‘I beat both of them’: Hillary Clinton defiantly claims she defeated Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders


The most qualified womyn…

Reality is tough for some people.

From Daily Mail: Hillary Clinton has claimed she defeated Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election. Clinton, who received almost three million more votes than her reality television host opponent, was denied lost the presidency because she lost the electoral college count 304 to 227.

But the 69-year-old made the claim in a New York Magazine piece in which she discussed everything from sexism and voter suppression to James Comey costing her the White House, the country ‘stalling’ under Trump, and Russia’s ‘attack’ on American democracy.

Clinton started by dismissing the notion the election was won because of anger, which both Trump and Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the Democratic primary, tapped into. ‘I beat both of them,’ Clinton said, after saying anger is not ‘a good strategy for most people’.

‘You can’t be angry for yourself. You just can’t. You can be indignant, you can be annoyed, you can be frustrated, but you can’t be angry… I don’t think anger’s a strategy,’ she told the magazine.

The former Secretary of State then turned her attention to Comey’s ousting from the FBI by Trump. ‘I am less surprised than I am worried,’ she said.

‘Not that he shouldn’t have been disciplined. And certainly the Trump campaign relished everything that was done to me in July and then particularly in October. Having said that, I think what’s going on now is an effort to derail and bury the Russia inquiry, and I think that’s terrible for our country.’

Clinton then said the response from elected officials in Washington to Russia’s efforts to impact the election and sway it in Trump’s favor will be remembered for a long time. 

‘(History) will judge whoever’s in Congress now as to how they respond to what was an attack on our country,’ she told New York Magazine.

It wasn’t the kind of horrible, physical attack we saw on 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, but it was an attack by an aggressive adversary who had been probing for many years to figure out how to undermine our democracy, influence our politics, even our elections.

‘Left unchecked… this will not just bite Democrats, or me; this will undermine our electoral system.’

The 69-year-old also described to the magazine how she knew on November 8 the race with Trump was close, but she thought she would ‘gut it out’ and win. ‘I was as surprised as anybody when I started getting returns, she said. ‘Because that’s not what anybody – with a couple of outliers – saw in the data. And the feel was good!

We had good crowds, we had lots of energy and enthusiasm, and I thought we were going to pull it off. And so did the other side, by the way. They did not believe they were going to win.’

When the issue of sexism was brought up by the magazine, Clinton explained how she hoped ‘the rawness of being a woman competing for the presidency would have dissipated’ would have gone away since she was defeated by President Obama eight years earlier.

But she found that while it had ‘somewhat diminished’, there was ‘a lot of implicit bias was just raging below the surface‘.

‘There were still very deep, raw feelings about gender that had not been resolved,’ she said. ‘There is a stark difference between men and women when it comes to success and likability.  So the more successful a man is, the more likable he is. The more successful a woman is, the less likable she is. And it’s across every sector of society.’

Clinton was then asked about those in the wake of her defeat who were attempting to pin the blame for the loss entirely on her. ‘There’s always, what’s that word… Schadenfreude – “cut her down to size”, “too big for her own britches” – I get all that,’ she said.

‘I take responsibility, I admit that I’m not a perfect candidate – and don’t know anybody who was – but at the end of the day we did a lot of things right and we weathered enormous headwinds and we were on our way to winning.  ‘So that is never going to satisfy my detractors. And you know, that’s their problem.


36 responses to “‘I beat both of them’: Hillary Clinton defiantly claims she defeated Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

    • Amen to that! I can hardly imagine that she can spout the garbage that she does. No sane person would.

      The direct quote from her . . . “I take responsibility . . . . .” did she take responsibility over Bengazi; or the fact that the thieving Clinton Foundation literally financially raped Haiti after that big earthquate, by withholding all the millions of dollars that flowed in–the only “housing” they built was a high end hotel, which would cater to other carpet baggers who would descent upon Haiti to try to get “their share of whatever was to be had:” or has she ever mentioned that she was responsible for selling American uranium deposits to the Russians, who at this time really are not our friends; or how about the plethora of “mysterious deaths” associated to the Clinton mafia . . . . I could go on, but what is the point, we all know that Killary is a liar, a cheat, a traitor, a murderess.

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      • Sorry, I wasn’t done ranting . . . how about the fact that she has never taken responsibility in telling the American public, just how tenuous her health is . . . . . no, it would appear that she would prefer to use a “body double” to secret that fact that she could hardly stay on her feet.

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  2. Lock her down and shut her up

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  3. Delusional, incontinent Hillary has huffed too many of her overfilled Depends.
    The jenkem has altered her remaining brain cells.


  4. And, the saddest thing about her delusions and outright lies is the people who actually believe this evil hag and Leftist propaganda. When you mix these lies with undeveloped, and twisted brains who do not know World and US history along with those who refuse to acknowledge it, and then add those who lack discernment, common sense, morals and spirituality, we are left with those who are an anathema to society. They are the ones who need to be sent to reeducation centers!

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    • greenworxx . . . you have hit on one of the profound truths of our time . . . “When you mix these lies with undeveloped, and twisted brains who do not know World and US history along with those who refuse to acknowledge it, and then add those who lack discernment, commonsense, morals and spirituality, we are left with those who are an anathema to society. They are the ones who need to be sent to reeducation centers! This statement is profoundly true. The assault the left is making on our young people, may well prove our demise.

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  5. Jackie Puppet

    “The former Secretary of State then turned her attention to Comey’s ousting from the FBI by Trump. ‘I am less surprised than I am worried,’ she said.”

    I can’t imagine why…after all, Hillary hasn’t committed any crimes, has she?

    Heh heh heh heh…

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    • Jackie . . . I should well imagine that Killary needs to wear Depends, and take Immodium constantly in order to keep from messing herself from fear that a new head of the FBI may well take up seeking to indict her. I can only hope that may come about!

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  6. Bill Clinton is an immoral pig, like you Hillary, only he disgraced the office of POTUS.
    That Clinton wasn’t impeached gives insight to how long DC has been out of control and in his pocket. Everyone was afraid of washing up dead on the shore or shot in the streets of DC.

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    • MeThe People . . . with the track record of the Clinton mafia, I think this statement is absolutely true! Being in fear of losing ones’ life, is a great deterrent to speaking up and trying to set a correct course!

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    • Pres.Bill Clinton WAS impeached for lieing under oath. He however was not forced to resign.

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  7. Why won’t she just GO AWAY. The very sight of that demonic hag makes me ill her voice physically repulses me. It’s high time she stops polluting this earth with “—>her” presence and goes to judgment. Along with obummer pelosi harry reid soros etc etc etc the list is long

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  8. she has been in the public eye for many years and I have not seen one thing likable about her. she lost and she is the reason she lost. how many of her votes were illegal? thank god she did not win. she would only have carried on obamas agenda. she says she has been fighting for women all her life. the only woman she has fought for is herself. she is a smug ruthless liar. I am sick of seeing her face.

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    • Ramona . . . the question you have asked . . . “how many of her votes were illegal?” is profound. The Democrats have no problem in cheating their way into office, as judged from the fact that in the elections involving Obummer . . . some of the precincts reported not even one vote for the Republican candidate, and many, many precincts reported voting tallies that exceeded 100% of the registered number of voters. How do you do that, unless you are indulging in voter fraud?

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      • Kevin J Lankford

        If all the real number of illegals would have taken the fraud obama up on his permission to vote, hillary would have won the popular vote by more like 40 million. But then really, most of her support probably was from the illegal aliens, and of course the fake media.

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      • That reminds me-have we,the Conservatives,done anything about the Court Democrats vs. Republicans debacle of ’83? I firmly believe it’s time to go PUBLIC with the WHOLE story,with ALL names included,and end this “legalized” extortion.

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        • truck . . . you have brought up an excellent solution to this most vexing problem that faces us Conservatives. Let’s just “bring it on.” We would be better off than how it stands today!

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          • That would take away ALL their power over us. What could they do once ALL of America knows the WHOLE story? Their credibility-ALL of it-would evaporate.

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  9. You cheated Bernie and Trump’s President. FY

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  10. For some reason, the term pathological liar comes to mind when I see her.

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    • Josh . . . It may well be that in some dictionaries . . . under the meaning of the words “pathological liar” . . . we would find her ugly picture, since they are synonymous in meaning.

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  11. LOL – It would appear komrade Broom Hilda has had one too many broom crashes.

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  12. Let’s explain again: Hillary carried only 18 states & part of Maine. There are 50 states. Those OTHER 31 & a fraction states have people in them who VOTE, TOO. She lost the state count by a whopper. She earned 232 electoral votes, all fr New England (except from a congressional district in Maine that splits votes/gave 2 to Trump), +Virginia, Delaware & New Jersey +2 midwest states, 2 western states, & 3 western coastal states. So, she won some…NOT ALL large population centers in mostly coastal states known to be far-left enclaves. She did not win the land mass of the USA. She lost the square mile count by a whopper. EVEN IF she’d won ONE of 4 states that she thought she “had” (Wisc., Ohio, PA, Fla.) She STILL would not have reached 270. She HAD to “run the table on those”–or pick up a combination of 2-3 at least, to cross over 270. Wasn’t even CLOSE to getting ONE let alone 2-3. She lost the electoral vote by a whopper 232 to 306. By any measure except the popular vote—-for which the electoral college was invented by the founders—to make sure the population centers, year after election year, are NOT the only votes who COUNT—-she was a BIG loser. Yet, here she is, still whining and beating that dead horse all over again. Truly, she is a legend in her OWN mind—–but not to much of anyone else. She still doesn’t GET IT.

    I count it as one of my great misfortunes, an accident of birth, that I’ve had to spend almost my entire adult voting life looking at her and listening to her yammering in public. And, newsflash, I’m ALSO disgusted with Barak Hussein Obama’s “shadow government,” with his (and Hillery’s) funding of and mouth-support of “resistance” to the legally elected POTUS—-then, stalking our sitting president wherever he goes, commenting on whatever he does, and esp—for having left behind his loyal and immoral/treasonous manure-bombs to leak our national security issues to the “press.” Whomever it is thinks they are hurting Trump for the benefit of their old, bitter employer….but what they are doing is hurting ALL of us in America in terms of security….and I pray for the day that they are caught and prosecuted for treason. ONE public hanging would cure that problem for years to come.

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    • This is how much Hillary “beat” Trump. Insane, delusional, demon-possessed woman.

      2016 presidential election map

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      • There should be two blue spots in a red State of Nevada,as only the regions of Reno and Lost Wages voted for that snag. All us Deplorables in the outlying areas voted for Trump. We were outvoted by the two Population Centers of Nevada.

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    • CalGirl . . . I whole heartedly agree . . . one public hanging for the crime of treason would bring about an abrupt halt to all this nonsense in our land.

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  13. CalGirl,
    I couldn’t have said it any better if I tried Amen to that

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  14. The only thing that troubles me . . . now the State of Oregon legislature is contemplating changing our State Constitution so that “voting” would be along “popular votes lines” rather than the Electoral College. My understand is that several other states have already made such a change. I certainly do hope that these misguided individuals will not prevail in this attempt! If there were to succeed, I can certainly see where the party that cheats to the greatest extent will be able to remain in power.

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  15. Ohhhh, that sweet Rotten Clinton! Tsk, tsk, tsk she’s been hiding in that backyard shed and get’n soooo drunk she doesn’t even know what the hell she is saying. Discussing sexism? Well, that’s because BillyGoat is always telling her about smoking those “cuban cigars” with Monika Lewd_inski while he was writing memoirs of his rendezvous with all those Arkansas girls, he says they drove him craaaaazy. She beat Bernie? Noooo, Trump beat You. Get off the bottle Killary, you don’t look good, do some’m productive, baby sit, plant some flowers, but please no more talking, the shit is so deep it’s about to swallow you!

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