Hollywood’s summer movie season is off to a rough start


Imagine my despair…

From NY Post: Tinseltown’s hopes for a $5 billion summer are already fizzling, with a couple of flicks crashing out of the gate.

Warner Bros.’ “King Arthur” and Fox’s “Alien: Covenant” both disappointed this month, and movie analysts are warning this summer’s box office won’t be as hot as last year, when Disney’s “Finding Dory” was the biggest hit.

When it comes to striking cinema gold, no one needs it more than Viacom’s Paramount Pictures and Sony’s Columbia Pictures. Paramount, which just tapped a new chief executive and got a fresh injection of cash from its China financing deal, needs to find its mojo, and quickly. The studio lost $136 million in 2016 and has paid out steep restructuring and severance charges.

Paramount is behind the upcoming “Baywatch” movie and is releasing a new “Transformers” feature. “If ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ flops, Paramount is in big, big trouble,” said Jeff Bock at Exhibitor Relations, which tallies ticket sales. “They need a billion-dollar hit.”

Sony, meanwhile, is set to roll out “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” in partnership with Disney’s Marvel. “They’re planning multiple spinoffs” for Spider-Man, according to Bock. “But you need the flagship firing on all cylinders.” Sony also is releasing “The Emoji Movie” in July, for which expectations are already set low.

The inclusion of the Iron Man character will help juice interest in “Spider-Man,” but “it’s the third reboot in 15 years,” Bock notes.

Last year’s summer box office was $4.4 billion. Anything under that number is going to have Tinseltown in a tizzy, according to the analyst.

A survey conducted by online movie ticketing service Fandango suggests that Warner’s “Wonder Woman,” out on June 2, is the most anticipated movie of the summer, followed by “Spider-Man.”

A strong first quarter at the box office and promising. However the summer sorts out, executives on the lots can always plead their newbie status.

Viacom’s Bob Bakish, who took over as acting CEO in October last year, hired new Paramount boss Jim Gianopulos in March. Twentieth Century Fox has a new chief in Stacey Snider. Sony Pictures Entertainment this month named as its new CEO Tony Vinciquerra, who starts in June. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. parent Time Warner is in the midst of being acquired by AT&T. Only Disney and Universal have left their top executives in place this year.

“I don’t think anyone will judge [Paramount’s] Jim Gianopulos based on this summer,” observes Cowen & Co. entertainment analyst Doug Creutz. “Warner really needs to do well. They had one issue with ‘King Arthur,’ and they have ‘Dunkirk’ coming out, it’s a prestige picture.”

Warner is launching the most original movies versus sequels, and will likely be the biggest spender on marketing this summer.


18 responses to “Hollywood’s summer movie season is off to a rough start

  1. Alien, King Arthur, Baywatch, Transformers, Spiderman — all done to death in previous remakes that themselves are remakes. Hollyweird has run out of new ideas, and rely on saturating movies with repetitive, tiresome, ultimately boring CGI effects that, unfortunately, still get big office in foreign countries whose peoples must be even more moronic than America’s.

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    • Nothing original coming out of Hollywood anymore. Give me a Clark Gable or Cary Grant movie any day.!

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      • DCG . . . Amen to that! I had the most profound C-R-U-S-H on Clark Gable when I was 13 (a bazillion years ago.) I would also add to that list, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, John Wayne (now I’ve had to revise my add-on list three times now, I think I can say there are many more to be added to this list.) These were the men, real men, many who went to war during WWII, along with the average Joes. Oh! That our country raised men of this stature today.

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        • Last weekend I watched Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman was good in that. The men had to be better actors back in the day because they didn’t have all the special effects. And yeah, they were real men, not pajama boys 😊

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          • DCG . . . Amen to that! Once you’ve seen a “real man,” it’s mighty difficult to accept a pale representation in place of a real man.

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          • DCG ~
            I couldn’t agree more! For the most part, Hollyweird really is out of ideas, hence all the Superhero movies, remakes of old Classics (that have no need to be remade), movies based on TV shows, and stupid CGI Action movies that are all basically the same plot ideas — predictable and tedious.

            I stopped going to movie theatres many, many years ago. On average, I probably pay money to see a movie in a theatre about once every 6 years. In fact, I believe the last movie I saw in a theatre was ‘SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE’.

            I do rent a lot of movies, but mostly older ones. ‘COOL HAND LUKE’ is terrific — my second favorite prison movie after Steve McQueen’s ‘PAPILLON’.

            Of recently made movies that I really dug, I would first have to mention ‘THE BIG SHORT’. I loved that one so much that I acquired it on DVD after my first viewing. It’s kind of hard to believe that “the powers that be” even allowed that movie to be made.

            ~ D-FensDogG
            STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    If they stayed out of politics and perversion, maybe they could come up with some “decent” flicks. But I don’t see THAT happening anytime soon…

    Let’s face it: Hollywierd is finished; washed up and, by all rights, should be flushed down the sewer they’ve so diligently created for themselves.

    If I want to watch something interesting, I’ll watch my bird feeder….

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    • Hadenoughalready . . . you have called it correctly . . . “Hollywierd is finished; washed up and, by all rights, should be flushed down the sewer they’ve so diligently created for themselves.” The garbage coming out of the movie industry in many instances is not even worth watching for “free” when the movies hit the tv market.

      I must admit, I was thrilled with the idea that Chinese capitalists might take a beating when losing monies they pumped into our movie industry. China takes us to the cleaners often enough as it is, that it is refreshing to read that they might be on the receiving end for a change.

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      • Hadenoughalready

        The Chinese, like the liberals, will do anything to destroy this country so, if they fail, I’ll rejoice.
        To your other comment: I’ve been watching some of the “oldies”, myself. Aside from sci-fi movies, I’ll lean toward the older ones; just not many westerns. Not my genre unless it involves Native Americans in near-actual cultural portray. THAT, I love.
        I’d go to a First Nation festival any day!

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        • I agree with your slant on the Chinese; I also agree, the “old movies” really are quite thrilling. For some reason, the movie “Charade’ just popped into my mind. The thriller, with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant . . . I have watched it several times (years apart) and I still think that movie is pretty darn G-O-O-D! In fact, I think I will try to find it to view again.

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  3. been done with hollyweird….especially sick of these constant feminazi movies about females with superpower strength who beat up men…
    with the intelligence dropping every generation, I wouldn’t be surprised if folks actually believed those females had superpowers.

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  4. What do they expect when they produce crap? You get crap ratings.
    We broke down last week and saw Guardians of try Galaxy part two, which was suppose to be PG13. I guess I am not up in what is acceptable for PG13.
    Give me the old movies anytime.

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  5. Quite a while ago pop music assumed a manufactured sound combined with mediocre talent which relied too heavily upon sensationalism to appeal to me. It became ugly and bland. I’ve heard of Perry but have never listened to her and can not name one song she performs. I haven’t missed anything since once upon a time artists were considered poets as well as musicians, they attempted to at least stir the soul toward something lofty. Politicians do not talk poetry and poets should not talk politics. Both come off sounding stupid. Perry only confirms that.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      Up here, we refer to it as “cast-iron frying pan” music. If you have a wooden spoon and a cabinet full of pots n pans, you have a band.
      And if you can say “yaa yaa”, “no no”, bioch and a few “f-bombs”, you’ve got a top-ten hit. A synthesizer helps considering most couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

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  6. Hollywood has spent so long in the cesspool it doesn’t recognize the smell of crap. Factoring in the disgusting personalities it promotes as stars only adds to the problem. Marginally talented people have hijacked most industries today so we have fields of blandness presented as the latest and greatest. Along with a population willing to settle for 5th rate because they have no concept of excellence only PR.

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  7. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of commies and pedophiles.

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  8. The traveling circus died a slow death. It was the “TV & Movies” of the day. It lasted long after it lost its appeal. Today’s “TV & Movies” have lost their appeal as well and in half the time the circus did. And what replaces it will probably last less than half that long, only to be replaced with the next shiney, fast, pretty, expensive, exclusive, elusive, erotic, selfish thing.
    We don’t own stuff. It owns us.

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