Studies have shown how good pets are for our physical and mental health.

Just the mere act of petting a dog or cat has a measurable calming effect — our blood pressure immediately goes down.

While we regularly shower our pets with physical demonstrations of affection — of strokes, kisses, and cradling — those of us who have pets know how precious it is when our companion animals reach out to touch us.

I still remember Charles, who was not a demonstrative cat.

One day, I stupidly went to an aerobics exercise class even though I already wasn’t feeling well (it turned out I was stricken with acute sinus infection).

When I came home, I collapsed onto my bed. Charles came onto the bed, laid by my side, and gently touched me with his soft warm paw.

Here are some images of not just pets, but wild animals, giving their humans a hug.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc


12 responses to “Hugs

  1. Wonderful. We so love them all.

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  2. For a lifetime, I’ve studied Birds & Animals – singley & in herds & flocks, & I’ve also studied the basal nature of the human creature – singley & in herds (groups) = and I conclude that a large & interesting Book can be written on the similarities, = with a few paragraphs devoted to their differences.. ..eddie..

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  4. Beautiful! These pictures soothe the heart. I wonder if anyone has ever done any studies on the biological affects of human love and affection
    toward animals?

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  5. Lol this is awesome.

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  6. What wonderful pictures! Thank you.

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  7. Whenever my little Sister wasn’t feeling well,she’d stay in bed for a while,and all her Cats would lay right up against her,”willing” their health and strength into her;Cats down each side of her,Cat around the top of her head on the pillow,Cat curled up against the soles of her feet. And they’d stay there,until she had to go to the bathroom or eat something,or until she felt well enough to go to work. IT WORKED!!

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  9. Aren’t they great!

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  10. The lion and tiger photos are amazing. Whew!

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  11. One time my pet python gave me a ‘hug’ around my neck, but I think he was saying that he was hungry. 🙂
    !!Lovely photos!!


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