Overwhelming number of people speak in favor of Seattle income tax


I’m so glad I moved away from that proggie-infested area.

From MyNorthwest.com: An overwhelming number of people spoke in support of a citywide income tax in Seattle on Wednesday at City Hall.

People in support of taxing the richest residents cited everything from “simple justice,” to the untapped pool of money that could be used to deal with pressing problems like homelessness and drug abuse.

The proposed tax would be 1.5 percent on adjusted gross income over $250,000 per year. Councilmember Lisa Herbold says there are still many undecided details, chiefly how that income level would be calculated.

The legal basis for such a selective tax is shaky and whatever the final form, legal analysts and the city attorney’s office believe there would be a legal fight to make the tax stick. But that isn’t quieting support for such a tax.

 “They stole from the workers, so rise up and tax the rich, please,” one public speaker said. The Seattle Democratic Socialists of America, the Seattle Transit Riders Union, and other groups encouraged people to pack City Hall.

Stewart with Trump Proof Seattle told a packed house that by taxing the rich, Seattle “truly” has a chance to be a sanctuary city. “So you know the saying, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Well in Seattle, this is not just a truism, but an acute reality,” another speaker said.

According to KIRO 7, citing a report, Seattle has the most regressive state and local tax system in the country.

Regressive tax means the rate goes down as personal incomes go higher–lower income earners pay higher tax rates than the highest earners. The proposal would reverse that and create a progressive tax where the wealthiest pay the highest tax rate.

Proponents say it would create a more even playing field in a city that’s becoming too expensive for low to middle-income taxpayers to afford. However, others say the majority of the wealthiest taxpayers in the city are small business owners, managers, and professionals with incomes of $250,000 or more.

Some, including former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, has warned of an income tax and what it could do to business in the city. “In Seattle’s case, it is a beautiful place to live,” he said. “It is a place, now, that is a center of talent in the tech industry, and success and talent will breed startups and more of that sort of thing. What are the things that can undo it? Unfavorable business climate.”

An income tax would be included in that “unfavorable business climate.”


20 responses to “Overwhelming number of people speak in favor of Seattle income tax

  1. One of the attractions of the State of Washington is that there is no state income tax, which is why Seattle proposes to impose a CITY income tax, which must be a first in the U.S.

    Seattle residents sure give new meaning to the expression “useful idiots”.

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    • Amen to that! Interesting to note . . . it is always those who do not even try to be successful that have both hands out to take possession of the labor of those who are more successful, or those who keep their nose to the grindstone in an effort to succeed for themselves and their families. This is so very gross, it causes one to want to throw-up just hearing about it.

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    • Wrong sir, take a look at NYC, where Marxists breed.


  2. Like the song says: money, money, money, mooooney…..some people got to have, some people………

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  3. traildustfotm


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  4. Dr. E, there is a city income tax in New York City aka the Rotten Apple.

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  5. I personally think to vote on an increase in taxation of the citizens of any area you should have to prove you pay taxes yourself with the past two years tax returns. Anything else would be like allowing the foxes and “WEASLES” to guard the hen house.

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  6. Just how many that spoke in support of more taxes are actually paying taxes?
    When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can depend on Paul’s support.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . Point well taken. I would bet that the majority of those who are willing to tax the other guy . . . don’t actually pay any taxes themselves.

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  7. If they’re gonna tax someone,it needs to be a flat tax-maybe 8-10%,EVERYONE with a verifiable income should be paying in.

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  8. Opportunity to get some of that $15/hour minimum wage for restaurant workers into the city coffers. No property tax? Who is to be taxed, residents taxed of income no matter where earned, employees earning money from Seattle sources no matter where they reside, or just Seattle residents earning from Seattle sources? Oh, and while on the subject, how is the tax revenue spent? Just askin’. Finally, get the manufacturing jobs back that began leaving under the Bush/Kissinger/Rockefeller controlled Reagan administration, and then America can become great again. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer every day are the people who remember how great America was or see how great it can become.


  9. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Normal (Adam Smith free market) America, including Seattle, would become great again. Some don’t care about America, only about becoming great themselves.


  10. uh oh, I hope seattle isn’t giving california any new ideas…
    at the rate seattle is going, the richest residents will be the homeless

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  11. Just like the Californicated……Looks like Texas is going to gain even more FORMER West Coast residents and their small businesses……

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  12. Commie-libs taxed themselves out of San Francisco and moved to Seattle.

    Now they are going to ruin that city, too.

    The idiots never learn.

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  13. Tax all the hard working so called ‘rich’ people, and you’ll end up just having all drug addicted homeless people in your town. Oh wait, isn’t Seattle already there? I love the Margaret Thatcher quote by the way. Explains why that Mike Meyers shill was making fun of her in his not funny stupid movie “Austin Powers”.

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