‘Dear White People’ Director And Star Break Down Why Black People Can’t Be Racist

logan browning and justin siemin

Logan Browning and Justin Simien: Black racists who are never racists.

Of course there is no double standard in the eyes of these folks. That irony is as rich as their lack of self-awareness.

From HuffPo: Netflix’s “Dear White People” has been described as a strong modern-day take on race that is both clever and dynamic in its approach.  

The show, directed by Justin Simien, was adapted from his 2014 film of the same name, and is set on the fictional and predominantly white campus of Winchester University. Simien crafted a season filled with diverse portrayals of the black experience ― told through the lens of several students on campus ― that speak to the varied ways people of color are impacted by race.

The show touches themes like interracial relationships, police brutality, the complexities of the n-word and what it can be like to speak out against racism in the face of opposition ― something that feels especially timely. Simien and the show’s star, Logan Browning, stopped by HuffPost Black Voices to discuss myths that often come up in conversations about race and racism.

In the video above (video is at the HuffPo link), watch as Simien and Browning explain why double standards around racism simply don’t exist, like: Why a show titled “Dear Black People” would be offensive, why the n-word is off-limits to white but not black people; Why minority-focused spaces like HuffPost Black Voices exist but HuffPost White Voices does not; and why there’s simply no such thing as reverse racism.

Interesting comments Justin made in an interview via the Daily Beast (from April 2017):

“I’m sure people will feel gratified that they have seen themselves [represented]. I’m sure people will take issue with some of the choices that the characters make, but that’s all, in my opinion, part of doing my job as an artist.

But in a weird way, I feel like subconsciously we made the show for the Trump era. Watching it back now there are certain moments that are so chillingly accurate that I don’t know what part of our brains that came out of. So yeah, we assumed Hillary would be president, but, we also, you know — I think Dave Chappelle said something similar. I know white people so I don’t know that I was ever completely sure that she was going to win. I was just as shocked and crestfallen as most of the rest of us.”

During the Q&A at SXSW, you said you wanted the show to be a “clap back” against Trump’s election. What did you mean by that?

“What I meant was, once I had sort of processed my grief over the result of the election — and I’m sure someone will read this and not agree with me politically or whatever — but I was really going through the stages of grief, like a lot of people. But what made me feel better was, as we were editing the show, I was just like, boy, it felt so good to have something artistically at the ready to respond to the times that we’re in. I didn’t have to go back and write something; we already made it. It was already on deck. I found some comfort in that. And when I say response or “clap back,” Dear White People is not about all the evil things that white people do, it’s just that I think that the show attempts to analyze the hidden forces behind these conflicts. If this had happened and I didn’t have something ready to put out artistically, I would have felt even more empty about what happened. So I was just happy that we decided to speak about political things and racial issues that clearly played a factor in the result.

In his mind, as an “artist” his political opinion has more weight. And, of course, he can never be a racist.


17 responses to “‘Dear White People’ Director And Star Break Down Why Black People Can’t Be Racist

  1. The (Black) Nation of Islam calls white people “evil blue-eyed devils”. If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is.

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  2. Helene Pineau

    Instead of dwelling on the ‘all whites are racist and responsible for our unhappiness’ meme, Black people should direct their attention on the one of the greatest enemies of the Black race, ie Planned Parenthood and those who support it. The truth will set them free.

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    • The all Whites are racist and responsible for our unhappiness is not a meme- it’s a mindset. The majority don’t want to be set free…if they did they would not vote liberal. They have exchanged one plantation for another and they are too stupid to see it. Then again, If you offered most their own homeland they wouldn’t go, because they need Whitely to blame for everything and pay for everything. Even Mohammed Ali went to Africa in search of a country with his own people and came away not so positive about making that move.

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  4. This person is not only stupid but is the epitome of raciest. Racism is NOT a one way street! ANYBODY that hates someone else just because they are a different race is a raciest. As far as the N word. That word, regardless of who says it, is an nasty uneducated derogatory word and there is NO excuse for anyone, white OR black, to call someone that word.

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  5. “Dear White People is not about all the evil things that white people do, it’s just that I think that the show attempts to analyze the hidden forces behind these conflicts.”
    (Hidden forces? As in planning and forethought, rather than the accidental theory of history? My, how conspiratorial….)

    “If this had happened and I didn’t have something ready to put out artistically, I would have felt even more empty about what happened.”
    (Such a happy “coincidence”.)

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  6. Meanwhile, blacks murder other blacks every day in large cities across the USA.

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    • Janice Knight

      Crime occurs where people live. Blacks in a black neighborhood victimize the black people. Whites in a white neighborhood victimize whites. Crime is crime, No such thing as black on black crime,if there is then lets call out all the White on White Crime too!


      • “Crime occurs where people live.” That is true.

        The reason we always refer to “black on black crime” in Chiraq is because of their gang, crime and murder culture and the lack of concern that demorats have for the serious crime issue in that city. We also refer to it because of #BlackLivesMatter and their partisan and racist agenda which does nothing to help the black citizens of Chiraq.

        And while people of all races do commit crimes, according to the New Century Foundation and their report, “The Color of Crime” their findings show: “There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups.”

        Also, “In an all­-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.”

        Their report is a bit dated yet I’m sure, given the racial population of Chiraq, the stats would be quite similar for today.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    blacks can not be racists???……..phffffft…Let us not forget their knockout game.

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  8. It’s usually only white people who, in media and politics, are shamed for being born that way. If some people call whites “blue eyed devils”, what if you don’t have blue eyes? Mine are hazel-ish…. I guess I’m not as devilish or not as white according to them?

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  9. Sorry, but I really had to laugh out loud. Is the director’s name a joke? Simien? Simian?


  10. The thing most angry blacks don’t want to recognize is that the majority of whites, who are not part of the socio-economically privileged class, don’t have “white privilege”, and aren’t racist, nor feel “superior” to them in a “master-slave” sort of way, just because we’re white.
    The fact is, most of us are subjected to the same daily crap the privileged class doles out on those angry blacks. And there are (gasp!) blacks among that privileged class! It’s NOT a “colored”-white thing!
    Most of us, however, are smart enough to NOT smart off to, nor otherwise provoke or attack cops when they stop us, or we see them on the street. And we don’t use guns to settle our differences over love, drugs, or respect. Not saying all angry blacks do, but the stats don’t lie. Cops spend the majority of their time in ghetto areas; it’s not out of racism, it’s where crime occurs.
    BTW, want to see the reality show of “all the evil” that angry blacks do in society? Watch the local and nightly national news shows. Angry blacks are prominently starring in almost every violent crime… Are whites at fault?
    What we need is black leaders telling the angry blacks to STOP blaming whites and police for causing their problems, and start looking in the mirror. Then DO something to change their current condition so they actually have a future to look forward to, rather than just re-living the same lies.
    But so long as we have the idiots in government and the media telling angry blacks that Republicans and whites and conservatives are the problem, and that the Democrats will take care of them and get them out of jail and block their convictions so long as they vote for Democrats, and for their access to abortion clinics (how insane is that? “We’ll help you kill your own offspring…”), nothing will change, it will only continue to get worse.

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  11. Isn’t it very strange that the freedom of the black people, the liberation of women and the succor of the Moslem is not due to any actions of their own but, rather, to the white males in power who decided to make these things possible?


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