Democrats admit they have zero evidence Trump colluded with Russia

Watch as Democrat after Democrat Demonrat admit they have no evidence Trump had colluded with Russia:

  • Former FBI Director James Comey
  • Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
  • The dude at the 1:14 mark
  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
  • Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVa), of the Senate Intelligence Committee



17 responses to “Democrats admit they have zero evidence Trump colluded with Russia

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  2. Yea, there is no evidence, because it did not happen! Yet, these self appointed watchmen of our country would still like to take us down that path . . . . not because there is any truth in it, but because it is a convenient lie for them to hold to. All of these people disgust me, what with their taking up so much time and money, all in the effort to try to prove a lie . . . and also to divert people from thinking about all the revealing information that has come out about the Democrats in recent months via WikiLeaks.

    No doubt there is a very, very special place in Hell for these folks, along with all the others of like mind.

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  3. Getting those statements is almost unbelievable; can they be fairly presented on the MSM?

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  4. traildustfotm

    When truth doesn’t support the Democrat cause, they are perfectly happy to lie instead.

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  5. However there is evidence Podesta’s company made millions off the Russian gov as well as killary doing the same via uranium one, and a former fbi agent telling the whole world ex cia head Brennan is a muslim. You know, that ex cia head who is saying there needs to be an investigation of Trump? You know, of that cia that supplies isis and moderate isis jihadsters in Syria and Libya?

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  6. And they want a “Special Investigation” done? On WHAT? Where I come from,you have to show some EVIDENCE before you can begin an investigation. There HAS to be a firm basis before you start opening up an investigation,the authorities won’t even pick up a pencil on a hunch or a suspicion. The Liberals (and RINO’s) are SO afraid they’re losing control of their corrupt Government they can’t even think straight anymore. (Like they EVER could before…)

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  7. The commie-libs are getting scared now because it looks more and more like the only collusion with the Russians involves democrats – like komrade Broom Hilda and Ogooma the Kenyan communist mooooooooooslim fraud.

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  9. Having, as a CSpan addict, watched and taped (just in case) the whole Clapper + Yates interviews with Congress, I knew this to be true. They BOTH denied ANY appearance of collusion in the evidence they saw before being fired. But that which was withheld from them, and what came after they left office, remains to be seen. They also agreed that Flynn had not actually said anything to the Russians that would be considered criminal, but that the mere fact he said anything could be used by the Russians later to blackmail him, as in they could make up things he “said”, or threaten to, if we didn’t meet their demands. A negotiating wedge, so to speak. Useful in UN discussions.

    Today, Doug Blackmon wrote a piece in which he says otherwise (, but it sounds more like it was written by the commie namesake of his publishing website than like Blackmon himself. He wrote it based on info known by Yates before she left office, yet he came to different conclusions than she herself relayed to Congress! It’s illogical. Or lies intended to deceive.

    Ah. I just checked the CNN report upon which Blackmon based his alt views. It’s all based on un-named sources from the Obama Administration. Typical.

    Sharryl Atkisson also wrote a piece on the Russian Hack connection last week; her views are more in line with what I saw & recorded on CSpan (

    But recall, BOTH Clapper & Yates were enemies of Trump. If they’d had dirt on Trump’s allies, they’d certainly have spilled it in the hearings. They didn’t.

    According to (ex-CIA head) Brennan’s very unfriendly-to-Republican Brad Wenstrup’s questions Monday on CSpan, he has seen Trump’s people meeting or connected with Russians during the campaign (at least), but did not detail in the public session exactly what had been said or done between those folks. It didn’t appear he knew of anything that would be considered criminal or actionable, but the camel’s nose is now in the tent, and I expect Democrats to chomp at the bit (mixing my metaphors). Blackmon’s piece, OTOH, alleges Flynn specifically made quid-pro-quo RE Obama sanctions.

    BTW, in contrast to what the media says about Yates being fired for looking into Trump-Russia ties, she was actually fired for not following Trump’s EO on immigration of extremist Islamists from terrorist-hotbed countries, which the media re-truthed as “all Muslims”… But they similarly try to link Trump’s dismissal of an interviewer’s question on Russia as an admission of that being why he fired Comey too. As usual, they try to CREATE the news rather than merely report it… and the left and the gullible just swallow it up and regurgitate it for their friends.

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  10. REPORT: Maxine Waters’ Retirement Money Tied to RUSSIAN Investments

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  11. Will they keep looking through 2024?


  12. Democratic Party hasn’t found a single thing against Donald Trump. Democratic Party is so desperate to come up with something they’ll craft up anything against Donald Trump that they think will be believed by the voters as the truth. The Democratic Party can’t handle the truth.

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