FBI memo shows murdered Seth Rich’s laptop contained DNC emails

Joe Biggs is a US Army Retired Staff Sergeant who was a reporter for InfoWars, but is now a Texas-based independent journalist and a contributor to the blog BAM (Borderland Alternative Media).

Biggs was given by an FBI source a fascinating FBI memo that, though heavily redacted, strongly suggests Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich indeed was the whistleblower who provided thousands of damaging DNC emails to WikiLeaks, among which are emails showing the DNC deliberately undermined Bernie Sanders’ campaign to favor Hillary Clinton. See:

Biggs writes in his BAM post of May 26, 2017:

If the Seth Rich murder was just an armed robbery why was the FBI looking into it? why is the mainstream media so hell-bent on shutting this story down? Why is Sean Hannity being silenced for even covering the murder of Rich? There are many unanswered questions but hopefully this FBI memo can be the first step into uncovering the truth behind the murder of Seth Rich.

In a heavily redacted memo, released to me by a source within the FBI, we see Seth Rich’s name. The Email states that [Rich’s] laptop contained DNC and Wikileaks information.

At the bottom right [of the FBI memo] it has code that can be used to look up the official FBI memo SCRDC-408

What that code means is name of person being looked into. “SCR” Seth Conrad Rich. Location “DC” with “408” documents. Any FBI Memo, if it’s a target of an investigation will show a code that can be used by journalists to request a FOIA. So FOIA experts can use that code and obtain a less redacted version.

Below is the redacted classified FBI memo (I supplied the red underlining). Note the following:

  • The memo was dated July 15, 2016, five days after Seth Rich was shot on Sunday morning at about 4:19 am in the residential Columbia Heights area of Washington, DC.
  • The memo made mention of “DC police” gaining “custody” of Seth Rich’s laptop computer (“scr laptop”).
  • The memo said “data obtained” from the laptop included “detailed DNC” “emails”.
  • The memo made mention of “Wikileaks”.

Judicial Watch has taken up the Seth Rich case and should, referring to the code “SCRDC-408”, make a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the FBI for the unredacted memo.

See also:


16 responses to “FBI memo shows murdered Seth Rich’s laptop contained DNC emails

  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Joe better hire someone to start his car and taste test his food.

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  2. William Brandon Shanley

    Great reporting, Dr. Eowyn! Many thanks for shining a light on this historic case. You’re the BEST!

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  3. Something else Comey didn’t do anything about…

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  4. I do hope that “Judicial Watch” will stay on this topic. It is profoundly sad that Sean Hannity has been shut down, at least for now.

    I really do not understand how any thinking person could possibly think that the Democrats are not complicit in Mr Rich’s murder!

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  5. I left a post at Biggs site asking him to comment on his time with Bill Hicks aka Alex Jones, time warner, truthstream media, and several other Bill Hicks related entities/ex disinfowars alums and they have yet to confirm my post or answer any of the questions. What I’m saying is beware Bill Hicks associates, they just might be shills.

    Also this;


  6. Wasserman Schultz’s brother, Steven Wasserman, is the Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.  Questions are arising whether Steven has played a part in burying the Seth Rich case in DC. 


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  8. The blood of tortured and murdered infants cries out from the ground for JUSTICE`

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  9. ManCavePatriot

    If someone on your staff was brutally murdered in the middle of the night, would you do everything in your power to shut down the investigation into who committed the crime? The DNC, and the powers behind it, are culpable by their actions.

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    • See that’s just it, they’re reinforcing the opposite of what they intend to take place. That’s kinda a built in feature to marxist/satanists; failure and ruin is built into their very thoughts, it’s their base algorithm. Sun Tzu said never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake. Messiah Yahshuah said by their fruit you shall know them.


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  11. Larry Nichols (a one time self-admitted hit man for the Clintons with a channel on youtube) has stated that Seth’s death has the exact M.O. of an Arkancide.
    1. Clintons create an ‘alibi’ before ordering the hit – in this case Seth was offered a job with the Clinton Cabal a couple of days before he was murdered.
    2. Convince (in a # of ways) the family to ask that people back-off the case, and usually unsolved investigation gets shut down. In an unsolved murder, only the family can request a reopening of the case.

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