President Trump signals to the Deplorables

A thread on the 4chan /pol/ chat forum of May 29, 2017 has a GIF of President Trump standing for a group portrait at the recent G-7 Summit in Sicily, Italy.

Compare Trump’s hand gesture at the G-7 to a tweet he posted on October 13, 2015 — of himself as Pepe the frog standing at a podium with the President of the United States Seal. It’s the same hand-touching-chin gesture.

Pepe the Frog is an anthropomorphic frog character from the comic series Boy’s Club by Matt Furie.

On 4chan, various illustrations of Pepe the frog have been used as reaction faces, including “feels good” Pepe, sad Pepe, angry Pepe, and smug Pepe — so much so that the Pepe meme is now associated with the Alt-Right.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, at a private fundraiser on September 9, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables”. The next day, Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., posted on Instagram a photoshop of The Expendables movie poster, featuring Donald Trump leading a group of prominent conservatives and a Trump-Pepe, with the title “The Deplorables” (instead of The Expendables).

That’s what President Trump was doing with his left hand in the G-7 group photo-op — signaling that he’s one of the Deplorables with the “smug Pepe” hand gesture.

Just wait till the MSM figure it out.

Their heads will explode. LOL


22 responses to “President Trump signals to the Deplorables

  1. kELLEIGH Nelson

    Do you believe the nutters will figure it? They’re not real bright…

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  2. “Just wait till the MSM figure it out. Their heads will explode.” GOOD!

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    • “MSM . . . Their heads will explode” . . . . . that is exactly as it should be! I can hardly wait to see “grey matter” splattered all over creation (that is, if they have much grey matter.)

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    • These people (if that’s the word) need to start showing us how seriously upset they are–by having massive strokes.

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  3. appropriate embrace of the deplorable label.

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  4. For a President who seems to get these small things down pat, Mr. Trump had better get started following all the advice Robert David Steele has offered, e.g., having his own You Tube Channel, his own cabal channel, bi-weekly fireside chats, and all the rest.
    And he ought to dump his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and tell his daughter to be quiet.

    For a President who is surrounded by people who are smacking their lips just waiting for him to go down, he had better go on the offensive, PRONTO.


  5. Stop freakin’, left/libtards– it’s just that brown acid you shouldn’t have taken at Woodstock.

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  6. Notice also that he looks from right to left as he touches his chin. This looks somewhat like a sign given by a certain group as part of a series of signs that identifies members to each other. He also does a heavy blink, more than just clearing his eyes. This may be his sign to the deplorables or it could be an inadvertent group of movements or a deliberate sign to others, kind of a ‘I’ve got your back’, as it were. It also seems to serve no personal purpose such as the other two guys – the one that rubs his lips or the one that scratches his nose.

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  7. Of course, it could be a sign of something else as well.


    • “With his Baphomet/Priory of Sion hand sign,”
      That’s also how you sit when you’re in handcuffs.Maybe slickwillie was just remembering the good ol’ days….

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    • I thought of that as well…what if it is just another masonic gesture we are not familiar with? Any which way, he can gesture all he wants that he is ” with the deplorables”, but as long as he keeps doing things like allowing for the doubling of supposed refugees/ migrants into this country, my head is the one that is exploding, because it is all just a show.


      • Why are you blaming Trump for the influx of refugees? Blame the judges & courts who continue to block his executive orders.
        As for illegal migrants, have you not paid attention to the reduction in numbers coming over here and the increase in those who are apprehended?
        CA judge blocks Trump’s defunding of sanctuary cities
        MAGA: $182B budget surplus in April 2017; illegal border crossing down 76%
        Illegal aliens arrests up 38% nationwide under Trump

        What about his defunding of Planned Parenthood? Doesn’t that count?


        • Perhaps I have not understood the situation accurately and am open to be enlightened……I DO understand that the judges have blocked his orders on the from banning Muslims, however the latest news that was reported was that the State Dept. has ordered a doubling of refugees. This is his administration. The courts may overturn his ban, but how does that translate into his administration ordering the increase in the numbers allowed to come in?
          And yes the Planned Parenthood DOES count for something. Let me be clear I am still happy that we did not get the vile witch in the White House, but I am becoming disillusioned with Trump by the day. I understand that he is being assaulted by judges, lying media and all the rest, but I don’t see him fighting back by firing the leakers and traitors within his administration. I thought he was a hard nosed business man. If that were the case ALL the traitors should have been axed by now. Among other things, many deplorables also voted for this man in large part because they do not want to see WW3. His reversal on peace and negotiations with Russia and the bombing of Syria as well as the placement of Kushner, a rabid Zionist Israel firster as his primary advisor signal business as usual to me.

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          • Lana,

            Just pointing out some of the good things Trump’s done, and a reminder that he is neck-deep surrounded by enemies on a scale that no other Presidents had in history. I am not defending everything that Trump has/has not done, and certainly was vociferous in criticizing and opposing his missile attack on Syria. The Deplorables’ opposition to the missile attack, I believe, led him to promise he would not instigate a Syria war. See “President Trump: ‘We’re not going into Syria’

            As for the State Dept’s “doubling of refugees,” the word “doubling” is misleading and deceptive because it’s “doubling” of a drastically low number. From L.A. Times:

            “A recent report published by the Pew Research Center found that monthly refugee arrivals dropped in all but four states during the 2017 fiscal year. It also found refugee arrivals declined from 9,945 in October to 3,316 in April. In the months after Trump signed his first travel ban in January, the number of weekly refugee arrivals dropped to around 400, according to data from the State Department…. Although the State Department increased the number of weekly arrivals to about 900 in April — following a court injunction in March that stopped Trump’s proposed cap of 50,000 — it was nowhere near the almost 2,000 weekly arrivals that were arriving in the months prior to January….

            The [State] department’s move was based on Congress’ approval this month of funding for refugee admission. Last October, Congress passed a temporary government spending bill that expired at the end of April. When lawmakers recently approved a budget for the rest of this fiscal year, it included funding for 75,000 refugee admissions, similar to that in previous years.

            So if anyone should be blamed for the “doubling of refugees,” it’s Congress.


            • Very good Dr. Eowyn, I stand corrected and am glad to see at least that Trump is not directly responsible for this recent increase no matter how minor. I truly appreciate your attention to the depth of analysis with all these issues. I am guilty of not always reading the fine details on all these events- it takes time that I do not have to try to search out the fine points elsewhere. With the exception of your articles that have meticulous detail and back up, as I am sure you are aware, the majority of headlines around the web give more superficial facts which can be worked to suit the writers bias, or the opposite – the readers bias. In this case I am sorry to say I am becoming more and more biased to the cynical point of view with anything political. Not a good trait to have I suppose, but an attitude adopted so as not have to experience the crush of disappointment every time we see evil prevail.

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              • I should thank you! If it were not for your bringing to my attention the State Dept’s “doubling” of refugees, I would not have looked into the matter. 🙂

                Being cynical or, I prefer, realistic is a good attitude, which is warranted because of what our government and politicians do. And I totally understand how cynicism can be self-protective.


  8. DR. EOWYN ~
    I loved this blog installment and linked a bunch of my friends to it. Thanks! This really made my morning!

    ~ D-FensDogG


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