WHO spends more on travel costs than fighting AIDS

margaret chan UN

Traveling large: UN Health Agency Director-General Margaret Chan

Your tax dollars at work.

From NY Post: The World Health Organization is spending more money on the travel bug than on fighting AIDS or malaria, according to a new report.

The UN health agency blows around $200 million a year on travel costs so its honchos can fly business class and stay in five-star hotels — more than what it reserves for battling some of the world’s biggest health crisis, the AP reports.

“We don’t trust people to do the right thing when it comes to travel,” the agency’s finance director Nick Jeffreys was caught saying at a 2015 seminar, according to the report.

WHO last year spent around $71 million on AIDS and hepatitis, $61 million on malaria and $59 million on tuberculosis, the wire service reports — although it does allocate a generous $450 million to polio every year.

Meanwhile, the agency’s director-general Dr. Margaret Chan racked up a $370,000 travel bill in one year, and recently stayed in a $1,008-a-night hotel in Guinea, the AP reports.

WHO is nevertheless asking for more moolah to fight disease — and taxpayers will be footing the bill.

UN member countries pay for the agency’s $2 billion annual budget, and the US is the largest contributor.

The agency defended itself by saying “the nature of WHO’s work often requires WHO staff to travel” and noting that it reduced travel costs by 14 percent last year — although that came after the particularly pricey 2014 Ebola outbreak, the AP notes.

And other aid agencies manage to fly staff around on much tighter budgets — the UN’s children’s agency UNICEF spends $140 million a year and has twice the staff, while Doctors Without Borders forbids business-class travel and spends on $43 million a year despite having more than five times as many staffers, the outlet reports.


9 responses to “WHO spends more on travel costs than fighting AIDS

  1. From The Guardian, Jan. 27, 2017:

    “Thanks to Donald Trump, the United Nations may now be facing its greatest existential crisis. According to some reports, there exist draft executive orders reducing US funding to the United Nations and other international organizations by at least 40% overall.”

    Let Trump know you want to see those draft executive orders finalized!

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    • That is news that is most welcome. The fact that we year after year send monies that are being flushed down the toilet is an outrage.

      I have little doubt that this Dr Chan is taking a lesson from Moochell Obummer . . . get all the goodies you possibly can, while you can, no matter how outrageous the expenditure. After all, it’s not coming out of my bank account! Dr Chan needs to be kicked to the curb, and someone with a greater vision of what the WHO should be, should be put in her place! This kind of mentality needs to be stamped out, as long as the monies are coming from other people.

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      • I just looked up Dr Chan, she comes from China. I suppose she is thrilled to be able to appropriate monies for her personal use on such a grand scale. . . and all at the expense of the health needs of the poorest of the poor. I have only two words to describe her: Thieving Bi_ch!

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  2. I’ve always held that they need a name change to one more fitting. Perhaps Enslaved Nations is more accurate. They represent satan and his goals, and will build his global empire for him.

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  3. They aren’t flushing our money-on the contrary they’re putting it to good use,working to disarm America, and pushing for trade deals that would empower 3rd world Countries and their own interests at OUR expense,so their worldly forces can make us dance to their NWO tune. Cutting their funding by 40% is a good start,but even better would be CEASING our funding,closing all their facilities that are on American held soil and publicly declaring them,as individuals AND an organization,NOT welcome on American held soil.

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    • truck . . . that is a point well taken! So much of what goes on around the world relative to the United States is indeed done to break us. I whole heartedly agree . . . get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US! This organization just gobbles up so much of our wealth, that could well be put to good use in fixing our own problems.

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  4. Yet another reason to get rid of this organization of parasites.

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  5. “WHO last year spent around $71 million on AIDS and hepatitis, $61 million on malaria and $59 million on tuberculosis, the wire service reports — although it does allocate a generous $450 million to polio every year.”

    I assume the $450 million goes to the Gates Foundation to ‘fight polio’. Because, you know, Bill and Melinda simply LOVE poh people.

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