This is a male model!?

The decay of American culture and society is proceeding at a dizzying speed.

Opening Ceremony is a company that sells women’s and men’s clothing. Established since 2002, Opening Ceremony has stores in New York, Los Angeles, Japan, as well as online.

This is the picture Opening Ceremony has on its website to advertise its men’s clothing — a skeletal male languishly reclining on chairs, presumably modeling a pair of nondescript pants while naked to his waist:

To whom is the cadaver-like, heroin-ravaged male model supposed to appeal?

Who in their right mind would find him attractive as a fashion model, and so buy those pants?

The self-appointed culture czars of the MSM, once again, are slamming CBS about the lack of women headlining the network’s offers. From The Wrap, May 17, 2017:

At CBS’ pre-upfront breakfast on Wednesday, a reporter asked chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves about the lack of women leads in his new series orders.

Moonves iterated that despite the lack of women in lead roles, CBS’s shows still garner women viewers with shows like “Madam Secretary” — which stars Téa Leoni — and “The Good Fight,” which is on CBS All Access.

More women watch CBS percentage-wise than any other network — so our shows have a lot of female appeal,” Moonves said.

Moonves continued, saying that a number of pilots have women in leading roles, but the best projects get picked up regardless of the gender of No. 1 on the call sheet.

In his radio show a couple of days ago, Rush Limbaugh made mention of this. Limbaugh said Moonves believes CBS is popular with women because the network’s shows prominently feature alpha males. Can you imagine shows like Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Elementary, NCIS and its clones with wimpy male leads like that Opening Ceremony male model? LOL



17 responses to “This is a male model!?

    • My kind-a-man, hhhhhhhhhahahhhhhha!!! the other one suffers from malnutricion- his food stamps were lost to the new budget. Gay Guy.


  1. It’s the Obama type, and homosexual type that is being foisted upon us. Remember years back when there was a writers’ strike for TV shows? My husband was still getting US News before it got so liberal he trashed it. Anyway, in the back of the issue at the time was a little paragraph that stated what the strike was about. It had nothing to do with money, it was that the writers (Socialists that they are) wanted the ability to write more socialist issues into all the scripts.

    Today, we see TV shows that show Che Guevara as a hero, pictured on classroom walls, we see “poor” Islamics being tortured with “hate,” we see homosexuals and lesbians being given a raw deal. And the real topper, we see “poor” illegal aliens being returned to their country of origin.

    It absolutely is disgusting. Alpha males are hated, they’re always the villains. There are so few programs on worth watching that we might as well eliminate the idiot box…oh, but then there’s Lou Dobbs, so we’ll keep it for a while! Grins

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  2. R.L. Your 13 rules/ Ideas on being an alpha male are the type of things most of us older men were taught as children. Another thing is you don’t have to be an alpha male to abide by these ideas.There is NOTHING wrong with your 13 rules, except that a bunch of snow flakes will declare then anti-gay! You also should understand these same rules or codes of conduct guide lines could ALSO apply to women. If more children were taught these ideas we would have a stronger nation. You need to add one more rule/idea. 14) Never bully someone else and do not tolerate other bulling the less fortunate or weaker. Unlike “Cain”, we ARE our brothers keepers!

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  4. I hope for the ” models ” sake he never ends up in jail . You talk about butt hurt , he’d be walking bowl-legged till the day he dies .

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  5. If all other males vanished from the Earth, leaving no other men, except this anemic representation of a man . . . I do believe that the human race would cease to be . . . I can hardly imagine that women would be lined up to become impregnated by him . . . . . . . . . not even to ensure the continuation of our species!

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  6. We sent CARE packages to people like that long ago. Today, apply to the Clinton Foundation for food relief.

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  7. is this boy even of legal age?….I say they are advertising, but I don’t think it’s men’s clothing.

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  8. It looks like it has AIDS.

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  9. He’s a male model in the same way a Dominos pizza is supposedly a pizza.

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    • Great comment ……Domino’s is as much a pizza as Pelosi is a conservative .
      Real pizza , Chicago pizza is the best , bar none .


  10. It’s gay.
    But also who poses like that ever, across a row of chairs?. Is it a waiting room? Very weird.

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