Why Hillary Lost

Hillary's shrinking support

The Daily Wire: The Complete (And Ever Expanding) List Of Hillary’s Excuses For Election Loss

By: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Two-time failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has blamed everything and everyone other than the old lady looking back at her in the mirror for her 2016 presidential election loss…

This article is well worth reading at: http://www.dailywire.com/news/17053/sad-full-long-list-hillary-excuses-election-loss-amanda-prestigiacomo

Amanda’s list is comprehensive,
but I think she left out Hillary’s
biggest problem:


24 responses to “Why Hillary Lost

  1. She lost because she is a loser.

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  2. Did anyone mention she is an evil satanic witch who eats babies?

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  3. Hillary lost because she is an elitist fraud who had nothing to offer long suffering Americans depleted from 8 years of Obama.

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  4. Because she’s Hillary…

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  5. Huhu! You guys all wrong! She lost because of Trump! It was Trump’s fault that she lost! GRIN!

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  6. True, he did have something to do with it… 😉

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    • “True, he did have something to do with it …” for which we, as Americans, can be Eternally grateful. All the prayers of the faithful, brought about a miracle that fateful day in November. I hardly hoped that we would be able to pull off a win against something who will do ANY degree of cheating in order to come off on top! It was truly a miracle. Thank Heavens, we had so many people who woke up to the awful peril our land was in, and they got out and voted! As much as I wanted Trump to win, I was filled with an awful dread that it would not turn out that way. Thanks to all those who prayed, we were victorious. Prayers are still in order, we see such craziness among liberals, we still need Heaven’s help in trying to maintain freedom and peace in our land.

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  7. Libs thrive on denial. Reality is too tough…

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    • DCG . . . You have entered very profound words. It truly is flabbergasting that Killary has given any number of speeches, wherein she has laid the blame for her loosing to this and that . . . everything, but taking the responsibility for being such a POS candidate. How many more speeches will she make where she lays out who is to blame for her being the dishonest shrew that she is? I hope we are getting to the end of this craziness. I am getting rather sick of it!

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  8. She forget to blame her campagn logo. The arrow pointing the way ahead…. Points to the RIGHT!

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  9. LOL – Has she blamed the Martians yet?

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  10. The greatest contribution she has ever given to the United States. SHE LOST!!!

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  11. That picture of Hellery is priceless, especially the demon eyes staring out of ‘her’s. I bet that somewhere the ‘real’ Hillary is screaming to be let out, just like the “Exorcist” movie. I wonder if she’s writing ‘help me’ on her skin.

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  13. Like Tucker Carlson just said today the left uses the victimisation card even for things they themselves are responsible for

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  14. I suspect the reason Hilary lost is because no one likes her. Maybe, Chelsea and a few wingnuts. Bill probably doesn’t want to be around her, either.


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