Take this law quiz to find out if you have the know-how to be a police officer

There are only 15 questions to answer.

The quiz says if you score 10/15, you must be a police officer.

To take the quiz, click here.

Tip: Be careful with question #13’s mind-twisting double negative.

So how did you do?  😀

H/t Shireen


21 responses to “Take this law quiz to find out if you have the know-how to be a police officer

  1. Aced that little bugger, but I have no desire to be a cop…

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  2. Oh my , I was 100% . no thanks

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  3. Deleonpatriot

    I shocked myself by scoring 100%!! I was never in law enforcement nor am I a lawyer. I am a retired ENJOY! Good luck to everyone…

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  4. Deleonpatriot

    Sorry my phone changed that…..i am a retitred RN

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  5. 100%

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  6. 100%…

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  7. traildustfotm


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  8. The site is called women.com, and the quiz sports a picture of a 100-lb brown-skinned chiquita who would be utterly ineffective as a law enforcement officer, and the photo credits youth.gov. I quickly closed the tab, but I now need a cleansing anti-propaganda shower.

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    • Yeah, it’s the feminist delusion at work. For the most part, women are not as strong physically as men. It’s just nature!
      I remember I did see a woman in Basic that was very strong, but she was not 100 lbs, and she was not little, ha ha!


      • On those strong women, this one surprised me: (short and humorous video of a buff girl armwrestling a scrawny guy)


  9. 100% as well…

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  10. 100% I wonder if this means I have been watching “Law & Order” for too many years. I am not at all surprised that many of the FOTM family would get 100% . . .judging from the literary skills displayed by many of this family, I would say that the most of us are higher functioning individuals. I do not say that to toot my own horn, it is just an observation. (I personally morn the fact that I am in the beginnings of loosing the writing skills I used to have . . . I judge this by the fact that when I go back and read something’s I have written, I see where I have used wrong words, or fazes that are nonsensical; but then I guess it was more important that I was more proficient during my working life. Just saying, it makes me very sad.)

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  11. 100%. Nailed it!

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  12. Passed with flying colors. I respect the laws and obey the policeman.

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  13. Hmm…I got 100 percent…I wonder if you get a 100 percent regardless of your answers…. 🙂 I was thinking of being a cop after I got out of the service, but then I realized that I hate working nights, weekends and people, lol! Plus if you go with the state police and actually get in, they move you wherever they want you to be. Plus I don’t really like doughnuts….

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  14. As ex law enforcement I was expecting it to be much harder, also I expect the regulars here to all ace it.

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  15. 100%……..I did guess on one question.

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  16. Aced it. Very simple test.


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