Wanna know who stops to smell the flowers?







h/t Laura


8 responses to “Wanna know who stops to smell the flowers?

  1. What a beautiful and tender pic to brighten our day! My “Barney” loves the tuberoses!

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  2. Love the juxtaposition of the albino tiger and the teeny tiny yellow flower. 🙂

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    Thanks for the respite. We should follow their lead now n then…

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  4. DCG . . . that was so sweet. It brightened my day, for sure!

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  5. And when MY Cats are around flowers I can almost see the “thought bubbles” pop up-“Could I EAT that??”

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    • Yup… as a guy who grows roses and loves watching the local deer, rabbits, and other wildlife roaming my yard and neighborhood, I know that’s exactly what many of the animals are thinking. But I still love it. Great post!

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  6. Ahhhhh! It’s Friday. Last full frantic week of school for a middle school teacher. DCG….you have provided a balm for me that I sorely needed! Thanks! I have 3 more days to go after the Memorial Day Monday off….before it’s all over…and then I have only one week to steel myself to help my eldest child and his family (which includes a 3 year-old….for whom he is the care-giver) while he has his first of 2 hip-replacement surgeries (it appears to be a congenital thing…he is very young for this). My “summer vacation” is planned. AS I said before…I sorely NEEDED this sweet respite, this reminder that we can find peace and sweetness if we just stop and observe our surroundings….even when we are stressed and sorely pressed. Life keeps giving us these affirming moments over and over again, if we only stop to observe…..:) Thanks again.

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