If you like American Idol, here’s a good reason not to watch the reboot season: libtard Katy Perry

katy perry and hillary clinton

“Game-changers” Clinton and Perry

Katy Perry is an unabashed proggie. She campaigned for Hillary Clinton and even designed a pair of shoes in her honor.

Katy is also ignorant about what drives ISIS and their terrorism. After the Manchester suicide bombing Katy said, I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other. No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.

Now the womyn will be on American TV and making tons of money for her “professional” input. I won’t be watching this show.

From Yahoo (from Glamour magazine): Earlier this week, news broke that Katy Perry is getting paid $25 million to be a judge on ABC’s American Idol reboot. That’s a lot of money, yes, but…appropriate. Perry is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, full stop. She’s sold millions of records, is an incredible performer, and knows a thing or two about longevity in the fickle music industry. The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer is an amazing (and game-changing) recruit for American Idol, so it’s great that she’s getting paiiiid.

But not everyone agrees with this. Enough people have criticized Perry’s American Idol salary that 103.5 KTU radio host Carolina Bermudez felt the need to ask her about it in a recent interview. “I’m sure that you hear in the news people talking about you and the whole American Idol situation that’s come out,” Bermudez said, according to E! Online. “Does that ever irk you that people are talking about how much money you make or how much they paid you to be on that show, or are you like ‘Yup, I deserve every last penny’?”

Perry’s response was, naturally, spot on. “I’m really proud that, as a woman, I got paid,” she said. “And you know why? I got paid more than, like, pretty much any guy that’s been on that show. And, by the way, I love men. So I’m a paid woman, and I’m ready for a beautiful man.

She has every right to be proud, too. We still live in a world where women are perceived negatively if they take ownership of their accomplishments—financial or otherwise. And Perry isn’t the first female celebrity to face this kind of backlash. Lena Dunham revealed at the 2015 Hollywood Reporter actress roundtable that people overtly criticized how much she was paid for her first book. “When it was leaked how much I was getting for my book, there were 39,000 articles asking, ‘Is she worth it?'” she said. “Then it came out what Aziz Ansari was making on his book. No one says a damn word.”

This type of female salary shaming is a huge reason why the gender wage gap exists. Women are socially programmed to simply accept the first offer thrown their way. Thankfully, our culture is evolving and more women are fighting for their worth. There’s nothing wrong or showboat-y about being properly compensated or celebrating it.


16 responses to “If you like American Idol, here’s a good reason not to watch the reboot season: libtard Katy Perry

  1. Made for each other…….who knows how far they are going to go????

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  2. I’m sure Billy Goat will go along for the ride!!!

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  3. This woman is such an airhead . . . what does it mean, we just need to “unite and love on each other?” This sounds like something that an illiterate person would say. Would it be appropriate for the “infidels” who were burned alive in cages by Muslimes to “love on their murderers? Or perhaps, should those all those men whose pictures we saw of them being lined up (wearing orange jumpsuits) waiting for the Muslimes to behead them . . . would it be appropriate for these captives to “love on their captors?” How about all the little school girls who were captured by Boka _________, in Africa, who were stolen from the bosom of their families, forced into marriages to Muslime Jhadists, or forced to have bombs strapped to their bodies and commit (against their will) accts of Jhadisism, or forced to bare the children of men they did not even know . . . how would these little girls “love on their captors?” No one should watch or participate in any project that she is involved in. Those of us who really care, find out who the sponsors are of the program(s) she will appear in . . . call the sponsors, be a torn in their side, make it known that you and your family WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS as long as they sponsor Perry. Yes, this is tact that the left uses, but if it works for them, then we should also adopt it, and let it work for us.

    Frankly, I cannot say even one good thing about this piece of meat, except that she is a POS, who needs to be relegated to the land of the unknown.

    Note: I do apologize for my run-on sentences, and paragraphs. When I get on a rant, all sense of proper English just flies out the window. I really should know better, and sometimes I do observe appropriate grammatical rules . . . but this woman just pisses me off to the point that all the grammatical stuff just flew out the window.

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    • That was fantastic. Who cares about sentence structure? Most of us do the same thing. Those who don’t may simply not feel as strongly about what they’re writing… said the man hiding between the ellipses…


  4. Maybe someday she will write her memoirs about her initiation into satan worship, how at their parties they eat shit off silver platters, have sex with animals, eat babies, give satan their soul etc etc,. All in all a small price to pay for the “good” life, right?

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  5. Let ABC know you won’t be watching American Idol because of Katy Perry:

    This is what I wrote. Feel free to copy and paste as yours:

    “I won’t be watching the new American Idol because of Katy Perry, who openly said she sold her soul to the devil:

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  6. Sorry, she has burned all her bridges with me. Her past comments have proved she has no redeeming values left.

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  7. Is it just me, or does her hair look a peculiarly un-earthly tint? And that’s all I’m going to say about her appearance or turning her back on her religious upbringing, although I’m sure her parents are proud of her for it. Not. Too bad her singing ability alone wasn’t enough to turn her into another Amy Grant.

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    • I think all of the “stars” have to join the satan club to get fame and fortune via US media, but some seem to resist it. For example, I suspect Katy Perry was assigned to bring Taylor Swift into the satan club but failed, thus the public feud between them. I think the Henry Mankow webpage has details on such.

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  8. Katy and the Loser!

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  10. Yep, she’s full-blown Illuminati, as evidenced by her latest video “Bon Apetit”

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  11. Katy who?

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  12. Will not be watching American Idol if Katie Perry is a part of the Idol.

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  13. She’ll keep her guaranteed audience of mind numbed fans who idolize her because whatever TV, the movies and the record companies produce has to be good. Right?

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  14. I can hear her now when she gives her first speech on the show.

    “Why are we competing to see who is best? I think the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other. No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist. WE ARE ALL WINNERS AND WE ALL GET A TROPHY.”

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