CBS Tells FCC That Stephen Colbert’s Trump Jokes Weren’t Indecent Nor Obscene

stephen colbertAccording to CBS “cock holster” isn’t indecent or obscene. That’s demorats for ‘ya.

From Hollywood Reporter: Apparently, the FCC’s decision not to fine CBS for crude jokes made by The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert isn’t the final word on the subject. In a comment to the agency posted on Tuesday, CBS stood behind Colbert’s joke-filled rant that included a remark about how the only thing President Donald Trump’s mouth is good for “is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

“The Late Show, like all CBS news and entertainment programming, is entitled to the full force of the law’s safeguards for protected speech,” stated the network’s comment. “The broadcast in question was not indecent, let alone obscene.”

FCC chairman Ajit Pai got way too much attention for telling a radio interviewer earlier this month that the agency would be following “standard operating procedures” by reviewing indecency complaints. Unsurprisingly, given that the hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. are considered to be a “safe harbor” zone for broadcasters, the FCC later concluded there was “nothing actionable.”

So why is it now coming up? The FCC is reviewing the transfers of licenses in a merger between CBS Radio and Entercom.

One of the objectors is Ed Stolz, the head of Royce International Broadcasting, which owns some radio stations in California. He has filed a petition to deny, but after the controversial Late Show episode aired — which led to a #FireColbert backlash on social media — Stolz requested the opportunity to submit new information based on what Colbert said.

Specifically, Stolz pointed to a footnote in a 1986 FCC policy briefing that stated, “The Commission acknowledges that there may be circumstances in which an applicant has engaged in nonbroadcast misconduct so egregious as to shock the conscience and evoke almost universal disapprobation. Such misconduct might, of its own nature, constitute prima facie evidence that the applicant lacks the traits of reliability and/or truthfulness necessary to be a licensee, and might be a matter of Commission concern even prior to adjudication by another body.”

In other words, an obscure character test that in theory, at least, would permit the FCC to go after fake media. For many reasons, including the shrinking agency highlighted here, that probably won’t occur, but nevertheless, CBS saw fit to respond to Stolz.

The broadcaster makes another point beyond safe harbors. “CBS bleeped and obscured Colbert’s mouth at the point where Stolz alleges that Colbert uttered an obscenity so that a viewer could not hear or even lip-read what he said,” writes CBS’ lawyer. “Thus, the allegedly obscene expression was never broadcast.”

The comment then refers to the FCC’s announcement that the broadcast wasn’t actionable. One of the footnoted citations in CBS’ comment is the Parents Television Council.

“It was crude. It was indecent,” stated the PTC. “But it was protected speech. The FCC’s decision not to sanction CBS for Stephen Colbert’s May 1st monologue on The Late Show was the proper outcome…”


14 responses to “CBS Tells FCC That Stephen Colbert’s Trump Jokes Weren’t Indecent Nor Obscene

  1. Colbert troubles me: He makes my flesh crawl.

    I do not believe that his monologue was protected speech. Be that as it may, there is a dangerous precedent set here by the FCC: The Commission may levy fines at will, without a jury trial. This has been the case for many years now, as I understand it.

    And it is this precedent, to allow bureaucratic commissions, to levy fines at will, which eventually morphed into asset forfeiture as seen in the “War on Drugs,” a colossal and stupefying moral and legal failure of Law and our Constitutional rights. Under George W. Bush, the administration implemented not only a fine of some $80,000 per occurrence; It multiplied that fine amount TEN TIMES to over $800,000!

    I detest Colbert; He has NO BUSINESS being famous, and some day he will be forgotten. But in the meantime, the bureaucracy will linger on with its unelected power, which it can wield at will. THIS is the real danger.

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  2. CBS’s denial probably has a lot to do with Colbert’s good ratings.

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  3. What our forefathers considered protected speech and the GARBAGE spewing from trash mouthed comedians and hollywood today greatly differs! It seems to me that most of today’s comedians are so lame they can’t come up with any original funny stuff so they resort bashing our President.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Regardless of the appropriateness, the offensiveness, or whether any body agrees that any thing one can imagine is protected speech, it disgusts me to no end that Trump, who has given so much real legitimate hope for real change of the productive sort, is criticized and demeaned with out any factual basis or single true incident that can referenced, while the whole of the past eight years is represented by the biggest fraud ever to occupy our White House. These people are driven by pure ignorance, or worse.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,…..referred to obama as president.

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    • Kevin, I think the left is coming down so hard on President Trump is because they and Obummer are so afraid that he will be able to correct all the things wrong with our country and that will make their failed hero, Obummer, look bad and prove that they and he was wrong all along. Propaganda works that way. You throw so much S–T in front of the people that they can’t see the truth anymore. President Trump won’t do it, but if I was him I would find out all the facts that Obama spent 8 years and millions of dollars hiding and put it out to the public.

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    • Very well said Kevin.
      IMO the mobs that listen to and believe these losers like Colbert are driven by ignorance, but the media and people like Colbert himself damn well know what they are doing, and for that I say a pox on them. Pure evil to know you are a lying propagandist with no regard for facts, laws, integrity, principles, or truth.
      This is not about free speech but about decency. Not long ago this kind of language one would have only expected to hear in a nightclub being delivered by a Lenny Bruce, who interestingly got arrested for it as I recall.

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  5. I would say that decent people should start contacting advertisers of Colbert’s show. Tell them you will no longer purchase their goods or services as long as they promote this kind of filth.

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  6. I’ve known for a long time that colbert is, and has been a cocksleeve, and propagandist for the dmoncrat party, so no surprise here.


  7. sick, disgusting male…everything he said about trump is probably true about himself…colbert needs someone to make a video on youtube and call him everything he called trump…somehow, I don’t think he would like it.

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  8. Well, they don’t call it See BS fer nuthin.’

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  9. Colbert’s a Satanist, so no surprise he’d be protected. This guy is not funny at all- the TV happened to be on when I was visiting someone I know who pays for cable, and his ‘show’ was on. He was absolutely not funny. Who the hell thinks he is? You would have to have the most degraded sense of ‘humor’ and think that the “children’s” book “Go the F- to sleep” was hilarious (it’s not).

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