A liberal explains why she’s leaving the SJW cult

There is hope for America.

The Left’s vile behaviors since Hillary Clinton’s electoral loss to Donald Trump are so over-the-top, they are alienating some liberals.

Keri Smith is one of them. In a confessional essay, Smith calls the Left’s cultural Marxist ideology “a cult” and points to the hypocrisy of “social justice warriors (SJW)” whose hateful and murderous speech and behavior belie their professed values of equality, justice, liberty, tolerance and love — something that we on FOTM repeatedly have noted.

The most important part of Smith’s essay is her pointing out that the Left are trodding the dangerous path of dehumanizing their political opponents. (Recall Hillary Clinton’s dehumanization of Trump supporters as “deplorables”.) By dehumanizing, i.e., regarding other human beings as less than human “things,” violence and murder become justified. Don’t we slaughter livestock for food because they’re nonhuman “animals”?

That’s the tactic the Left have employed against the unborn — that the unborn human life growing in a woman’s womb is not a human person, but is merely a lump of bodily tissue, much like toenail that we clip and discard.

Smith writes in Medium on May 13, 2017 (I supplied the bold and red-color emphasis):

I’ve been undergoing a pretty significant change in the way I interpret the world [….] I know some of my friends have wondered why I’ve lately been so critical of the left, my home, so I wanted to share with you what a vocal part of my particular and admittedly self-selected echo chamber is like.

Smith then reproduced what appears to be a Facebook post by a fellow liberal:

Smith continues:

For the record, this is not illustrative of all of the left or even and especially of all of my liberal friends. […] I was talking with a friend who is also liberal and she does not see this kind of stuff regularly, like I do […. M]y vantage point may shed some light on why my beliefs are changing, and on where I see things possibly headed.

I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering censorship and defending violence as a response to speech. I see seemingly reasonable people wishing death on others and laughing at escalating suicide and addiction rates of the white working class. I see liberal think pieces written in opposition to expressing empathy or civility in interactions with those with whom we disagree. I see 63 million Trump voters written off as “nazis” who are okay to target with physical violence. I see concepts like equality and justice being used as a mask for resentful, murderous rage.

The most pernicious aspect of this evolution of the left, is how it seems to be changing people, and how rapidly since the election. […] How easy is it for ordinary humans to commit atrocious acts? History teaches us it’s pretty damn easy when you are blinded to your own hypocrisy. When you believe you are morally superior, when you have dehumanized those you disagree with, you can justify almost anything. In a particularly vocal part of the left, justification for dehumanizing and committing violence against those on the right has already begun.

I don’t yet know what to call this part of the left. Maajid Nawaz calls them the “Regressive Left.” Others call them SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) or the Alt-Left. The ideology is post-modernist cultural marxism, and it operates as a secular religion. Most are indoctrinated in liberal elite colleges, though many are being indoctrinated online these days. It has its own dogma and jargon, meant to make you feel like a good person, and used to lecture others on their ‘sin.’ “Check your privilege”- much like “mansplaining” and “gaslighting”- all at one time useful terms- have over time lost a lot of their meaning. These days I see them most frequently being abused as weaponized ad hominem attacks on a person’s immutable identity markers….a way to avoid making an argument, while simultaneously claiming an unearned moral highground in a discussion.

I have been wondering why more people on the left are not speaking up against violence, in favor of free exchange of ideas and dialogue, in favor of compassion. But I know why. I was in the cult. Part of it is that you are a true believer, and part of it is that you are fearful of being called an apostate — in being trashed as a sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, fascist, white supremacist nazi. A friend recently wrote to me privately to say they find my latest posts “refreshing,” and that they believe in free speech, but as someone who works in entertainment, they can’t say anything that might cause them to lose their job. As someone who has gone through and is still going through a change in my underlying systems of belief, I can say this: when you finally get past fear, it is so liberating. After a lot of self-reflection, I eventually came to the opinion that if I lose friends or jobs over trying to speak and find the truth in situations, and to do so in a way that reflects my belief in compassion, then perhaps those were not friends or jobs that were healthy for my growth.

Since shedding the prison of my former ideology, I have a renewed passion for reading, a newfound interest in philosophy, psychology, history and spirituality. Instead of trying to fix others, these days I try to focus on improving myself, which I can tell you is a *much* harder though less futile endeavor. I question myself daily. I try to make a gratitude list daily. I try to meditate, although I admit I’m pretty shitty at it so far. I observe my emotional response to stimuli, then try to let it pass and practice empathy in my disagreements with others. Many times I fail, but over time it is getting easier (though I doubt it will ever be easy). I believe I finally understand that quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It is not enough to speak about a belief in equality, justice, liberty, tolerance and love if by your actions you are illustrating the opposite by dehumanizing people, calling for their murder, justifying physical violence against them. Your actions speak louder than words.

[…] I believe taking on the task of honestly assessing and trying to improve my character, and speaking up for principles of equality, justice, free speech, liberty, peace and love in a WAY that supports those principles rather than increasing resentment, hatred, and murderous rage, is the way to change the world. If that makes me a moron, a naive peacenik, a privileged bigot -a heretic- in your ideology, so be it.

Keri Smith is to be applauded for her clarity of vision, honesty, and integrity. What a shame that she has seen the truth, but not her fellow liberals in the MSM.

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21 responses to “A liberal explains why she’s leaving the SJW cult

  1. In the end, sanity will prevail with those who seek truth and not simply to satisfy their own twisted versions of life and facts. There is hope inasmuch as people can look in the mirror and question their thoughts, attitudes and behavior, if they seek to improve self and respect others. This is one example.

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  2. Thank God she has seen the light! I pray she is able to stay and not go back to the hypocrisy of the violent leftists. Awesome article, thank you Mr. E!
    So true what she has said, it is a cult. Just like Jim Jones…just that the kool aid hasn’t been forced down their throats yet.
    What a fake ‘pacifist’, they’re only fooling themselves….if they have so much hate inside, they are not who they think they are. They’re just nutsos.

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  3. An amazing awakening. Frightening that more don’t see it.

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  4. Good for Keri. You’d think more in the MSM would have the guts to do it. Guess the paycheck holds them back.

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    • Those paychecks hold a lot of people back from doing what is right. Sometimes it just takes time, then more people step up to the plate and then more follow that one, and the trickle turns into Niagra Falls!
      Pray more are saved from the yawning pit of the abyss.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    And I thought the dehumanizing started back when all company “Personnel Offices” became offices of human resources. Made me feel like they thought of their employees as some thing one would spread over their garden to make things grow.

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  6. This is great news . . . perhaps it just starts with one, but hopefully, like a snowball running downhill . . . we hope that others will also become enlightened to the pernicious evil of the left.

    Great article!

    P.S. Dr Eowyn . . . to the best of your knowledge, has any one heard from Joseph in British Columbia. Last time he posted, he seemed to be rather down. I actually sent him a personal email, but have heard nothing from him. It perhaps would be good if we remember him in our personal prayers, that whatever cloud of darkness that was enveloping him might pass.

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  7. Heywood jablowme

    Fight fighting the power lol. Apple pie and the American way for all… Even hate filled beta commies 😉


  8. The facebook post of the ‘kill list’ of the fellow liberal…why was that not reported to fakebook? I mean, it’s a death threat. If that had been to Obama, the Secret service would have paid a visit. And yes, this is a rhetorical question…the globalists want Trump gone, so the regular laws for the ‘subjects’ are repealed partially.


  9. A beautiful awakening! So well written!

    Profound (& scary!) points that stood out:

    “…when you finally get past fear, it is so LIBERATING…”

    “Since shedding the PRISON of my former ideology…”

    [She’s practically quoting scripture with those two statements: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me … to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound…” (Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18).]

    “…a friend who is also liberal and she does not see this kind of stuff regularly, like I do…”

    [That’s the problem. Maybe they are too busy working, or too encapsulated in their gated-communities, or too deep in ongoing “brainwashing sessions” at college, etc.]

    “…justification for dehumanizing and committing violence against those on the right has already begun.”

    [Yes, we know! Maybe she’s not aware that most of that viciousness is coming from the “Soros-paid brutes & trolls.” But if it woke her up, good on you Georgie S. Money well spent! 😉 ]

    “How easy is it for ordinary humans to commit atrocious acts?”

    That is the fine, thin line of DEMarcation, wondering when they will go off the deep end, from “[sub]normal life” to total chaos & “bloody” rampage. I think Christians & those not (secular patriots etc.) sense it but keep it tucked in the back of our minds. It’s “in the air.”


    • Regarding that last point… I was just over at InfoWars reading a Seth Rich article; then these headlines at the bottom jumped out…

      Republicans Facing Violence, Death Threats From Left-Wing Activists
      U.S. News

      Republicans fearing for their safety as anger, threats mount
      U.S. News

      BREAKING: Mass Nationwide Anti-Trump Riots Planned For July 2nd
      U.S. News

      Charlie Daniels: We Need 1000 Paul Reveres, Because We Aren’t Going To Allow The Radical Left To Steal Our Country From Us
      U.S. News



  10. I’ve always viewed socialists as humans that are more insect than human, in the sense they form colonies and enforce their will on all, no dissent, no free will, all must conform. They also seem to idolise and place into godhood status a solitary figure who lords it over them be it Bernie, killary, soros, 0bama, they have a built in knee jerk reactionary fear of freedom and have been taught to despise liberty and individuality and ridicule same. They also kinda remind me of scientologists.



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  12. “Don’t we slaughter livestock for food because they’re nonhuman “animals”?”

    Sounds like the Talmud.


  13. there is no such thing as “cultural marxist” only marxist; people who do not know or do not want to admit what marxism is regurgitate this purposely misleading phrase

    Stop insulting Democrats in white uniform. They were not internationalists, they did not propose/support socialist programmes, government indebtedness, bank paper for currency; they were a defense league, they were opposed to the central government, they were for one-country-one-nation
    The black-clad hord in the picture are the progeny of the radical reconstructionists (Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, &co) not the Democrats

    “Where, let me ask the Senator, would this country have been had it not been for the Democratic party ? What is that new fledgling to which he belongs ? The party of yesterday, a mushroom which sprung up only a few years ago, to go out of existence in 1872 and be remembered with the things that were, and that were to the disgrace and the destruction of the American Government. What has it ever done for this country ? It has never added a foot of territory to it, and now seeks to add a free negro soil, a little piece of terri­tory called Dominica; to buy an earthquake and say that they have done something for the country ! They have subverted every principle of the Constitution which guaranties civil lib­erty and the rights of the States, and have gone against the decrees of God Almighty Himself by attempting to drag down the noble white man to the degraded level of the negro; or else, worse and more impotent, to elevate that inferior being to the proud, noble, dignified position of the white man. That has been the mission of this party. The one great idea which has governed it from its inception, and which I suppose will continue to govern it while it shall exist, has been war upon the fundamental principles of the Government under which its members were born, under which they lived, and war upon the decrees of God Almighty, who, until they came into power, had been the protector, the guardian of the American people, and who, in His wisdom and benevolence, raised up this country to be a light and an example to all the nations of the earth, and who vouchsafed his guidance to that old Democratic party which has made the country all that it is that is glorious, which has made it all that was noble in the past”



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