Three quarters of ‘suspicious’ child migrants in Sweden turned out to be over 18

immigrants with selfie

Shocker, not.

From Daily Mail: Three quarters of child migrants in Sweden who had to be tested to prove their age have turned out to be adults after having their teeth and knees analysed.

The Swedish Migration Board were skeptical of 4,200 asylum cases of migrants without papers claiming to be children, so sent the names to forensic experts to determine how old they were.

The company, Rättsmedicinalverket, is now sifting through the files and having tested 581 people, 447 of them have been medically proven to be 18 years old or older.

Of the 4,200 ordered by the migration officials, a massive 96 per cent of them were men.

They will be subjected to rigorous tests by medical professionals to establish whether or not they are children as they claimed when arriving in Sweden. The tests are carried out in two stages – an x-ray of the wisdom teeth and an MRI scan of the knee joint.

Doctors forensically analyse the results and form an opinion of the age before sending it back to the migration board.

Ann Lemme, spokeswoman Rättsmedicinalverket, said: ‘The results do not say exactly how old a person is, but is an assessment whether the person is over or under 18 years.’

‘We expect to be able to manage our opinions at a faster pace now that our initial quality inspection and system review is conducted.’

So far, 18 female asylum seekers and 563 male asylum seekers have been tested.  The results revealed 442 of the males are adults as well as 17 of the females. This means only 134 are actually boys and just one is a girl.


14 responses to “Three quarters of ‘suspicious’ child migrants in Sweden turned out to be over 18

  1. So the dumb Swedes have imported and paid for an invading army.

    Trump should buy a country so I can apply for asylum there.

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    • Anonymous . . . this is the most telling photo I’ve seen which illustrate exactly what the Muslimes are trying to perpetrate in the various European countries. There they are . . . Muslime men of fighting age, as far as the eye can see! European peoples should be very, very afraid of what their leaders are allowing to happen. (Then we have out dill weed politicians trying to replicate this same crap on us the American citizen.)

      DCG . . .fabulous post! Thank you.

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  2. I hope to high Heavens that those who have found to be lying about their age are given the boot! These same people need to be escorted out of Sweden immediately on the grounds of falsifying their immigration papers. No second chances, just get them out of the country. Also, it might be an idea to tattoo their age on their foreheads, just in case they wish to try to perpetrate this same scam on another European country.

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  3. Do they even know WHO these men are? If they don’t know their ages….they probably don’t know anything about who they are. I guess this is the best way to import invaders into a country. Lots of criminals too I expect. Reminds me of the Cuban boatlift.

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  4. Why are these muslim men making gansta ‘hand signs’ in the photo?

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  5. My first thought-“Gosh-what a surprise!!”

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  6. I read this happened in Australia and worse than that, the men enrolled in public schools and started sexually harassing the female pupils.

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  7. Sweden (aka Swedishstan) is toast. The number of “children” seeking asylum in Sweden has exploded over the years because children are granted asylum much quicker than adults and Swedish authorities don’t verify the age of these so called “children”.

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  8. In an incredibly insightful opinion piece from an Angry Foreigner living in Sweden, we learn that it’s not just Americans who are fed up with the political correctness being forced upon the people by politicians, feminists, cultural groups, and immigrants themselves…

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  9. Sweden has neither the national resolve nor the sheer physical courage to save itself. Blame it on a myriad of issues but Sweden is lost because the Swedes are too pathetically weak to save themselves.

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