A classic: Ronald Reagan’s Memorial Day speech


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  2. Kathy O’brien the MkUltra whistleblower identified Reagan (and Cheney) as her handlers


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  4. Considering this man is and actor, do we think someone may have wrote this for him?


    • Are you under the delusion that presidents write their own speeches? They all have professional speech writers.

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      • Every President also has the option of using the speech or rejecting it and having another one written. (or going “off script” and adding their own personal flair to it.)

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    • Every president has speech writers. Yet not every president has passionate delivery.

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      • DCG . . . truer words were never written . . . truly, “not every president has passionate delivery.”

        I was moved at viewing the portion of the clip that showed the “folding of the American flag.” It reminded me that during the last few years of my Father’s life . . . he always cautioned us, his children, that he wanted his flag (those who have served are entitled to an American flag at no charge to the families.) He would remind us time and time again . . . that very same flag has a prominent space in my living room. Ever a reminder of his sacrifice of going to war (WWII) and the sacrifices of all others who have served our country.

        God Bless the USA, and God Bless All Who Have Served Under Her Flag!

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    • Although Reagan did have his speech writers (Peggy Noonan was one of them), he did write some of his own speeches.
      Yes, Reagan was an actor. But to his great credit, he was no intellectual: He did the thinking necessary to get the job done, but unlike most intellectuals, he did not over-think things, playing pseudo-intellectual games with ideas or his audience.
      Reagan had his flaws, but I would rather have him and his flaws than any of the men who succeeded him. As a matter of fact, it was the moral monster Zbigniew Brzezinski who commanded Reagan to choose George H.W. Bush as his running mate, or he would not be elected President.

      And Ronald Reagan was morally and factually correct when he said, “To those of us who say we have no heroes left, they just don’t know where to look.” One good President in one’s lifetime is usually the limit. Thusfar, I’ve seen two: Kennedy and Reagan. Hopefully Donald Trump will join their ranks. He had better start going.

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    “We are Americans.” United States of America Americans, not North American Union Americans nor New World Order Americans.

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  6. For the contrast, wish this would have been out blaring on the blogs and airwaves, et al, when Obama was back then doing his “apology” tour about “America.” Wish it would have been repeated endlessly during the “Soviet Reset” and our donation of our uranium to them…and again when Obama delivered pallets of cash/gold/whatever to Iran in his “deal” with them…..

    Unfortunately, there is a new voting block of Americans having just turned 18….who were TENish when Barak Hussein Obama took office…..and, they were newborns/infants when 9/11 happened. Politically… they know little else (which is why they are presently out running around in black hoods, burning down universities and businesses in the name of “resisting Trump.” I refer to it as “pooping in your own bed.” Have NO idea how they can relate the wilding and destruction of their own environs with “resisting Trump.” Such a stretch of imagination) . During the Obama years…no one’s head could be higher than the king’s. Obama was imperial. He abused use of executive orders, and he abused (esp in the Holder gun-running) executive protections from prosecution. No other opinions/views besides HIS could be considered or heard….(at the peril of being labeled “racist”)……and these are SOME of the reasons we are in the mess we’re in these days as a nation…as an “informed” public….as voters and workers and citizens….

    Reagan was my generation’s original “America First” president. It has been amazing (sad/horrifying) to watch the USA devolve in the space of a generation into “America is just average….and most times the “boogie man” of the globe. Mia Culpa, Mia Culpa.” The Obama policy of “leading from behind” downright plain old LEFT US BEHIND…..and he only took 8 years to do it…..probably the LAST US president to do this had to be the likes of Wilson or Harding, and maybe even as pitiful as Buchanan…..

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    • “.(at the peril of being labeled “racist”)” THAT’S not being racist-it’s being REALIST. Color wouldn’t have made a drop of difference-it was his behavior that we condemned,and it wouldn’t have mattered if he was black-n-yellow,red,green or clear-we would have condemned it just the same.


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