First Couple Donald and Melania hold hands in Jerusalem and Rome

Three days ago on May 22, 2017, an image went viral, of First Lady Melania Trump seemingly slapping away her husband’s hand while they were on the tarmac of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

Here’s the GIF:

Thanks to alert FOTM readers Artist, TPR and CalGirl, we now know Melania was not rudely dismissing President Trump’s hand. Donald and Melania were giving each other a low-five hand-greeting.

Here’s a baby giving his mother a low-five:

The Left and the chattering MSM immediately interpreted the Trumps’ low-five as discord in their marriage. Some even claim that the Trumps “don’t show any affection to each other in public” — an assertion that is easily disproven by the following images:

Below are more images of the First Couple showing their affection by holding hands, beginning with two images from the same day as the airport tarmac “slapping” incident:

At the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, Israel, May 22, 2017 (source):

At the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basalica, Vatican City, Rome, Italy, on May 24, 2017 (source):

H/t Kelleigh


21 responses to “First Couple Donald and Melania hold hands in Jerusalem and Rome

  1. Sure makes one proud of our first family, doesn’t it. And the gesture by our lovely first lady to Mrs. Rivlin is very telling…can’t imagine Michelle or Hillary doing this:
    The very lovely and thoughtful first lady won many fans with her kindness to Nechama Rivlin, President Rivlin’s wife. There is a photo, but it won’t post.

    Here is what happened

    The most memorable moment from this trip, to me, was that moment at the entrance to the house of President Rivlin.

    Nechama Rivlin, President Rivlin’s wife, welcomed First Lady Melania Trump at the door. As they were about to walk inside, Nechama whispered to Melania that she will do her best to catch up with the walking pace, but she might be a bit slower because of her medical condition which requires her to use an oxygen tank. Melania took her hand, looked at her and said, “We’ll walk at any pace you choose.” And so, they walked, slowly, gracefully and proudly, hand in hand.
    That is the moment I choose to cherish. That silent gesture has neither any political significance nor any colorful tone to it, but it is everything.

    It is the hope we yearn for when we speak of peace;
    It is the kindness we wish to protect when we speak of defeating terror;
    It is the dignity we want to teach when we speak of stopping hate;
    It is the friendship we pray for when we speak of our unbreakable bond;
    In other words, this gesture encompasses everything that is good, kind and human.

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  2. They are a very classy couple and one that I believe are very private. They practice restraint which I think more people should practice. There is a time and place for displays of affection. I can guarantee if they were all kissy huggy all the time the press would make a big deal out of that too.

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    • Yep, doesn’t matter what they do. TDS mandates everything they do must be spun as evil, racist, or whatever adjective they pull out of their social justice dictionary.

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  3. At least our NEW first lady has class and understand appropriate ways to dress. Unlike MOOchelle.

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  5. I was filled with a feeling of profound pride in both our First Lady and our President. They do us P-R-O-U-D in the eyes of the world . . . something we have not had for quite some time.

    Just reviewing “that clip of Mooch and her swigin’ appendage” sickened me once again . . . how sweet to be able to compare our current First Lady, and the “Great Pretender.”

    You may also note, there was some furor over Melania not wearing a head scarf when visiting the Arab countries, but look how very dignified, and respectful she looked (black dress and head covering) when visiting the Pope and the magnificent religious edifices there in Rome! Wow! She really is a keeper!

    There are several sites where you can “email the President” online; I took the opportunity to do so when the storm came up over Melania not wearing the required head scarf in the Arab countries. I let them know I was 100% in agreement that she should not be cow-towing to Arab customs when she is not a Muslim!

    (I also emailed them again this morning, when it came to light that someone shared United Kingdom intelligence/photos regarding the bombing in Manchester with the New York Times . . . and now the UK does not wish to share any intelligence with us. This kind of crap is outrageous. We need to be playing it closer to the vest with intel of this kind.) I would suggest that other people, if they are not already doing it, contact the White House . . . let your voice be heard! Heaven knows they get enough “bad press” from the regular media. Shed some sunshine on our WH for a change.

    God Bless the United States of America, and our President, Donald J Trump!

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  6. I am very concerned about President Trump, given the intell I have been reading on Dr. Makow’s site. I believe that Trump’s primary personal allegiance is to America (unlike the Bushes, the Clintons or Obama), but that, given his egotism and penchant to make “good deals,” that Dr. Makow, even if he is only partially correct, may fail to understand his role completely. I do not mind if Trump is of Jewish heritage or lineage (as he has reported); The danger is that Trump may be functioning as a double agent.
    Certainly, Trump’s bombing Syrian airfields with 59 Tomahawks DOES CONSTITUTE an impeachable offense. (And the Dems, as repugnant as they are, have the grist for their mill, should they choose to use it.) More complex, Trump’s actions in Saudi Arabia ALSO CONSTITUTE an impeachable offense, and a Crime Against Humanity, in that those deals he inked with the Saudis will, effectively, give Islam something it has lacked since the Battle of Lepanto: A fully functioning navy. Both deeds were, plainly, inexcusable.

    Of more recent discovery (Daily Mail, UK), we have discovered that wife Melania is a Catholic convert. So I would be interested in hearing more on the Trumps’ audience with Pope Francis. Is Melania’s conversion real? To what extent is she Catholic? Would she sit down with Ivanka and discuss her apostasy in the latter’s marriage to Jared Kushner, in which she effectively renounced her Baptism? Would she broach the subject of the Kushner’s religious upbringing of their children?

    In pre-Vatican II times, the marriage of a Catholic to a non-Catholic would definitely raise eyebrows, even among non-Catholics. (It certainly did with my own parents, for my Mother converted to Catholicism after her wedding occurred. (I can assure you her conversion was genuine.)) A non-Catholic had to promise to either convert in a timely fashion, and promise to raise the children in the Catholic Faith. (My Mother made good on both, without any coercion at all). But nowadays—especially with this Pope—being a Catholic is like looking for a tall thin short fat man—being a Catholic is anything one fashions it to be. (Which certainly contradicts logic!)

    President Trump says he has been a life-long Presbyterian. Has Melania talked to her husband about the Catholic faith? Does Mr. Trump understand that Jesus Himself brokered no deals, and that He had a take-it-or-leave-it attitude about Who He was, and What He demanded? The Trumps are free to believe whatever they want, and they are free to live in whatever way they want: They don’t answer to us on their personal affairs, but we do, at the end, answer to God.
    Certainly the Trumps seem to rather enjoy dancing rather close to the cliff. (And, given Francis’ countenance of disgust in the photo with the Trumps, looks like he would rather jump off a cliff! (And I would lead Frankie to the nearest cliff!))


    • As the Commander in Chief and working under the war powers act, it is not unconstitutional for the president to direct the military to use cruise missiles against a military threat.

      President Trump has the Constitution on his side. Throughout our history, neither presidents nor Congresses have acted under the belief that the Constitution requires a declaration of war before the U.S. can conduct military hostilities abroad. We have used force abroad more than 100 times but declared war in only five cases: the War of 1812, the Mexican-American and Spanish-American wars, and World Wars I and II.

      Without any congressional approval, presidents have sent forces to battle Indians, Barbary pirates, and Russian revolutionaries; to fight North Korean and Chinese Communists in Korea; to engineer regime changes in South and Central America; and to prevent human-rights disasters in the Balkans. Other conflicts, such as the 1991 Persian Gulf war, the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and the 2003 Iraq War, received legislative “authorization” but not declarations of war. The practice of presidential initiative, followed by congressional acquiescence, has spanned both Democratic and Republican administrations and reaches back from President Trump to Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

      Read more at:

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      • R.L., you may be right insofar as you go, but I was really focusing on the religion of the Trumps, what faith, if any, they practice. The Catholic Faith, before Vatican II, was what we used to call “militant”: Uncompromising, Unbending. The Catholic Church had this attitude regarding its Doctrine and its Liturgy. That Traditional attitude is GONE.
        What you state about military actions abroad is correct, insofar as it goes, but there are two attitudes about it. One, the old way, considered the Constitution the “Supreme Law of the Land,” which, if followed even in spirit, would have forbidden many of the engagements you mentioned. (It certainly would have forbidden our genocide against North America’s indigenous people, the Indians.) The other attitude, more Masonic and Leftist (and Communist), is that the Constitution is “a living document” which allowed many of the engagements you mentioned, and it allowed a psychopathic murderer named Lyndon Baines Johnson, to lie to the American People and wage a ten-year-long war in Viet Nam, in which not only we lost 58,000 men and women, but the other sides lost over perhaps 4 million.

        So my point about the Trumps was, great deal-maker, great wheeler-dealer that Donald Trump is, would he consider Melania’s religious conversion as binding on him, or mere poetry to be looked upon as some far-away ideal, while he continues to lead us into conflict?

        I still maintain my two points about the President’s actions: His bombing of Syria constituted a war crime, and his deal in Saudi Arabia will lead, in the future, to further war crimes. A man may vow not to rob a bank, and that is good. But he cannot then claim any merit for the people he did not run over with what would have been his getaway car!


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  8. I really don’t know who to trust. But I don’t think there’s any problems in the marriage. It looked more like he was seeing if she was behind him. There was no slapping of hands.That’s just the media grasping at straws.

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  9. Who cares! Trump is just another Zionist puppet willing to bow the knee to the synagogue of satan,,
    Revelation 2:9
    Revelation 3:9
    No one talks about this! Why?

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  10. We don’t know what happens when President Trump and First Lady Melania shut the doors behind them. The same goes for me. Their private life is theirs, say, like mine is and everybody else’s. What the hell, it is not our business to imagine or speculate what goes on? Our business is that Pres. Trump makes it work for us and the First Lady to represents us in the dignified manner a First Lady should be.


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