‘We all hate you’: Eighth graders on field trip to DC refuse to pose with Paul Ryan

paul ryan with kids

This is what “civil discourse” and “political engagement” passes for this day. The teachers and parents of these children are so proud. Course they are just following in the footsteps of demorat leaders. Stay classy kids!

From Daily Mail: A free-thinking group of eighth grades refused to pose with House Speaker Paul Ryan during a field trip to Washington DC on Thursday.

Half of the students from South Orange Middle School in New Jersey stood on the other side of the street as their classmates had their photo taken with Ryan outside the United States Capitol.

When he uploaded the image to Instagram, the ones who had refused to be in it flooded the comments section with insults and complaints‘Half of us stood across the street including me because we hate you,’ said one.

Another spoke to DailyMail.com to explain his decision to not take part. ‘The fact that he puts his party before his country, he likes to think of what his party will think of him other than what his country will think of him,’ Matthew Malespina, 13 said. Ryan’s Republican stance on healthcare, education and LGBT rights were among the things Matthew disagreed with.

The school has not commented on their protest but Matthew’s mother said it gave all students the option to take part or not.  ‘The school allowed the children to make a choice, they were very good about that. It was all quite peaceful,’ she said.

The children were taking part in a field trip to DC when they were told on Wednesday that they would be meeting Ryan.

Matthew texted his mother immediately to tell her that he was concerned and she urged him to let the teachers know he was uncomfortable with it.

When Ryan emerged from the Capitol on Thursday, some students who had agreed to take part were gathered on the steps to have their photograph taken. The others were stood across the street and Ryan was unaware that they had refused.

On Friday, he uploaded the photograph with the willing students to Instagram, writing alongside it: ‘Got that #FridayFeeling’.

The students pounced, pointing out in the comments section that half did not want to be associated with him and accusing him of merely using them as a photo-opp.

‘I find this really funny because this is my school and more than half of us chose to step out of that picture. And to add, the school is from a very liberal town, so I’m very proud to say that I was amongst the students who stood ACROSS the street.

‘Plus most of the kids who were standing there were only there to make fun of him because he’s a walking talking meme, ‘said one.

They were met with comments from Republican supporters who accused them of being disrespectful to the office of the Speaker of the House.

Matthew’s mother Elissa supported his decision, telling DailyMail.com she was proud of him and the rest of the children for standing up for what they believe in.  ‘We’ve always talked about politics so we’ve always been a family that has been politically active. We didn’t indoctrinate him, he has had a mind of his own ever since he was a small child and he’s gathered up his own views. We are lucky to live in a community with a large number of active and engaged young people.’

Read the rest of the story here.

FYI: From the South Orange Middle School web site (not sure of the exact date):

South Orange Middle School celebrated its second schoolwide “Winter Blast of Kindness” Day last week — and the entire school felt like one big celebration. The event was filled with scores of activities for students and staff that emphasized the importance of being kind to one another, family members and teachers.

Launched last year by health teacher Allison Cahill and social worker Allison Steiner (who were joined this year by PE teacher Jackie Gronek) the idea stemmed from a desire to respond to the issue of bullying by creating a climate of kindness throughout the school.”

At least these children have mastered the proggies’ technique of being a hypocrite.


19 responses to “‘We all hate you’: Eighth graders on field trip to DC refuse to pose with Paul Ryan

  1. To conservative parents:

    Why, oh why, do you still have your kids in public schools? Home school!

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  2. I think it is hypocritical indeed for the school on the one hand to promote . . . “show the love” then when these very students are offered an opportunity to actually meet a national political leader, they act like they haven’t got brain one! In the future, students should not be given the opportunity to meet political icons, since obviously they do not have a clue as to how to act like civilized human beings.

    I find it extremely interesting that the young dill weed in this article said . . . “The fact that he (Paul Ryan) puts his party before his country. . .” What is blue blazes does he think the Democrats have been doing as of late . . . the sale of uranium stores to the Russians; leaving an four men to die in Bengazi, when they could have received help, and then lying that this firestorm was caused by a video ridiculing Mohammed; mass voter fraud in the last two Obummer elections; authorized spying on American citizens during this latest election by Democratic leaders; etc, etc, etc. Are these really acts that show putting our nations interests above the interest of the Democratic party? I rather doubt it!

    DCG . . . Good article! Thank you.

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    • Well, Paul Ryan DOES put his own GOPe agenda before the wishes of the folks who elected PDJTrump. His job at this juncture is to rally the party behind the President. He’s a snake. These kids are too stupid to realize any of this. Just indoctrinated, with lots of attitude and not a whole lot else.

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      • Sorry to reply to myself, but must state something important to me. I am proud to be permitted to post here, even when I disagree. I have been banned from a reasonably prominent “conservative” blog, labelled insistently critical. The blog owner (think Robert Redford) literally refunded my last three donations. It seems they want a 24/7 mutual back-slapping session, as opposed to discourse that sounds like real people expressing a range of emotion. Or maybe just the favorites get to venture there. In any event, I can’t locate a Donate button here! Where is it?

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  3. Good article. In LA such divisive disrespect has been commonplace for
    decades. At the dominantly Hispanic inner-city high school I taught
    at for decades, the black principal trying to address the crowd of students
    in the auditorium was greeted with chants of “Shut f— n—-er.” The
    principal gave up and walked away. Nothing was said to the students.
    However, when the black principal said Hispanic women needed
    education to avoid being welfare mothers, he was reprimanded and
    forced to make a very contrite apology.

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  4. Aside from the issues of disrespect for elders and authority and the empty-headed lefty brainwash, the fact is that the kids look like bums! A little respect for our national monuments and the seat of government power would go a long way. Dressing in t-shirts and old jeans looks like crap. The children, teachers, school, and state of NJ deserve our scorn.

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    • I just retired from a NJ public school district (25 years) — a uniform (khakis and a maroon polo shirt/sweater) for all K-8 students was the policy. It makes a difference – nothing earth shaking, but something nonetheless.

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  5. I can’t honestly say I would want my picture taken with Paul Ryan either, however if I could use the opportunity to explain myself to him, maybe we could just agree to disagree. The appalling judgment of these students is another example of what we see on the news EVERY DAY now. If you are unhappy with even the most minor issue…..protest, riot, or both! I just wonder if these imbeciles were not coached, just a bit beforehand.

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  6. Classless is as classless does.
    They will reap what they sew — lack of civility, attacks online and IRL, etc. Opting out of the photo op isn’t so bad IMO; it’s attacking Ryan online that is, and it shows what their teachers and parents are putting into their young, impressionable minds. Or maybe they’re just getting it off of the Internet?

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  7. ManCavePatriot

    South Orange, NJ is a ‘pseudo-gated’ suburb of Newark where the commuter railroad transports the briefcase class into NYC and is home to Seton Hall University. These students were indoctrinated to be future progressives by their instructors/programmers.

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    • Thank You ManCave….I am a middle school teacher and can tell you with veracity that 8th graders know SQUAT about politics…they ONLY mindlessly repeat in my classroom aloud what is said around the dinner table in their homes….

      and—mom and dad….believe me….I also hear all the scuttle-butt about divorces, and all the serial “aunts and uncles” who sleep over, all the times police have to intervene in domestic problems, all the time (usually) GRANDMA has to step in to pull their lives together…all about the latest tattoes, piercings, repossessions, sheriff sales, bankruptsies, impending moves, firings from jobs/new jobs, the way the family money is spent (free breakfasts and lunches…BUT…the family vacations in Hawaii……etc….), and I also hear about who is “legal” or not in the families…..

      Pretty much….if you want to feel the pulse of America….legal, illegal…young, medium, old….ask a TEACHER. WE HEAR IT ALL, daily.

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  8. I can’t imagine being in a picture with this clown, unless he was strapped into an electric chair. Ryan is the worst kind of RINO.


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