Jim Carrey defends Griffin’s Trump beheading photo: “She should hold up a severed leg as well”

jim carrey

TDS makes you ugly both inside and out

If the joke is not the problem, then why did Jim Carrey apologize to gun owners for “offensive” comments he made in the past? Pick a side you want to stand by in defending your words and those others make.

From USA Today: Earlier this week, Kathy Griffin conceded that she crossed a line by posing for photographs and video holding a fake, severed Donald Trump head, which cost the comedian her spot on CNN’s annual New Year’s show and a couple of other gigs.

But fellow comedian Jim Carrey disagrees.

“It’s the job of the comedian to cross the line at all times,” he told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday at the Los Angeles premiere of I’m Dying Up Here, the new series he’s producing for Showtime. “That line is not real and if you step out into that spotlight and you’re doing the crazy things that (Trump) is doing, we’re the last line of defense. The comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing.

Some may think what Carrey said next crosses that line.

“I had a dream the other night that I was playing golf with Donald Trump,” the 55-year-old comedian volunteered. “I was standing beside him with a club in my hand and I was considering my options when I suddenly woke up. It was one of those dreams where you want to go back to sleep so you can finish it, you know? But I’ve taken up golf anyway.”

Elsewhere on the red carpet, he told Variety that Griffin should “hold up a severed leg as well.”

Carrey admitted that his suggestion may not be funny. “But I don’t think the joke is the problem.”

h/t Newsbusters


32 responses to “Jim Carrey defends Griffin’s Trump beheading photo: “She should hold up a severed leg as well”

  1. I hate to say it, But Mr. Carrey comment, “The comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing”, is B.S. Comedians are suppose to be funny and entertaining. You can not do that by telling the truth, as you see it, because that isn’t entertaining to anyone with a little sense! Hate to say it, but he just lost a fan. Mr. Trump is The PRESIDENT of the United States and should be treated with respect. If a comedian has pulled this crap with Obama, the entertainment industry and the media would have hung him/ her out to dry and that would have been the END of that career !!!!!!!

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    • Oh! My gosh! That picture is wonderful.

      Sorry to say . . . Jim Carrey is a dried up old nothin’ . . . he is not funny, he cannot act, and he is aging, so he really doesn’t look anything like a “leading man type!” He also needs to loose the beard, although, I simply love beards . . . he looks like a perv, just waiting to open his raincoat, and reveal that he has nothing on under it.

      I still marvel at how unfeminine a face Griffin has . . . looks like 10 miles of bad road!

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      • I certainly agree . . . ‘this is certainly a picture of Dumb & Dumber!” My only problem is I. not sure who is “Dumb” and who is “Dumber.”

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  2. Helene Pineau

    I’m disgusted but not surprised by Jim Carrey’s comments. Apparently he was (or still is) a high-ranking Satanist in Hollywood.

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    • I’ve never found him to be funny.
      Jim Carey makes Illuminati hand sign

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      • Helene Pineau

        Me neither.

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      • I agree whole heartedly with that sentiment. I never went to see him in movies in theatres, nor have I tuned into movies he made on tv. He just isn’t funny . . . except perhaps in his own mind. I think the reason he interjected his comment on this matter was because he is fast fading from the limelight, and perhaps he thought he could get SOME FREE PUBLICITY in attempts to jack up his career! According to all the people I have talked to, they find him to be a loser, and really do not wish to have him revive his career. He is a has-been for all intents and purposes.

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    • “Apparently he was (or still is) a high-ranking Satanist in Hollywood”
      I heard him say something that alluded to that and I wasn’t sure what to make of it being that he jokes around so often, but you are probably right.
      Funny how a Satanist would have the nerve to moralize and lecture everyone about truth huh ?

      As far as comedians telling the truth….no, their job is make us laugh. I have noticed that when a comedian takes a truth, usually taboo though ( and a universal truth as well) and subtly twists it, those are the funniest things. In other words, where wit has been used. Griffen used none of the above, just crass.

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  3. Jim must be going for the Ted Kaczynski Unabomber look. As for his problem with guns, we believe in open carry because there are people like Mr. Carrey and Ms. Griffin walking around out there.

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    • Maryaha . . . you just stated the reason for “open carry” to a “T.” Neither of these individuals are suited to being a good neighbor . . . they are slockie people at best.

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  4. I’ve only walked out on one movie in my entire life. Ace Ventura. Carrey just rubbed me the wrong way. He still does.

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  5. Jimcarreysucks

    Jim Carey is finally being prosecuted for his girlfriend’s suspicious death back in 2015. He’ll have to face the music this fall in court. This is him trying to get his ducks in a row so his friends will get him off.

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  6. He’s just another Hollywood hypocrite…

    Jim Carrey Criticized by Conservative Media for Mocking Charlton Heston, Gun Owners (Video)


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  7. Jim Carrey sucks bilge water!

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  8. No matter how many apologies, they never recover. They themselves are their bigest enemies, and I (hic) drink to that, hahaha!

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  9. Carrey is confusing ‘truth’ and ‘comedy’, neither of which he knows much about these days.
    I never noticed him wanting to hack up Odumbo or Mike Obama.

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  10. Is that a beard or a toilet seat cover?

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  11. Jim Carey aka “King Arthur” is utterly repulsive. Who’d ever listen to a guy who gave his gf multiple stds, blamed her for it and supplied her with sedatives when she was severly depressed?. If this guy was on your side you’d change sides! I’m more committed than ever to boycott Hollywood.

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  12. Jim Carey is crazy….

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  13. I’ve never found a Kathy Griffin to be anything other than vulgar and untalented. When you have no talent you go for shock value and that’s what she’s done with this. She’s truly a gross woman. Jim Carey is a has been who sees a chance to get some publicity by siding with Griffin. The narcisstic nature of these people in Hollywood makes them believe they can do anything without the consequences the rest of us would face for threatening a President’s life. Kathy is now reaping what she’s been sowing from her vulgar mouth for years. She’s a bully who has finally had the tables turned on her. It’s about time I say.

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    • Where have you been Ng?

      LOL – Digging your way out from under fifteen feet of frozen global warming?

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      • Lol. No global warming, we froze the month of May. I’ve been stuck on Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest should have a 12 step program. 🤣🤣🤣


  14. LOL – Did Jim Carrey join ZZ Top?

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  15. Guys and Gals, I don’t need Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I found it all here FOTM!

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