Texas State Democrats attack and threaten Republican who called ICE on illegal protesters

Today is the final day of the bitterly contentious 140-day legislative session of the Texas State House of Representatives.

A group of protesters crashed the chamber, chanting in Spanish and holding signs that say “I am illegal and here to stay”.

When Republican Rep. Matt Rinaldi called ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on the protesters, Democrat Rep. Poncho Nevarez threatened Rinaldi’s life — that he would “get” Rinaldi on the way to the latter’s car — while another Democrat, Rep. Ramon Romero, physically assaulted Rinaldi.

In partisan language, Brandi Grissom and Robert T. Garrett report for Dallas News (note that Grissom and Garrett archly call the Republican representative “far right,” while the Democratic reps. are not “far left” but merely Democrats):

“[A] group of protesters crashed the chamber’s gallery Monday, chanting opposition to the so-called sanctuary cities ban. Legislators approved a bill this year that would force local governments to enforce federal immigration laws, what opponents call a show-me-your-papers law.

As they protested, Latino Reps. Ramon Romero and Cesar Blanco, both Democrats, waved to the noisy crowd. Far-right Republican Matt Rinaldi of Irving, a fervent supporter of the anti-immigration legislation, approached the Latino Democrats. They said Rinaldi told them he had called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report the protesters, who were largely Hispanic.

The Democrats were enraged. A shoving match ensued, and later lawmakers accused one another of making violent threats. Rinaldi said a Democrat threatened to ‘come get’ him. Rep. Justin Rodriguez, D-San Antonio, who was near the scrum, said he heard Rinaldi say, ‘I’ll put a bullet in his head,’ to another Democrat in the scrum.

‘He’s a broken person, and I hope his community realizes that,’ Rodriguez said during a press conference later.

Rep. Rinaldi issued this statement on Twitter:

That’s Democrats for ya — they go into a homicidal rage if you actually try to enforce U.S. laws.

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30 responses to “Texas State Democrats attack and threaten Republican who called ICE on illegal protesters

  1. Sounds like a politician should be impeached for assault battery and threatening the life of an elected official following the law

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    • impeached ? LOL
      should be ARRESTED and then removed.
      the cat’s outta the bag as THESE demOcratic MEXICAN whores are exposed and have been exposed and have no place in American politics,legislation,COURTS and law enforcement.
      diMs still scream RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA when all along it has been mexico mexico mexico INFLUENCING OUR ELECTIONS, COURTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT.
      PRESIDENT TRUMP ? get this damn wall BUILT NOW and explain to the dweeebs the difference between FUNDING AND PAYMENT…. AND that you can’t BRIBE A WALL.

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  2. Thank God we have a governor that is a staunch anti-illegal immigrant enforcer. The vermin that pull this kind of stuff are so ignorant as to believe that Governor Abbott will change his mind. Instead, it will backfire on them.

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  3. It mystifies those of use who are of sound mind, that ANY political officials think it is okay to disobey the laws of the land. They should find their butts in jail. You will notice in this article that one of the Dems brings up that “Rinaldi threatened to put a bullet in someone’s head” . . . but then it comes out that the comment was that if he were attacked, as was threatened, he would resort to using a “firearm to protect himself.” The left are such skewed individuals that they cannot even “tell it like it R-E-A-L-L-Y is! I do hope that ICE was able to arrive at this protest in a timely manner.

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  4. Sounds like Rinaldi needs to start carrying concealed…

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  5. Within every Leftist is a fascist dying to get out and enact violence on all and sundry.

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  6. Keep it up demorats. Us law abiding citizens are getting fed up with your antics. 2018 ain’t going to be pretty for you, again.

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    • Pancho Nevarez represents a district where cartel spotters walk down the street and no one stops them, yet Nevarez opposes the 2nd Amendment. Hope this incident help change voters’ minds about reelecting him.

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      • further validation THAT IT IS mexico mexico mexico and not RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA influencing OUR ELECTORAL PROCESS, our courts and law enforcement.
        THE righteous people of Texas,better WAKE UP,contact Governor Abbott as well and CLEAN OUT TEXAS SENATE of foreign interference and LAWLESS elected individuals.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Representatives Poncho Nevarez and Ramon Romero should both be reprimanded and fined and voted out in the next election if they are not going to stand behind the Constitution. Need to take a civics class.


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    • I think they should be awaiting their next election in jail cells-it IS illegal to make death threats against Government people.

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      • truck . . . you hit the nail spot on! I’m all for letting him cool their heels behind bars . . . in general population, at that! No country club accommodations.


    • anyone threatening another with physical harm, attempting to inflict physical harm,assaulting physically WOULD BE ARRESTED- they did it all.
      these guys need to go based on THAT and their failure to support the Constitutions of TX and the USA and follow the existing and established laws of TX.

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  8. Civil war is getting closer as each day passes.

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    • Like Brooks beating Sumner in the Senate…

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    • antifa’s coming to Houston June 10th with their usual demands, this time involving the monument to Sam Houston.
      I am sure THEY know that TX is a different ball game and will come prepared.
      what happens is what happens as they must also KNOW THAT they are not just interfering with Houston BUT with all of Texas.

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  9. The biggest problem I have with republicans is they allow any democrat to get away with anything illegal or suspect, even murder “i.e.” Hillary Clinton (The Benghazi 4) among many other bodies that have suddenly died that had connections to democrats. But the democrats have no problem breaking laws that No One (republicans) Will Ever Legally Challenged?
    WTF is wrong with republicans? …………. What A Bunch Of Girly men!


    • The problem isn’t the elected Republican’s, it’s the elected Democrats in offices of power in that socialist state known as Austin. The sheriff and her department refuse to arrest the two dufus congressman for A&B. She refuses to round-up and jail or simply extradite the illegals. She refuses to hold them the required 48 hours for ICE to come in and do their job. Then there’s the prosecutors who refuse to press charges on those who do get arrested. And for those who are prosecuted, there are judges who refuse to hand down findings of guilt, or to hand out sentences commensurate with the crimes. But of course, that only holds true for leftists who break the law…

      They get away with it because they’re following the will of the people in their districts who make the loudest noise, who riot, who disrupt, etc., even if they only represent a fraction of the total population. That’s what politicians do.

      They all get into office by elections of the local socialist-anarchist population made up largely of UT students and drop-outs. It’s a rest haven of folks who don’t agree with the U.S.Constitution so far as it’s responsibilities and duties, only its rights, which they perceive as absolute and applicable to all. This phenomenon is going on, as it has been for decades, all around the country’s larger metropolitan areas, where the major universities are located, and which are of course taught by mainly leftist professors and attended by mostly well-off students who don’t like being held accountable or feeling responsible to uphold the law of the land as laid out by our forefathers.

      The worst part is, there’s nothing that’s going to slow it down or stop it, short of a MAJOR catastrophe or civil war. And even those would only slow the progress temporarily. Humans will naturally degrade to their lowest state when given the opportunity. It’s what the socialist-anarchist movement relies on. Allow folks to descend into darkness without repercussion in exchange for their votes, and you have built-in perpetuity of governance. Until societal collapse, which is coming — when folks can’t self-sustain because nobody is producing or doing work, and everyone is doing whatever they want (“Can’t catch, arrest, convict, assign damages, sentence, or hold me… it ain’t a crime”). I give us a maximum of 50, maybe 100 years. A civil war could come in as few as 25 years (or a lot less). It just depends on how much we’re willing to put up with, and in how great a number we’re willing to keep coming out to vote, as that’s the only non-war way to keep their choices out of office.

      Republicans FAILED to come out and vote for Bush 1, Dole, McCain and Romney, four less-than-idea GOP candidates for PotUS, but under whom our country would have ended up MUCH closer to the society envisioned by our founding fathers than it ended up in under Obama and Clinton. But it got SO BAD under Obama that folks said screw it; Trump’s not the greatest choice either, but at least he’s better than Clinton 2, and he can beat her… and did.

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      • That was a well written comment! Thank you for the input. I always value the ideas and knowledge other’s are willing to share with me.

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    nevarez and romero need to show their papers.

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  11. These Mexican Democrats must be arrested and issue a formal apology. Rindali, was right to call ICE, and ICE should be called anywhere and anytime Illegals are protesting, there should be a 911 type of number that citizens can call for immediate response and deportation, these lawbreakers have long over-welcome their UN-invited stay

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    • Ray Say . . . Amen to that! What sane people would agree to having an influx of other nationals overrun their country; all the while being expected to help house (think HUD, 30% of those receiving benefits are not American citizens, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medical, Schooling, access to attorneys, etc.) How do these very people expect to explain to their children and grand children that by the actions they took . . . they indentured their progeny to the task of forever paying for this stupidity. Rather than working on leaving our nation in better shape for the next generations to inherit this land, we see vast numbers of people doing all they can to subjugate us, the American people. Any politician who is complicit in this kind of behavior needs to be tried for T-R-E-A-S-O-N. That is exactly what this behavior is, it is treason. As far as I know, the oath of office involves swearing allegiance to The Constitution of the United States of America. How can you take that oath, but turn your back on the tenants contained therein?

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  13. Pretty sure the eyes of the world are on this immigration dust-up over enforcing our CODIFIED federal laws we are having here in the USA: if Hispanic/Latino illegals can flaunt our laws by being here illegally in the first place, and then bully our legistlatures, vote illegally, and usurp our entitlement programs——then be prepared for the tidal wave of any and every illegal immigration from all worldly points (already underway from many places). We are ALREADY at the point in the USA where barely HALF the inhabitants are working/supporting the other half. It’s not going to take much more for the scales to take that downward slide. Right now, this INSISTANCE by illegals and sympathizers perpetuates a system that easily exploits unskilled laborers, keeps their children in limbo and ripe for being targets of the same throughout their lives…..an UNBROKEN cycle.

    For those who were brought here illegally as children by their illegal parents….or others who might have “self-immigrated” as an early teen…I’d like to see a program where, IF they earn a highschool degree with a “C” average or above, or a GED if older…..and spend 4 years in the US military successfully—-there is citizenship conferred upon honorable discharge. I would think this could be a “win-win” for our country and for those kids who will have earned not only HS degree, but job training in the military, AND, the GI bill if they are so inclined to go to college thereafter…..We’re “full-up” all over this country with illegals who can and do perform menial jobs or work “under the table.” WE NEED skilled and highly educated workers everywhere. We NEED to keep a healthy and proud, well-trained military. We NEED people to build lives that join our middle class or our small business communities….”Sancutary Cities” supposedly mean well…but, in the end….they might as well be flagged as menial labor zones—-like the “Hotel California,” …..”You can leave—-but you’ll never get away….”

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  14. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:

    Stinking traitors.

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  15. Looks like the 2 Mexicans cannot stand whitey. Bad sign. Send them back. We don’t need no frigg’n racist Mexicans here.


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  17. Jackie Puppet

    Reps, Nevarez & Romero, please make good on your threats to get Rep. Rinaldi.

    So Rep Rinaldi can ventilate the both of you, and then you will be made good!


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