LA man wants his genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’

vinny ohh

Photo from Vinny Ohh’s Instagram account

Just like transgenders, he wants to be his “authentic” self.

From NY Post: A make-up artist wants to remove his genitals to achieve his dream of looking like an alien – but plastic surgeons have said it may be impossible.

LA-based Vinny Ohh, 23, has already spent $60,000 transforming himself into a “genderless alien.”

However, the surgery he wants next is his most extreme yet – getting his genitalia removed entirely so he is neither male nor female. He’s now been told by plastic surgeons that he may never be able to have the operation – which would be a world-first.

Renowned plastic surgery Dr. Simoni, who runs a practice in Beverly Hills, said such a procedure is highly controversial since doctors are unsure what effect the removal would have on the body’s biochemistry.

He said: “The experimental nature of the procedure means it is highly risky and it could also impact on basic bodily functions such as Vinny’s ability to urinate. This procedure has not been done yet, it’s totally new territory. This would be a brand new procedure and if something happens or there are complications, we don’t have any idea how to address it. Also, the sexual organ is also a tool to urinate, there are muscles that hold the urethra and prevents not only the urine flowing out, but also the bacteria going back up.”

My main problem with this procedure is what is he going to think about it in ten or 15 years time? Because all the bridges are gone. There is no way to come back to female or male. It’s a done deal. And he is young and now he has to live with it until he is 80 or 90 years old.”

The wannabe extraterrestrial grew up in a small town in Oregon, where he says he never quite felt like he belonged.

So far Vinny has had three surgeries and 110 procedures to achieve his current look, including two rhinoplasties and 35 body and face laser treatments. He also regularly sports large black contact lenses and strikingly colored hair, which complete his jaw-dropping look.

He said: “My goal in regards to my look is to become an exact, scientifically proportioned, sexless human being. People talk about ‘gender reassignment’ but I’m looking to have ‘gender unassignment’. I’m looking to change my genitals so there is nothing there. There will just be a hole to pee out of. I want my genitals removed because life would be easier, plus I’m also celibate.

There may also be legal obstacles to such an operation. Surgeons have suggested Vinny transition to female as a first, safe step towards his goal, but he has his heart set on being left with a doll-like genital region.

Vinny said: “I don’t want to become a woman, I just want to have nothing.”

Asked about his reasons for identifying as alien and wanting such a drastic surgery, Vinny is clear that he sees himself as a pioneer. He said: “For me LA was always about sex appeal, whereas when I think of alien I think of ugly. Aliens don’t really have a gender, in my eyes anyway. I connected with it and felt like, ‘I want to be that’.”

Doctors have raised the fact that the surgery would leave Vinny unable to father children of his own, but Vinny says his plan has always been to adopt. He said: “When I was younger I identified as a gay man and I had already planned to adopt three kids. My mindset hasn’t really changed. Just because I remove my genitals I will still be adopting children.

While his plastic surgery goals may seem shocking to some, Vinny has the support of his sister Daniella and manager Marcela. Daniella said: “My biggest concern is just his safety. I really have the concerns about cyber bullying and real bullying during his everyday life.

“I do worry that he’ll change his mind about surgery later in life but the more we talk about it, the more it actually feels like this is actually truly what he needs and wants to be more authentically him.”

Vinny’s manager Marcela added: “I personally love Vinny’s look because I always like people who don’t look normal, or at least what society says is normal. I support Vinny’s transformation into becoming a genderless human. If he is ready to do it, and the doctors approve the surgery legally, I will be with him by his side.”

And despite the warnings Vinny has received from medical professionals, he is adamant that he will go ahead with it, saying that he needs it in order to become his true self.

Vinny said: “I am so happy and proud for the way I am living my life. People think I am crazy for the way I look but I think I am doing something good by pushing boundaries and changing the way people think.”

Vinny Ohh previously appeared on This Morning to reveal his plans to have his nipples, bellybutton and genitals removed in order to become a “blank canvas.”


49 responses to “LA man wants his genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’

  1. A “guy” that looks like that doesn’t need his balls anyway-next

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  2. DCG . . . Missy, you have outdone yourself in bringing us this most bizarre article. I am left almost unable to think, this is so profoundly weird. The first thought in my mind was . . . this points to the fact that Satan is alive and well, and is working his evil plans amongst God’s children.

    This imbecile says he wants to “adopt.” Tell me, what responsible adoption agency would allow ANY CHILD to be placed with someone who is certifiably off their rocker. If he is unable to distinguish what may prove to be harmful to himself . . . why would we think that he could direct an innocent child in a manner that would keep them from harm?

    This is just so profoundly immoral, weird, crazy, bizarre . . .you name it!

    Someone, please find a large butterfly net, and capture this nut-job! He shouldn’t be out roaming the landscape in his condition!

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    • Auntie, I agree wholeheartedly with you…no “responsible” adoption agency should allow this mental case to “parent” children. The problem is adoption agencies aren’t concerned with being responsible, moral, or even looking after the welfare of children. They care about money and truly putting children in situations where they believe society, not Jesus, can influence them the most. This poor soul is just another example of the broken moral compass of the millennial generation….by design.

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    • Auntie Lulu, have you seen the guy that has turned himself into an elf? And the vampire woman?
      Elf man:
      Vampire woman (before and after):
      These people are beyond sick!

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      • Pat Riot . . . I checked out the two articles you referenced, thank you. I can only conclude . . . is it something in our drinking water that is inducing folks to deface themselves in such a manner?

        I would think that going to the extremely to make yourself into a creature that is “other worldly” would make you unemployable. Who would hire, or wish to rent to someone who is so crazy that they would present themselves in like manner? If you can’t get employment due to presenting yourself as a crazy loon . . . does that mean you are entitled to Welfare as a means of supporting yourselves? It is easy to see that these individuals, at least at one time were either wealthy in their own right, or were gainfully employed, in order to afford all the plastic surgery.

        Personally, I would be afraid of being around any of the three individuals mentioned above . . . you have to be in the throws of severe mental illness in order to do this, or allow this to be done to you.

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        • Auntie Lulu,
          Mental illness indeed! it is running rampant in the world today and I believe it is caused by formerly blessed Christian nations turning their back on God and God in turn withdrawing his protection slowly incrementally always hoping we would repent. But the pot is almost at a boil and the frog still doesnt realise it.

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    • Amen!!!

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  3. This guy will never be able to be anything but a “guy” – not only because of those little pesky chromosomes, XX and XY little buggers, but because he’s a… dickhead – pardon my French! So, even if they cut his stuff off… still ol’ same! As far as adopting children, Heaven forbid! People no LGBTPDQXCVSU-whatever-alphabet-soup they claim to belong to should be alowed to adopt children. A child comes from the union of a man and a woman. Period. End of discussion.

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    • Amen to that! I just wish that every one could understand that concept!

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    • I have known people from the LGBT community to adopt children, and be good parents if not even better parents. This comment is so simple minded and unneeded on this blog about a man wanting to be an alien. Some of the children that are adopted may come from orphanages, care homes and simply parents who do not won’t that child. For all sorts of reasons… and give the child a life, that they may not have had. It’s 2017 and you should really think about what your writing online.


  4. another addition to the lgbtqrstuv alphabet…”a” for alien.

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    • Oops! Sorry, but before this blog l had added two and they were om to read obamamooch, is that ok w/U? Oh forgot the A for alien.

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    • Naw, unfortunately, in this world “a” LBTQXYZABC/ad infinitum stands for “asexual” – S’truth! Even the folks who just don’t feel like having sex demand the gov’t – and all of us – “recognize” them!!! “Fight for their rights”! Gah! It’s incredible… smh

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  5. How does a 23-year-old “makeup artist” have $60k to spend on body-mutilating surgery?

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  6. All he’s doing is creating an elaborate costume. He should just wear a sign that says, “Look at me! Look at me!”

    So sad.

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  7. Do it now before “it” procreates, hopefully that hasn’t already happened.
    The plastic surgeons could use bolt cutters or a chain saw if the do multiple operations in one day, just to save some time. Hopefully “it” will find a doctor or a lumberjack who will gladly help “it”.
    Kalifornia, figures must be the Fukushima radiation effect that the govt. keeps telling us that its not really happening !!

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  8. Let’s wait for the next space mission and dump this alien abstract out into thethe endless infinite

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  9. The sad thing is our court system is compliant in supporting every form of mental illness coming down the turnpike. From evil disguised as religion to sexual deviances that would’ve made Caligula blush to blantant criminal behavior. It’s not intolerance we are guilty of its permissiveness. We have permitted this sort of behavior to go on too long and too far. By now, reining it in will be like nailing jello to a board. Rather than argue political or social points we need to stand firm on one platform. They are sick!

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  10. Um, he’s supposed to be one of these? (Really, even if just people’s imagination, gray aliens don’t get into Lee Nails, weird makeup, etc.)

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  11. Dr. EOWYN, more insanity!!!
    You may want to create a thread with this (sorry I am posting this here, but I can’t find your email, and since it seems that any postings with website links require approval, you will decide what is best):

    This is incredible!

    An adult male, decked in women’s clothes and make up is being allowed to teach “gender non-conformity” to young, impressionable children.

    Its part of a program hosted by the Brooklyn Library in New York titled “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

    Sign the protest urging Brooklyn Public Library
    to pull its scandalous Drag Queen Story Hour”

    The reports are extremely disturbing.

    “At each event…a different drag queen [i.e. a biological male dressed as a woman] in full regalia reads aloud a different set of books about queerness, gender nonconformity or ‘general youth discomfort’…


    “Before each event, library officials train the drag queen… and give [him] a ‘huge roster of books to choose from — usually about queerness, kids feeling weird and gender nonconformity.'”

    It’s mind-boggling that parents are letting their children attend an event that promotes unnatural, unhealthy and sinful behavior.

    Urge Brooklyn Public Library to
    cancel “Drag Queen Story Hour”

    God is most grievously offended when children are indoctrinated with “gender theory” or taught that homosexual sin is normal. This is a terrible assault on the innocence of the children, on the basic notions of male and female, and against God.

    We cannot just sit around with our arms crossed. Young souls are at stake. And great transformations are taking place that will shape the culture for years to come.

    So, I urge you to please sign our petition, urging Brooklyn Public Library to cancel its scandalous “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

    Thank you!

    I remain

    John Horvat
    Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)

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  12. Mail him a scalpel and let him do his own surgery so he can’t sue a doctor when he changes his mind. In the mean time put him in an insane asylum for a year or two and try and fix him. It doesn’t matter what he pays a doctor to do to his body he will NEVER be an alien because he was BORN a Human!

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  14. Any volunteers to help this poor “alien” out of his DNA-assigned misery and give him a bargain basement “blank canvas?” If anyone deserves to be given his wish….it’s this guy.

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  15. Kevin J Lankford

    And he really believes he is changing the way people think??…Just one more lunatic for normal people to fret over.

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  16. It would be unethical for anyone to do this to him; if he is hellbent, let him do it to himself. It’s self-mutilation by proxy.

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  17. Get the rubber room ready…

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  18. Well, there’s a match for that Katy Perry girl…
    Meanwhile, somewhere in Hell, Satan is left scratching his head.
    DNC chair Tom Perez thinks he’s finally found a winner for 2020.

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  19. If he wants his genitals removed, all he has to do is enter the Ladies Room at a Target store when I am there.

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  20. Heywood jablome

    Just euthanize this phuckstain.. signed every one


  21. Mental Incapacity has overflow in this case.

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  22. Jackie Puppet

    Will the aliens PLEASE abduct IT, and grant him his wish? Just be sure to keep him, since IT has already proven to be useless on Earth.


  23. All these dysfunctional, strange, non normal sexual orientations, people wanting to change their sexual organs, as well as their appearance by body modification, to mutilate themselves, to get surgery to look like something God did not create them to be- different sex, different species, etc These people have a spirit of perversion in them plain and simple. This person looks like a demon straight out of the pits of hell. Look at what he looks like before the surgery and look at what he looks like now . My guess- he was sexually abused and has not recovered from the trauma. This is how he is acting out. Plus, when people experience trauma, demons can enter into them if they are not saved. I can’t even look at his pictures it makes me so uneasy Yeah, we are staring face to face with the demon inside him, that he has changed his looks to match.

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    • It’s a Wonderful life,
      Very Insightful take on it

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    • Agree, Wonderful—-AND, the thing I can’t get over is that the Supreme Court, the past Admin. of Obama, et al….even ENTERED into that vast wasteland of law that attempts to legislate what people “DO” with their wangers and suzy-bees….from the sexual act to the movement of bodily waste. CLEARLY…..those “things” not specifically enumerated/named in the Constitution should have been left to the states. I was sorely disappointed when the last court decided that “marriage” (the regulation of which has been left up to the states since our inception as a nation) became the business of the United States Government…by way of “Civil Rights.” “Love” (according to one Justice’s opinion) became a Civil Right according to this last court…(this going back to…no doubt…the ruling on inter-racial marriages back in the 60’s that said discrimination against inter-racial couples—legal in some states, not in others, went against the interstate commerce laws–meaning….hotels/motels/resaurants, other businesses, refused to serve inter-racial couples who crossed over state lines…) ..and in so legislating this recent decision—-one that went MUCH FARTHER, b/c it addressed the use of body parts—NOT COMMERCE—-, it legislated the individual use of reproductive/waste eliminating body parts in every individual in the USA. This is a court who historically legislated that you have the right to kill a human baby in the womb up to almost live BIRTH—BUT, by GOD….you have NO RIGHTS to the privacy of eliminating your own bodily waste in a public arena that is “safe” for the body parts your were born with—you MUST now “share” this space with others with the OPPOSITE SEX body parts…with your pants down, so to speak……because they have a “right” to “FEEL” like a gender opposite to the “equipment” they have….and therefore, use “your” space, too. This all feels like such a vast desert to wander lately…..

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  24. If he gets his mikey cut off, he will regret it.

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  25. So that’s the love child of Obama and Biden.

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  26. This is not a MAN that wants HIS gentalia removed , this is a person who identifies as Agender and wants to remove things that ” put them into any gender folders” So please use the right pronouns unless They specify otherwise


    • “So please use the right pronouns unless They specify otherwise”

      Betcha you also call Rachel Dolezal, a white Caucasian, “black” just because the insane woman says you should. What a wimp you are.
      You’re aiding and abetting the corruption of language, rendering words empty of meaning. All predicted by George Orwell in Nineteen Eight-Four.

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    • He can identify as whatever he chooses, just as I can rely on biology when using pronouns.

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