CNN attacks GOP Congressman for calling for a federal investigation of Seth Rich’s murder

On May 24, 2017, speaking on CNN, Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) refuted the charge that the Russian government had interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Trump’s campaign.

Farenthold drew attention instead to Seth Rich, a 27-year-old Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer, as the likely whistleblower who leaked thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks. In the early morning hours of Sunday, July 10, 2016, Rich was shot in the residential Columbia Heights section of Washington, DC. Still alive and conscious when responding police arrived at the crime scene, Rich was declared dead after he was brought to a local hospital.


Farenthold told CNN:

“My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things that we need to be investigating. There’s still some question as to whether the intrusion of the DNC server was an insider job or whether or not it was the Russians.”

For calling for an investigation into the murder of a DNC staffer which remains unsolved more than 10 months later, Farenthold was pounced on and cut off by CNN news anchor John Berman.

As recounted by Alicia Powe for WND:

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, the ‘insider job’ – what are you referring to here?” asked CNN’s John Berman.

“There’s stuff circulating on the Internet. My question is, why …” the congressman continued, but he was again cut off by Berman.

“What’s circulating on the Internet that you think is worthy of a congressional investigation? Because the D.C. police are investigating this, and so far they haven’t said there’s anything there” to suggest any DNC-link to Rich’s murder, Berman demanded.

The fourth-term congressman noted that the DNC denied the FBI’s “multiple requests” to examine the hacked computers. Instead, the DNC hired a third party organization, CrowdStrike, to perform an analysis.

“We’re relying only on the report of somebody that the DNC contracted to examine their computer rather than having federal officials [examine them],” Farenthold told CNN. “To me, we need to let the feds look at it.” […]

One private investigator told WND he has reason to believe the Metropolitan Police Department is hiding key evidence from the public and acting in collusion with the Washington, D.C., mayor to make the investigation go away. Another private investigator probing the case claimed former DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile contacted police and Rich’s family, demanding to know why the detective was “snooping” into Rich’s death.

Hey, CNN and John Berman.

Your prickly defensiveness is most noteworthy. What are you afraid a federal investigation would uncover? The truth?

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18 responses to “CNN attacks GOP Congressman for calling for a federal investigation of Seth Rich’s murder

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  2. William Brandon Shanley

    Through inversion of logic like this, what the psychopaths at CNN don’t realize is that they are implicating themselves into a cover-up of an historic crime which is apparent to millions of Americans. What fools! Not only that, THE BIG OBSERVER, GOD, doesn’t miss a beat!

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  3. As hard as the Liberals try to be sneaky,they are so conspicuous in what they try to hide,deny,misdirect us from and misinform us about that they might just as well confess and save their energy. So much of what we suspect is confirmed by their attempts to cover it up.

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    • truck . . . you have profoundly called it . . . “So much of what we suspect is confirmed by their attempts to cover it up.” A person would have to be pretty darn stupid, or pretty unsophisticated in order to overlook the clues that are being dropped right and left by the top Democrats.

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  4. BTW-“One America News Network” is offering a $100,000 reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of Seth’s killer. They’re conducting a sincere investigation of his death.

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    • truck . . . unfortunately, I honestly believe that the very persons who are in the know as far as how is responsible for the murder of Seth Rich . . . also know that their life is in danger to out the responsible parties. Even that large an amount of cash doesn’t do us much good is we are also among the deceased. I’m no holding my breath waiting for anyone to pick up that reward money.

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    • I’ve since heard that a couple of other Conservative-based networks and individuals have sweetened the pot to nearly a half a Million bucks;could be more,by now. A lot of times,it’s not a confession that breaks a case,sometimes it’s just something someone noticed that didn’t seem important until they rolled it over in their mind and realized how it might fit into the big picture. Pry up one little corner and keep messing with it until it reveals something useful….


  5. This whole “lingus interruptus” tactic is being used by many news moderators and interviewers, for maybe a year or two now. I first noticed Stephanopolous using it (on This Week) when he didn’t like what his guest was saying.
    He starts by clearing his throat, or even fake stuttering as if he’s trying to say something, and it’s the guest who is being disruptive. Once he showed the tactic to be successful, others followed his lead, and it spread to other shows and networks. Dickerson tries it (on Face the Nation), but fails quite often. Jonathon Carl does it all the time now. Radatz too. Todd tries it on MTP…
    He then supplemented that this year with a new tactic, that of adding a “last remark” to whatever his guest said, in which George “summarizes” what the guest was obviously getting at (and mostly George is way off), then ending the segment with an affirmation, allowing for no rebuttal: “So you’re saying that Trump did indeed give classified information to the Russians during his campaign. OK, We gotta go on to our next segment…” When in reality, the guest said no such thing, and indeed said something exactly opposite. But the gullible viewer is left with the idea that what George ended with MUST be the truth in the matter, facts be damned.
    The worst interrupter? Charlie Rose. But with him, I think it’s part of his nature of wanting to finish others’ thoughts. He doesn’t always try to put words in their mouths, or try to change what they were saying. He’s just annoying… To me, if you ask a guest something, let them finish their answer. And especially don’t butt in right at the end when they’re making their summary statement. Sheesh. But many do it now, almost as part of the plan.

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    • The way to treat the phenomena of “lingus interruptus” is that . . . YOU DO NOT APPEAR ON ANY PROGRAMS where this method of disrupting your method is used. You do not have to go on any such program, or gave an interview to any such journalist . . . you are free to choose NOT TO DO SO! How many people are going to view a program if they cannot draw people who are currently in the top news stories. Just like the tactic of “voting with your dollar,” refusing to appear on such n such a show, and telling them why, and letting the media know WHY your are refusing to appear is part of the solution to this problem.

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      • Bravo and ditto, Auntie Lulu!

        Conservatives and patriots must stop fooling ourselves that being asked to appear on the MSM is a privilege or even a forum to convey our thoughts and values. Fewer and fewer Americans believe in the MSM. They should be shunned.

        That’s why we have — and should support with our dollars — the Alternative Media.

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  6. The deeper the sh…t the more it stinks. Demos and libs know they are finished, and as long as they don’t change the old guard the party will sink even deeper. Bid adieu to Loomer Schumer, Rotten Clinton, Nutty Pelosi and Witch Maxine (get her an electric broom quick),

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  7. “My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things that we need to be investigating.”

    Alinsky 101. Proggies and Media Matters have mastered this tactic.

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    • DCG . . . I have the very same fear. That is why at every turn, we must be vigilant to telling friends, neighbors and family what is really going on . . . AND THAT IS, THE RUSSIANS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WHATSOEVER WITH WHAT IS CURRENTLY GOING ON. It is just a flippin’ big smoke screen, to divert people from the real issue.

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  9. If anyone comes forward for the reward, they had better remain anonymous and not appear on CNN or any liberal socialist democrat supported bias media! Otherwise, once they’re exposed we`ll be looking at another murder.

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  10. Apparently the fbi reported some of its weapons “stolen” an hour after Seth Rich was shot, but said they were “stolen” an hour before he was shot.
    WASHINGTON – A burglar broke into an FBI vehicle and stole weapons – including a .40 caliber Glock-22 handgun and a Rock River Arms Rifle – hours before DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot multiple times just two miles north of the weapons theft.

    Now a private investigator is suing the Metropolitan Police Department for ballistics reports that would reveal whether the two crimes, both of which took place in the early hours of July 10, 2016, are in any way connected.
    D.C. lobbyist and attorney Jack Burkman

    D.C. lobbyist and attorney Jack Burkman

    “Our investigators have learned that one hour on the morning of July 12, one hour before the murder of Seth Rich, there was an FBI SUV in the vicinity … of the shooting of Seth Rich. Two guns were stolen from that SUV one hour before the killing of Seth – a 22 Glock and an M4 rifle,” said Jack Burkman, the head of the Profiling Project investigative team, which is seeking video footage of the shooting, the medical examiner’s report, autopsy documents and ballistics reports.

    Burkman, who made the statements at a news conference Wednesday, said video footage, the medical examiner’s report and ballistics reports are crucial to finding out how Rich was killed.

    “One hour after, approximately one hour and 10 minutes after the killing of Seth, this was reported stolen by the person in charge of that SUV,” he said. “This is why ballistics are so critically important. We need to know if that ammunition was somehow a part of the shooting of Seth.”

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