Hallmark offers cards to give to people who are “transitioning”

hallmark transgender card

The truth about “transitioning” is something you will never hear about in popular media. That’s because the transgender truth hurts – both mentally and physically – and goes against the liberal agenda.

That truth is that you cannot physically or scientifically change your gender/sex. You can only change your feelings. And when it comes to feelings, Hallmark has a card for that!

From HuffPo: Hallmark is expanding the company’s line of greeting cards to be more inclusive of the experiences of transgender people.

The new card depicts a butterfly on the front with the words, “You’re becoming who you’ve always been.” The interior reads, “How wonderful is that?”

The card is intended to both acknowledge the journey of transition for trans people and help the people in their lives celebrate their experiences.

“Hallmark is committed to helping people share what’s in their hearts with those they love, and we strive to be inclusive and relevant with our products,” a spokesperson for Hallmark told HuffPost. “We are committed to reflecting people’s real lives and enriching their relationships, and our mission includes all people. We know how increasingly diverse our connections to each other are, and we’re here to help people express love, celebration, support or recognition in a wide range of situations.”

While Hallmark first introduced the card in 2015, it has recently made waves on after several viral tweets related to the product.

h/t Newsbusters


24 responses to “Hallmark offers cards to give to people who are “transitioning”

  1. Study after study have found that homosexuals (lesbians & “gays”) comprise at most 2-3% of the U.S. population, which means so-called “transgenders” are even fewer, less than 1%.

    Given that, how can the Hallmark “transitioning” cards make enough sales to make them profitable? That means Hallmark is subsidizing these PC cards with other sales. I say “Boycott Hallmark”! — their cards are way, way, way overpriced anyway.

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    • DR Eowyn . . . before I even read your reply to this post, I thought . . . “boycotting is the solution” to this craziness. I certainly do agree, when greeting cards from Hallmark cost upwards of $5.00 . . . that is just way too much. Not that I try to be cheap, but I have started going to a near by Dollar Store to purchase greeting cards, and gift wrapping/gift bags. When I used to pay upwards of $10.00 to wrap a gift, and send a card with it , , , I just came to the conclusion that is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to spend on something that will be going in the recycling anyway.

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      • Auntie Lulu – you’re right about the cost of cards these days. And you’re not cheap, you’re being smart. I’ve been making my own cards for about 10 years now. Much more personal and some of my friends like them so much that they collect them.

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      • No competitor can beat Dollar Tree’s prices:
        Cards @ 2 / $1; Gift Bags or Wrapping Paper @ $1

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  2. Should we be sending them to Miss Lindsey?

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    I’d send them a GFYS card if I knew any (thank G-d I don’t).
    To be civil, though, I think a “Get Well Soon” card should suffice since they’re mentally SICK.

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  4. I will be frank and candid.
    I have no idea of what it’s like to be a woman and what they go through. And if I could endure what women endure (medically, professionally and emotionally), I am fairly confident that I would DROP DEAD.
    Women APPEAR to be “the weaker sex.” Yet it seems to me that, despite what I see of their drama (or melodrama), that women have, all things considered, a BETTER DEAL than men: Women can lean on their fathers or husbands. We men can lean on God, spiritually, but as far as life is concerned, we had better be tough or die! (I know women have to endure this Ultimatum of Life, also!)
    So for this reason, I am kind of jealous or envious of women. I am a heterosexual man. Yet in a way I wish I were a woman: Those who play their cards right seem to have a better time of it than we men do.
    Yet I understand and accept Nature’s Verdict on the Matter. And I also understand that to go against this Verdict of Nature, or of Nature’s God, most definitely constitutes an Act of Treason against Nature, against Nature’s God, and against one’s own gender—as well as an Act of Treason against one’s parents, whether they are living or dead.
    So it comes as no surprise that Hallmark—or any other card-maker—stands at the ready, ready to make a buck off the whole bloody horror-show. Yep, that’s capitalism: greed mixed with just the right amount of cynicism.
    Meanwhile, where are the gruesome butchers who perform these “surgeries,” and where is the ROPE?

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  5. Why do people feel the need to indulge and facilitate the mental illness of others? I realize that drug use has increased the number of unstable people but should normal people take part in the recogniztion of such depravity?

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  6. Wish Hallmark would print a transitioning card from lies to truth, from evil to good and the return to believe in God, family, and Country.

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  7. My father was correct. This whole card-giving thing is a scam to make money. Either say what you want to say in person, or over the phone, or in a letter, or make your own card. Any way you do it, forget Hallmark (and Ambassador, Shoebox, INK, Dayspring, etc.) and the rest of the money-making scam.

    Joyce Clyde Hall and his brother started Hall(mark) cards. This is your typical “picked himself up by the bootstraps story”…except that one article states Hall’s father died when Hall was young while another states the father abandoned the family and the semi-invalid mother alone to raise the kids. They were Methodists and Joyce Hall was named after a prominent Methodist preacher “Isaac Wilson Joyce”.
    In 1915, the warehouse where the Hall brothers stored the inventory for their fledgling company was lost to a fire and Hall had to ‘borrow’ $17,000 to start again. Who was willing to lend $17,000 in 1915 is not stated. Their (Saint)Valentine’s Day cards were lost, but they were able to purchase a “local engraving firm” (which goes unnamed) and were able to have their Christmas cards ready. How lucky.

    Hallmark owns 3,800 pieces of original artwork (stored at headquarters) including works by Dali and Rockwell. I think Joyce Clyde Halls’ company has enough money. They’ve already gotten too much of mine. I’M DONE.

    The other brand names/businesses Hallmark owns (including crayola):

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    • AMEN! I donate to the Veteran’s concerns & Disabled Vets and the various Indian Schools and so and and so on…who send me envelopes of all-purpose greeting cards…I have a trunk-full of them….I use them for ALL occassions….instead of spending hours searching for the Hallmark greeting of the day…I just sift through my cache for the appropriate card, sometimes it’s an “all purpose” blank one that I have to inscribe with the meaningful greeting/wish of the day……

      Otherwise, I usually use prints of one of my original watercolors for our Christmas greetings….

      I have no beef against Hallmark…but I find more peace and satisfaction in donating 10 bucks to a charitable concern in return for a few greeting cards that I put to good use……

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  8. So I guess I won’t be buying any more Hallmark cards.

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  9. Some kids in my generation used to get cards like this when becoming teens and/or when turning 18 (graduating high school). Had nothing to do with switching sexual orientation; it was actually about the opposite as we became adults: acting, thinking, and talking more like your father for boys, or more like your mother for girls. Different times. Two generations apart.

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  10. I will not be buying anymore Hallmark cards. First of all they have become too expensive and now this??? They are condoning changing what GOD made.

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  11. Mr. Broiles, IF you really think women are the weaker sex you ought to try living as one. Go through the pains of birth. Put up with a religion that treats women as property instead of a companion as GOD told us to. Live with a man that beats up his woman because he can! Women are weaker only by physical muscles only and that doesn’t apply to all women. Stay at home 24/7/18 raising a couple of children to be productive adults while your husband goes off to work every day. I am not putting men down in general but I’m sure being a woman is not always a cup of tea or a bed of roses. And before you say I must be a woman, I am an able bodied man who has a wonderful wife that has been my soulmate, my supporter (not speaking of financially) and rock for 42 years. All women can not lean on their fathers nor husbands and a whole lot of them DO lean on GOD. We men do not have an exclusive connection with GOD!

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