Hillary Clinton Tells Wellesley Graduates to Fight Against “Full-Fledged Assaults on Truth and Reason”

This womyn wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked her in the face.

From Hollywood Reporter: Hillary Clinton isn’t mentioning Donald Trump by name, but she peppered her Wellesley College commencement address with barbs aimed at her rival in last year’s presidential election.

Clinton on Friday urged the graduating class at her Massachusetts alma mater to fight against “full-fledged assaults on truth and reason.”

Clinton also called the Republican president’s budget proposal “a con” that is “shrouded in a trillion-dollar mathematical lie.” The former Democratic presidential nominee also said she is looking to the future and helping to train future leaders.

The speech marked a return engagement of sorts for Clinton. She delivered the student commencement address 48 years ago in 1969, the year she graduated from the all-women’s school. Clinton also delivered the 1992 commencement speech.


23 responses to “Hillary Clinton Tells Wellesley Graduates to Fight Against “Full-Fledged Assaults on Truth and Reason”

  1. She also crowed that “I beat Sanders and Trump” — neither of which she did. Trump is President because he won more Electoral College votes. As for Bernie Sanders, Hillary got her party’s nomination only because the DHS deliberately sabotaged Sanders, as shown in the DHS emails that Seth Rich supplied to WikiLeaks to publish.

    Hillary is delusional and believes in her own lies — a sure sign of mental illness. Even more sickening is the slavish response of the (female) Wellesley students.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    You’re not being very nice. Just because she’s a pathologically lying, conniving, criminal piece of shit does NOT make her a bad person. It makes her evil incarnate! (sarc)
    I think she’d look great in orange – as she staggers up the gallow’s 13 steps .

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  3. What a travesty to have such a vile person delivering the commencement speech! But then, I suppose those graduating from Wellesley are too indoctrinated in leftist propaganda that they have no perception of what a load of fertilizer got dumped on their heads by Killary.

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    • In thinking about this post . . . I find that I wanted to add something. Killary wants to be instrumental in “helping to train future leaders.” I for one, certainly hope that she goes to prison, or drops dead before she can make good on her wish!

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    • Based on the faculty, student population, and alumni I thought the Hildabeast was the perfect choice for a speaker. With a few years experience I have no doubt this year’s graduating class will either be swindling widows and orphans, acting as lawyers for the Berkeley cycle assault brigade or simply wearing a distinctive orange coverall.

      In a few years these munchkins will have to deal with their own red diaper fetuses. We can all rejoice in the sure knowledge that they will provide luxury Italian sports cars to planned parenthood rather than reproduce their blob like protoplasm.

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      • Waco Bob . . . I must admit you are certainly perceptive. No doubt, the ladies from Wellesley will not turn out to be role models for our society.

        I do hope that since these women will probably turn out to be people of Killary’s ilk . . . that they will not “add to the gene pool.” We don’t need more of these kinds of dill weeds to be concerned about.

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  4. Michael S Goodman

    A full-fledged asshole warning us about “full-fledged assaults”. Oh well, most Wellesley graduates are equally full-fledged as assholes!

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  5. She wouldn’t know the truth if she came home and found Bubba molesting it. Sagging faced duplicitous c**t.

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  6. Clinton is the face of the Two Party system,
    it is the power behind her that allows such a psychotic monster to constantly use modern tools (media) to misrepresent herself as a leader, when the evidence clearly demonstrates she is TRAITOR, MASS MURDERER, RITUALISTIC PEDOPHILE-SEE PIZZAGATE,
    the real message here is Universities don’t represent you or the Truth (see her alma mater), and the Two Party System is part of the NWO drive to revert to the Dark Ages and enslave you-time to DUMP these parties and come together to reinstate the CONSTITUTION

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    • sunaJAeon . . . I was thrilled to read your post! I could not agree more when your wrote . . . “the real message here is Universities don’t represent you or the Truth (see her alma mater), and the Two Party System is part of the NWO drive to revert to the Dark Ages and enslave you–time to DUMP these parties and come together to reinstate the CONSTITITION.” Words of such truth were never written!

      I just wish that more Americans could conceive in their minds the awful doom that hangs over us and our nation because of the evil that men do.

      God Bless America! May Our Constitution Rule this land, days without end!

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  7. Again she did an “Obama”;One thing I always HATED about the Zero was that he’d loudly trumpet all the things WE believe in,promise to bring those ideas to fruition,then throw every fiber of his being into doing the exact OPPOSITE-and the sheeple ATE IT UP!
    People can never put any credence in what a DemoSocialist SAYS-look at what they’ve DONE in their past. Regardless of what they appear to be currently,they don’t change their spots.

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  8. Did anyone else notice?

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  10. Wait, she sent out 30,000+ emails? Were some of them about a Nigerian Prince and some huge sum of money the recipient was entitled to if they just sent back a small portion to cover expenses? Or possibly about male ED supplements? Who sends out 30,000+ emails from a home server?


  11. “Accuse the other side of those things of which you yourselves are guilty!” —Joseph Goebbels

    Hey, Hillary, get your OTHER FOOT in the grave!

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  12. So in essence, against her. Splendid!

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  13. Hillary Clinton Tells Wellesley Graduates to Fight “Full-Fledged Assaults on Truth and Reason”

    *edited for accuracy

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  14. Wellesley does not require SAT’s or any kind of entrance exam, and pays only passing homage to high school grades. Acceptance is based mostly upon recommendations, family legacy, and a personal interview. We’ve known Wellesley graduates who could not complete the most plebian of Master’s programs here in CA (meaning…very low to average academic requirements) because they could not design, complete and write a thesis.

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  15. John 8:32 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
    *** Hillary will never be free because she can not admit the Truth!
    Revelation 21:8 – “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars-they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

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