all Californians who now have some form of health insurance, but nearly 3 million more – mostly undocumented immigrants illegal aiens – who lack coverage, and would eliminate out-of-pocket costs for everyone. Those are recipes for soaring costs, not the study’s claim of a $71 billion reduction in the projected $403 billion overall tab.

Nor does it account for the additional expense from increased health care use if out-of-pocket co-pays and deductibles are eliminated.

Virtually every health care study has concluded that requiring consumers to pay even token amounts prevents overutilization which drives costs upward.

It does not account for the expansion of coverage as more people move to California from other states or other nations for no-cost medical care.

Finally, it does not account for the system’s capacity to deliver on gold-plated promises.

Even now, the millions of additional Medi-Cal enrollees under Obamacare have great difficulty finding care because of low reimbursement rates.

If millions more are covered, those payments would have to increase sharply to lure doctors and other providers to a state whose living costs, especially for housing, are among the nation’s highest.

But even if all of the study’s rosy, if unlikely, scenarios were to occur, it still would require new taxes of some kind. It suggests a 2.3 percent levy on gross business revenue and a 2.3 percentage point hike in retail sales taxes, with some exemptions.

That’s where the PPIC poll kicks in. California voters have shown that they are willing to tax others – i.e. the rich or smokers – but unwilling to pay more taxes themselves for public services.


24 responses to “Californians like universal care, unless they’re taxed

  1. Governor Moonbeam Brown has invited all Mexicans to move to California.
    Universal health care and a welfare state safety net CANNOT survive such
    an open borders policy. There are over 6 billion poor people who will
    flood California. My wife and I have travelled to over 100 countries.
    Most are far poorer than Mexico.

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  2. I hope Californians are prepared to hand over 75% of their paycheck for this care they deem a right. Just talk to people in Europe that have this FREE (nothing is free ladies and gentlemen) health care from their nanny state. Most die before they get any care and they fork over most of their pay to the state. This sounds to me like a “get out of jail” scheme for the Governor of CA that has already bankrupt the state. A scheme to get your money and give you limited health care. The state will now decide what treatment you can or cannot have. Is that who you want deciding what care you will get or better yet what care you will not get?? What about the elderly? What about terminal cancer patients? What about premature babies. All in the end will get the green pill to take. This is nothing but a way to get more money into the state coffers. Just the same as Obamacare.

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    • It’s true. I watched a near death experience interview of an agnostic professor on youtube, and he got some intestinal blockage or perforation while he was visiting France. It was on a Friday or weekend, and they told him they couldn’t even get a surgeon to see him for a few days! He said they didn’t even give him anything for the excruciating pain he was in. His wife was with him, and the guy got the feeling he wasn’t going to be able to make it until a doctor could eventually saunter in, so he told his wife his goodbye’s. Then his visit to hell commenced shortly after.

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    • Actually healthcare is a right. But a right is something you exercise for yourself. I have a right to free speech, but the government doesn’t provide me a mass communication forum. I have a right to keep and carry guns, but the government doesn’t provide me with a gun or ammo. So go ahead, take charge of your own healthcare and provide for yourself. It’s your right to do it for yourself.

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      • Sorry but you are wrong. Show where in the Bible or the Constitution where it mentions health care as a right. Caring for your health is the responsibility of the person.


  3. Every socialist liberal marxist satanist 0bama killary supporter needs to stfu and practice what they preach and pay for the care of the downtrodden out of their own pockets, pay for those unfortunates who don’t have healthcare. It is good and just for liberals, every Bernie, 0bama, or killary supporter to see their health insurance premiums rise by several hundred percent, you know, to spread the wealth and so on.

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    • josh . . . your statement is so profoundly right on! These kinds of scams really are just a ploy to transfer wealth from some and give it to others.

      We have all heard the tales of “welfare mothers” who have put out babies, so that a trail of five to six generations of welfare people can be traced back in just one family. How many people, who are working valiantly trying to support their own families . . . really feel they owe it to other’s whose choices and decisions are so poor that it is seldom seen where even one member of these families is able to crawl out and actually becomes a contributing member of our society? Yes, I know what I am writing may seem very harsh, but we must look at the reality of things. Why would be continue to pump care into “welfare families” or the newest of the welfare recipients … who are illegally in this country? I for one do not wish to contribute to this very kind of plan that may sink the entire boat.

      As was written above . . . what will happen to old people . . . what will happen to premature babies . . . these are just two segments of the population that I have little doubt services will be withheld from. How about anyone who has brain one, are they going to remain in California, or do the smart thing and pull up takes and move to another state where the people are not crazy.

      The law of unintended consequences tells me California will become an even bigger cess pool than it is now. Good luck with doing away with not charging any co-pays . . . there will be patients sitting on the floors of doctor’s offices waiting to be seen. How about doctors . . . since the reimbursements of welfare patients is now at the bottom, if all patients were paying doctors these mediocre amounts . . . only the really dumb, or inept physicians will remain. Any doctor who has amassed the kinds of educational debt required to become a doctor will flee the state for better surroundings. Yes, those like Governor Brown, are so stupid that they are unable to see the consequences of this kind of stupidity.

      My head aches just thinking about this kind of stupid, dumb bunny stuff!

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      • Agreed. Kali will resemble Venezuela shortly if it keeps going down the road of tolerance and open mindedness. I can forsee a time when the un and certain countries intervene inside the US in response to the various plans like the cloward pliven plan and kalergi plan. Like the word says, a prudent man sees the evil coming and hides himself, or in other words moves out of kali. Heck, every major city in the US is becoming unfit to live in. Once you get above 25k population you start having the same problems as the big cities – murder, rape, assault, robbery, all of it and it’d not surprise me if it was now down to 15k population for the symptoms to appear.

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  4. Seems like a back door/ Soros plan to destroy California, make it impossible to afford to live there for working Americans. And the elitists won’t have to worry since the laws will be crafted to secretly exempt them from having to pay any taxes.
    The thing that gets me about the so called ‘health care law’ is the refuse any choice to go to Chiropractors, Naturpaths, herbalists, Homeopathic physicians or any other alternative or integrative medical doctor.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    And still people refuse to grasp the fact that insurance itself is the root of the problem. It only feeds the greed of the health care providers. Just why in the world is it necessary for people to support two industries for one
    service. Insurance is a ponzi scheme, and straw man, dictating what your premiums and service, and still leaving one at the mercy of the actual provider.

    This whole “health care” debate is one big joke, with no laugh.

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    • Kevin . . . I can only agree with your whole heartedly. Back in about 1966, I was working and going to school. I had the occasion to visit a doctor . . . I paid $6.00 cash for that visit. I had no insurance. At the time, I felt that $6.00 was a pretty good deal.

      In more recent years, when I was still working, I had insurance . . . the doctor I visited charged about $110.00 for a visit. This was about 10 to 12 years ago. This same doctor retired, so I found a new doctor . . . the cost of a visit, similar to my old provider was $343.00 for the same amount of time. So fees have been pumped up so that the physician’s end up with the same amount of money that they would have if everyone was by-passing the insurance companies and just paying cash.

      I must admit, insurance is a scam. So much money is eaten up by the insurance companies, and processing medical claims . . . .

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  7. “Universal” health care is the next government “piggy bank,” just like Social Security. Here in CA— They’ll take most of your paycheck—IF you can find a job left in the state—-for your entire life, and then, when you need extended care, they’ll give you a powder. Within a decade of instituting it, the “fund” will be backrupt, just like US Social Security….besides the unsustainability of it (just like Obamacare), there will be so many hands in the till that have NOTHING to do with “health care.” And then what? What will there be left to tax or collect from the CA residents? Busted from cradle to grave! Kaiser Wilhelm was right —-in the late days of his “republic” when he was deperate to hang on to power—he said that if he gave the German people “free” health care, the government would become all powerful & could control every aspect of the lives of its citizenry.

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    • Agreed, euthanasia and other measures would become normal under such conditions. “Sorry, the surgery you need is too expensive for your age and quality of life, so you’ve been scheduled for a final appointment with your doctor.”

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  8. Will the last person out of California please turn out the lights?

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  9. California’s Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Cost More Than the State’s Whole Budget

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  10. I wonder if the end game scenario is to bankrupt every city (excluding that wonderful treasure every city keeps hidden only to be revealed by their comprehensive annual financial report where the billions are reveled) so as to justify a world government under the un, you know, since health care is a basic human right like gay marriage.

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  11. universal healthcare….$15/hr minimum wage….free college for illegals….high-speed train….driver’s licenses for illegals….sanctuary state….anchor babies…..
    california is a cesspool of liberal ideology….we are progressing towards destruction one communist pipe dream at a time.
    california govt needs an internal overhaul by its citizens or it will be the first of the states to crash and burn by its own ideologies; and a crashed california will affect everyone. Unfortunately, california govt has situated (rigged) elections so that they maintain power….so, our crash and burn is inevitable unless the federal govt steps in.

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  12. Mom…the Feds should NEVER step in to save CA. They should LET them crash and burn—–an economy larger than some other COUNTRYs…. CA LOVES to tout this—but, why? IT is a FAILED LARGE economy over the last many years….a decade or more. It is NOT an asset to our country or any place else in the world at this point. It is an entitlement state, and a liability on this country & anyone who does business with CA. Feds should LET them grovel, run elections to replace their impotent far left lib (it WILL HAPPEN if LEFT to natural economics…without Fed rescue) governing bodies at the local and state levels…..Nothing succeeds like success, and NOTHING fails like FAILURE—-IF FEDS don’t prop them up).

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    • Thanks for your response CalGirl…I didn’t mean for the federal govt to come and save ca directly. I meant for the federal govt to come in and save by overseeing elections because there is so much fraud in and about ca elections there’s no way any true conservative can win in the legislature or governor’s seat to save the state.
      I think the people running our state should be imprisoned. I see ca heading in the direction of venezuela because the people running it into the ground have the same mindset, but then, maybe that’s their goal.

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