California man, 20, who drugged and raped his teenage sister gets lenient sentence of less than a year prison as judge insists the ‘stigma’ is enough

nolan bruder

Sex offender Nolan Bruder


From Daily Mail: A 20-year-old man who drugged and raped his 16-year-old sister was sentenced to less than a year in prison by a California judge on Wednesday.

Nolan Bruder pleaded guilty earlier this month and admitted that he gave his younger sister high potency marijuana to smoke until she reached a point where she no longer recognized him as her brother after she resisted his repeated sexual advances, KRCR reported.

Bruder was sentenced by Judge William Follet to serve only three years in prison with all but 240 days suspended in favor of granting probation for rape of an intoxicated person, according to the Del Norte District Attorney’s Office.

Follet said that the stigma of this conviction along with the mandatory sex offender registration requirements would ‘sufficiently deter Bruder.’ 

After the judge’s sentencing, district attorney Dale Trigg said he ‘could not disagree more with (it).’

‘The message that this sends to our community is that sexual predators who get their juvenile siblings stoned enough can have sex with them without any meaningful consequence,’ Trigg told KRCR. ‘That is not the message I want to send to our community,’

Trigg said that the judge noted in court that the victim took her own clothes off and was not unconscious.

Follet apparently also questioned if there was enough evidence for a jury to convict Bruder, despite there being a video-taped confession that the 20-year-old gave after admitting to what he did.

During the sentencing hearing, Deputy District Attorney Annamarie Padilla argued that Bruder should be sentenced to prison for six years in following the Probation Department’s recommendation.

Trigg said that since the highly-publicized rape case involving ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, the California legislature changed the law to make such crimes ineligible for probation.

Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman after a party and was eventually spent three months in jail for the crime. Trigg said that in this case, Bruder benefited from the fact that the crimes he committed pre-dated the change in the law, which allowed Follet to sentence him to probation.

The district attorney argued that Bruder’s crime is significantly worse than Turner’s. ‘In a lot of ways, this case is more egregious than Brock Turner,’ Trigg told KRCR. ‘This defendant took advantage of a position of trust as this victim’s big brother. He knew she didn’t want to have sex with him.

‘She told him that repeatedly. So he got her stoned on dabs he gave her until she didn’t even recognize him in order get what he wanted.’


30 responses to “California man, 20, who drugged and raped his teenage sister gets lenient sentence of less than a year prison as judge insists the ‘stigma’ is enough

  1. Helene Pineau

    This poor girl got raped twice – first by her deviant brother and second by the legal system. Shame on this incompetent judge. Words cannot express my outrage at this miscarriage of justice.

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  2. what a shame california is…..judicial, legislative, governor, incestuous rapist “brother”….the whole kit and caboodle…I hope the family disowned him.

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    • MomOfIV . . . As you have pointed out . . . “I hope the family disowned him.” If they did not, then she was raped a third time, by her family

      This particular judge, William Follett, needs to be removed from the bench. He is obviously not fit to judge criminal cases that come before him. This whole thing stinks to high Heavens!

      I would like to see this young man in state prison . . . being raped by Bubba and his crew . . . then perhaps his perspective on “rape” will change.

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  3. That’s Californification’s legal system. And we spent years of picking on Alabama. Alabama your of the hook as far as I’m concerned!

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  4. Not sure this was worse than what Brock Turner did, but…
    He appears to be a lovely and decent-looking young man.
    He should enjoy those 240d in prison with inmates who won’t think twice about abusing him in a similar way. He may not live 240 days. And if he does, it will change his life forever. But yeah, the sentence is a joke.

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  5. His parents, if he has any, should kick him out and disown him!!!!! The judge is a no good jerk!

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  6. Patrick Cornell

    There is no such thing as marijuana so potent that smoking it would render a person unable to recognize family members! There simply is no marijuana
    that powerful, something about this story doesn’t pass muster.

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  7. What can be said about this? And where were their parents?
    The Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s has created a permanent shift on the graph, so to speak. There has been a qualitative change in the morality quotient in the West. And as I’ve said before, incest is a problem that has affected every single socio-economic class of people in this country. Pedophilia and the acceptance of it is coming; There are people behind the scenes pushing for it.
    We are witnessing a never-before seen rising of blatant evil in the world. We’re entering unchartered territory. The very existence of civilization itself is being called into doubt. All anyone can do is do whatever he can to save himself. Pray to Our Lady of Quito.

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    • Agreed. Why are there no statements from the parents? I want to know who they are and what they think of the sentence handed down to the son.

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      • Their silence makes me wonder if THEY had a hand in facilitating this horrible act. My heart goes out to that poor girl.

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      • greenworxx . . . I think you have brought up an extremely important point . . . indeed, where do the parents stand on this situation? This young woman will forever be changed, if one cannot trust the members of one’s own immediate family . . . then who can you trust?

        After look at this punk’s photo . . . I would love to forever wipe that smug look off his face !!!

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  8. The judge, William Follett, has an overall rating of “Very bad” on this website:

    And an average 1.4 rating, on a scale of 1 to 10, from attorneys on this website:

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    • Shocker, not.


    • There is no doubt about it . . . there needs to be a recall effort, if at all possible, and he needs to be removed from the bench. It is an atrocity that any judge would retain his position when he has “ratings that are scraping the bottom of the barrel.” Thank you Dr Eowyn, for taking the time to research his ratings.

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  9. WTF is the matter with people today? Raping your friggin sister. Even if your sister is pretty there is a natural block to being attracted to her, what removed this natural block? Is it degenerate programming for the past 50 or so years from the media? And as someone above noted what kind of weed makes you not recognize someone? I think it was laced with something. I could say I am losing faith in people but that already happened so this just makes me sick.

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    • Tony . . . I agree whole heartedly. We can certainly lay the blame for much of our societies’ ills at the feet of todays media. They are complicit to a large degree in the breakdown of our society.

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  10. Who are the proud parents?

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    • The second and third people inline?


      • What was I thinking? Of course truck…and having lived in CA for 30 years (I will accept any and all accolades, sympathies, trophies, etc), I should ALSO have known that HE GOT THE WEED FROM HIS PARENTS IN THE FIRST PLACE…that’s where my middle school students get their weed that they bring to school…….. How silly of me.

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        • CalGirl . . . the fact that parent’s today are guilty of supplying drugs to their children is the most outrageously evil act possible. It certainly brings an understanding of the scripture that says . . . “the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children unto the fourth generation” (probably not a direct quote.) When parent’s use drugs, then pass the habit until their children, it is easy to see where this is passed unto the next generation, and then the next generation . . . . .

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  11. Stupid, corrupt judge. If, as he said, the “stigma” was enough punishment, the brother would not have raped his sister in the first place. I venture to guess these siblings were not brought up in the church. The parents are reaping what they’ve sown.

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  12. It ain’t called Californication fer nuttin.’

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  13. To set a precedent;
    Establish a usage, tradition, or standard to be followed in the future. For example, He set a precedent by having the chaplain lead the academic procession. The word precedent here signifies a previous instance or legal decision upon which future instances are based, a usage dating from the early 1400s. In British and American law it more specifically refers to a legal decision that may be used as a standard in subsequent cases.


  14. One more step down the stairwell of societal decay. Go after the judge. For crying out loud they aren’t omnipotent deities. If this isn’t reason for de-benching, what in the hell would be?

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  15. He should get stoned to death. They need to bring back the death penalty for murder rape and other sexual perversity like it was in The Bible!


  16. That is nothing compared to Arkansas does when someone gets charged with 1st Degree Capital Murder and it gets reduced to Manslaughter . When you shot someone from behind that is no Manslaughter case that is Murder! He only got 6 months for 1St Degree Capital Murder in Marion, Arkansas. BRYAN JOHN McFADDEN was his name.


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