Planned Parenthood Will Close 4 Iowa Clinics Due To New State Restrictions


Don’t’ believe the fearmongering of this article from Refinery29. There are still PLENTY of health care clinics in Iowa. My quick search found the following:

The Iowa Association of Rural Health Clinics has a list of over 140 rural health clinics in Iowa. And of course, there are the countless other municipal health care clinics as well as private health care facilities.

Plenty of facilities for Iowa residents to receive “vital health services” that only Planned Parenthood can provide.

From Yahoo (Refinery29): Following in Texas’ disastrous footsteps, four Planned Parenthood clinics will close in Iowa because of the state government’s actions to partially defund the health organization. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a health and human services budget that discontinued the state’s federal Medicaid family planning waiver and replaced it with a state program that excludes any clinic that offers abortions.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland announced on Thursday that it will close one third of its 12 health centers in Iowa this summer, leaving an estimated 14,600 patients in Quad Cities, Burlington, Keokuk, and Sioux City without their current healthcare provider.

Iowa’s $1.77 billion health and human services budget keeps roughly the same amount of funds for family planning as the previous year, but places new restrictions on which facilities can receive money to cover low-income patients’ health care. Because the Hyde Amendment already prevents federal funds from paying for abortion, the budget change is the latest attempt by Republican politicians to shut down abortion providers.

Defunding Planned Parenthood and forcing clinics to shutter keeps low-income women from accessing vital health services such as contraception and cancer screenings, as the organization says abortions make up roughly 3% all services it performs.

Back in 2011, Texas took similarly drastic measures, cutting its family planning budget by more than $70 million and directing it away from clinics that provided abortion. Across the state, 25% of all family planning clinics closed, and about 30,000 fewer women had access to a health clinic two years later.

Clinic closures in the Lone Star State also forced women to drive four times farther to have an abortion. A Texas Policy Evaluation Project (TxPEP) study found that Texas women whose closest clinic stayed open drove an average of 22 miles, while women whose closest clinic closed drove an average of 85 miles for health services. The women furthest from an open clinic had to drive more than 250 miles.

Iowa’s new regulations forced clinics to close right away, which foreshadows what will happen if the healthcare bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives earlier in May becomes law. The GOP’s American Health Care Act proposes cutting off Medicaid reimbursements Planned Parenthood currently receives for treating low-income patients for one year unless its clinics stop performing abortions.

“We have seen what happens in states like Texas, and now in Iowa, when politicians attack access to care at Planned Parenthood — it’s devastating, and sometimes deadly, for the women who are left with nowhere to turn for care,” Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, chief medical officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement to Refinery29. “I am concerned about the health and well-being of the people in Iowa who now can no longer turn to their trusted health care provider.”

Texas has already proven that when a state cuts off Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funds, it forces clinics to close and keeps women from getting the health services they need. Now, Iowa has followed suit and essential care for women is at stake in one more state.


17 responses to “Planned Parenthood Will Close 4 Iowa Clinics Due To New State Restrictions

  1. Mammograms? Please, they refer any of those requests out to someone else. 95% of what they do is abortion and handing out cheap condoms. (Even 12-year-olds 35 years ago knew that when they insulted each other as the “Planned Parenthood poster child.”)

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  2. DCG . . . wonderful post! Interesting that PP claims that abortions account for only 3% of the total procedures they perform. I have NO DOUBT that that 3% represents the real money maker . . . between collection fees for the procedure, and then collecting the big bucks for selling off the organs and tissues of these babies.

    Those of us who stand with The Lord with regard to the killing of the bodies that were intended to house His spirit children, must be vigilant, and continue in our efforts to eradicate this most heinous evil which has stained our land.

    As far as PP is concerned, I say . . . Too Bad, So Sad . . . I can hardly wait until they have Zero presence in our land, or across the world for that matter!

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  3. HalelYAH!
    This is glorious news, premeditated in-utero fetus vivisection corporation, aka Abortuaries of America, aka Baby Parts R Us, is on the run in Iowa, and Trump’s version of 0bamacare is set to defund Abortuaries of America entirely.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    what do they care about boobies if they just wanna kill the babies??

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  6. Humane Vitae correctly states that demand for contraception would, necessarily, lead to an increased demand for abortion.
    I was thinking about abortion the other day, and it seems to me that the pro-life side has gotten one thing wrong. Instead of showing photographs of aborted children to shame and disgust us (necessary), it has never looked into this fact.
    There is an entire sociology behind the abortion industry, and it began with Margaret Sanger (the worst mad killer in history!) Instead of looking into the demand for contraception as being primarily responsible for the increased demand for abortion, the pro-life side has just kept banging its head against the wall for 40 years. This is a no-brainer: Many couples who contracept refuse to consider it!
    Margaret Sanger once said, “We do not want the word to go out that we wish to exterminate the Negro population.” She said this in the early 1940’s (approximately). But look at what happened: The mass of people who began contracepting were not those who were permanently poor; Rather, those upwardly mobile people after WW II were the primary market for it.

    It bothers me greatly that conservatives and their allies were “born to be cucked.” They accept loss after loss, and have no understanding why they wind up like that. The same is true for the abortion argument. (The same is true of Trump supporters: They, too, have been “cucked.”) This is because most people are NAIVE. They REFUSE to get down to causes and conditions. The Left has a false scholarship behind their insanity—bad enough. But the Right has almost NO scholarship behind it, and takes false opposition, e.g., William F. Buckley, Jr., as the real deal.
    The right does not understand controlled opposition, causality, mind control, programming and the like. We HAVE NOT used the internet to the max to get the message out. Soon, we’ll be cucked again!

    “I released 1,000 people from slavery. I could have released 1,000 more, but they refused to believe that they were slaves!” —Harriet Tubman


  7. Good.

    Let there be more.

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  8. I’ll give on the the death penalty when they give on the abortion penalty.


  9. Misleading; “Planned Parenthood”
    * Planned: adjective – arranged, organized, or done in accordance with a plan:
    * Parenthood: NOUN – the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved:

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  10. I never could understand the replacement of the natural nurturing process of pregnancy with violence, pain and murder. I watched a video of an abortion recently. The woman’s reproductive organ had been turned into a blood pumping, metal clamped hole of invasive annihilation. As far as mammograms go if you take a moment and think that a soft fragile organ is being smashed between hard surfaces to the point of inducing pain and subjected to radioactive poison the mind may conclude that this is not healthy. I read an article claiming selenium supplementation would reduce the possibility of breast cancer greatly. Health is a choice.


    • Agreed. I’ve a feeling in 50 years the doctors will be wondering wtf the doctors of our day were thinking, with booby smashing radiation treatments, toxic chemical infusions to “treat” cancer, placing live and semi live virii and toxic chemicals plus genes from forieng organisms and even aborted human cells directly into immature immune systems, sounds amazing but it’s all an every day occurrence in medicine today. I’ll just go on and state that I feel many of the treatments given today actually promote and encourage the diseases they’re supposed to hinder, or cause them in the first place.

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  11. Frankenstien?


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