Melania slaps Trump’s hand

This GIF has gone viral.

This morning, Air Force One landed in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

As President Trump and Melania are escorted by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who’s holding hands with wife Sara, Trump reaches his left hand to Melania, who’s walking slightly behind him.

Melania swats his hand away, without breaking her stride.

Here’s the video from which the GIF was made:

This video says that later, Melania held hands with Trump when they visited the Old City in Jerusalem.

UPDATE (May 24, 2017):

Two readers pointed out that what Trump and Melania did was giving each other a low-five (vs. a high-five). So I looked for a video of someone making a low-five, and had a GIF made of this baby giving his mother a low-five.

Compare the baby’s low-five to what Melania did:

I’m now convinced that’s what the Trumps were doing: Melania was walking slightly behind Trump, so he reached back to give her a low-five, and she reciprocated. There’s no discord in their marriage. Phew!

See also “First Couple Donald and Melania hold hands in Jerusalem and Rome“.


31 responses to “Melania slaps Trump’s hand

  1. Maybe she’s sick and tired of Ivanka and Jared….I wouldn’t blame her, he needs to be more considerate of his beautiful wife. I don’t like to see this and hope it is not what we think it is.

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    • I’m appalled at Ivanka’s fundraising sideshow — but this here is a big nothing! In the video, PTrump notices that Bibi and his wife are holding hands, so he immediately reaches back for Melania. She either misses his hand or taps it. No?


  2. This is the STUPIDEST hysterical brain fart of Trump Derangement Syndrome yet!!!!!!!!!
    I guess the wimpy snowflakes have never heard of a low five!
    When in public two people kind of brush their hands down low, in a “we’ve got this” nonverbal communication. Sometimes while walking the connection isn’t absolutely perfect.
    THAT’S ALL THIS WAS!!!!!!!! Stop the b s people!

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    • Artist & Mitchell said the same thing:

      I agree. I don’t think it’s anything to fret over. 🙂

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    • I, too, saw the ‘low five” b/c the president’s hand did not “fly away” from a “swat,” but returned to swing with his normal cadence immediately without a break.. I thought it was a reach back to assure her, bring her along with the pace, and her assuring him back…”we’re here…we’ve got this…”

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      • and, PS….I’m sure the Russians colluded with Mrs. Trump on this to influence American Foreign Policy and there will be a special investigation in a matter of moments, in fact, before Air Force One touches back to US Soil. Pelosi and Schumer must be burning up the phone lines, let alone the midnight oil…..

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    • I think you’re right, Artist.
      Here’s a GIF I made of a baby making a low-5 with his mom:

      Compare that to Melania & Trump:

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  3. Haha, I heard about that but hadn’t seen any video, so thanks for posting. Funny. I heard the MSM was making a big deal out of them not holding hands, as if they are on the verge of divorce.

    Maybe Melania brushed off hubbie because she just heard of his proposed Budget that was “leaked” within the past few days — & is to be released tomorrow/Tuesday — that he is going back on promises not to touch Medicaid & Social Security (which includes SSSI & SSDI). Supposedly there will also be cuts to Food Stamps, housing assistance, etc. Word is that Senators probably won’t agree & would rather “start [the budget] over from scratch.”

    If WaPo was the first source to write about it, it may not even be true, or it may be distorted. Supposedly Mulvaney did say in prior months that SSDI was not even “real Social Security.” Um, that would be incorrect, Mick! SMH!

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  4. Unidentified sources report that either it was:
    1- Melania was suffering from jet lag. She was still operating under Saudi customs which are that holding hands will be punished by the severing of the offending appendage.
    2- Trump noticed she was wandering off the cheap Jews narrow carpet.
    3- Donald was horny after playing with knives; he was frisky and trying to put a move on her.
    Wow they are really struggling to find anything to criticize. Is that a robot speaking?
    It would be laughable, but idiots like Maxine and Nancy and the other dopes in the CBC actually believe this crap.

    Trump is doing s superb job on this trip, and that’s an understatement.
    Selling the raggers weapons so they can chop each other up into landfill.

    I hope he fires a bunch of these backstabbing assholes when he gets back to DC and I hope he bans all the FAKENEWS dipshits from future WH press conferences

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  5. What I plainly see: The President, Netanhayu and his wife are walking on the CARPET and Melania is not. She is on the cement. Trump reaches to her, she touches back and then gets on the CARPET with the rest of the crew.
    I do not plainly see: Melania “slapping” his hand away. There is no “SLAP”. It is just a light touch in response to President Trump’s gesture.
    If I was CNN, i would have slanted it a bit differently: “Donald Trump scolds Melania and demands she get on that carpet with the white folk.”
    But, I am not CNN. I just have two eyes that understand what I see.
    The truth is, we don’t know the truth and we will not know the truth until we hear audio of the couple touching hands.
    Maybe it is because they just came from Saudi Arabia and Melania knows they use their left hand to wipe their butts and Melania thought her husband had adopted that culture’s ways.
    That’s probably it.

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  6. Patrick Cornell

    News worthy? The media picks up every nuance from Melanie Trump but after 8 years they never once mentioned Michael Obama’s junk bulging through his pants!

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    • Patrick . . . You just brought up the $64,000 question. Why make a flamin’ big deal of this . . . yet not a peep about the bulging and swingin’ appendage in Moochel’s pants! This is about as Fake as a Fake News story can get. Since Melania was a couple steps behind (since the red carpet really was not wide enough for all four people to walk abreast) I thought it was vey sweet and thoughtful of our President to acknowledge the presence of his wife in this manner. It’s mystifying that the goofy news folks make such mountains out of mole hills.

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  7. TDS: what a bunch of losers. Liars. Losers. Lowlifes. They can’t accept that their favored felon lost the election because her crimes were exposed. Like spoiled children, they continue to lie and tantrum. Piss off!

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  8. If Melania were to sneeze, the MSM would say Trump gave her the flu.

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  9. WGAS

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  10. I wonder how they foreplay before sex, do they even cuddle assuming that they ever have sex….


  11. Ask me if I give a shyte.

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  12. Maybe Donald Trump can review the photos of Melania’s so-called “modeling” days for enlightenment as to where these feelings might be coming from.


    • What “feelings” are you referring to? Do you mean the “feelings” related to the Media’s intimation of their “pending Divorce” etc.? Looks to ME like they’re just FINE with each other. I agree with others who believe the Media is having so much trouble finding FACTS to bring Trump down with they’re clutching at straws,and making things up to try to “stir the s**t”. Such Class and Style the Media has…(sarc)

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    • Melania started modeling as a young child. She was represented by two agencies as an adult, including Trump’s model agency.

      What are you implying by stating Melania’s “so-called modeling days?” Please enlighten us.

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      • I guess the granular lists are so long that I really don’t feel like taking the time to list them all. I will just say a naked woman handcuffed to a briefcase painted in heavy unnatural makeup ranks at level zero as to the promotion of some product that an individual would need to live and function in their life. I will add I highly doubt that Chicago and other major American cities experiencing ridiculous gun violence are feeling the need for the so-called “product” promotion of guns along with inflammatory imagery of the sexualization of life.


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