Proof that manager of bar where Seth Rich was last seen alive visited White House 4 days earlier

Yesterday, I published the post “Owner of bar where Seth Rich was last seen alive, may have visited Obama White House 4 days earlier,” in which I showed that White House Logs have a “Joseph P. Capone” visiting the Obama White House on July 6, 2016 — four days before DNC staffer Seth Rich was assassinated in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, near his apartment in Washington, D.C.

Rich’s behavior that night suggests he had been drugged:

  • According to Daily Mail, “Rich was unusually drunk. The 27-year-old DNC staffer could normally throw back Bell’s beer for hours without a problem, but that night he was uncharacteristically unsteady on his feet as he made his way out the door.”
  • “That was just not Seth. I never saw him drunk or even tipsy.” (Newsweek)

Both WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and hacker Guccifer 2.0 had said Rich was the source of thousands of DNC emails that WikiLeaks published, to damaging effect on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

See “Arkancide: Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks

According to White House Logs, on July 6, 2016, a “Joseph P. Capone” visited the White House as part of a group of four, beginning at 12 noon and ending at 11:59 pm. The meeting location was the East Wing of the White House. The appointment (number U38825) had been made a week before on June 29, 2016. The other three people in Capone’s group were Allesandra J. Capone, Michael R. Capone, and Kymberlie N. Jeffery.

In my post yesterday, I asked if Joseph P. Capone is Joe Capone, the general manager of Lou’s City Bar that Rich had patronized before he was shot.

Here’s proof that the “Joseph P. Capone” who visited the White House on July 6, 2016, four days before Seth Rich was murdered, is indeed Lou’s City Bar general manager Joe Capone.

The proof is a pic that Joe Capone tweeted on July 6, 2016, the day of his White House visit. But you won’t find that pic/tweet on Capone’s Twitter account because he appears to have deleted all tweets after May 18, 2016. Fortunately, an enterprising citizen journalist captured a screenshot of the tweet and posted it to 4chan:

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

As you can see, the pic was taken from INSIDE the White House, looking out onto the South Lawn fountain and, far away, the domed Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Here’s a screenshot I took from Google Map, showing the White House at the bottom, the fountain, and the Jefferson Memorial at the top:

Lou’s City Bar general manager Joe Capone must be a very special person to get a meeting in the White House’s East Wing, which Wikipedia says “serves as office space for the First Lady and her staff”.

The MSM are strenuously avoiding any mention of Seth Rich, but are using the alleged but groundless Russia-Trump collusion to deflect attention away from Rich’s murder. Please help me publicize about this brave and principled young man via email and social media.

See also:

Update (May 20, 2017):

According to George Webb, an Alt. Media reporter, who visited Lou’s City Bar and interviewed Joe Capone (with the latter’s lawyer present), Capone said he wasn’t in the bar the night of July 9, 2016, but was in Ocean City, MD with his family (beg. 2:05 mark), and that “friends” were talking with Seth Rich in the ambulance on the ride to the hospital (2:56 mark)


33 responses to “Proof that manager of bar where Seth Rich was last seen alive visited White House 4 days earlier

  1. Wow! Excellent detective work. The plot thickens (to coin and expression). Unfortunately though — and I hate being a pessimist — it’s unlikely this murder will ever be solved and justice delivered. The same goes for Pizzagate. I think some things will need to wait until HIS return.
    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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    • Take action against the evil in your midst! Do not pretend to be blind!


      • >>… “Do not pretend to be blind!”

        Adam, you know nothing about me and my history. That was a pretty disrespectful remark. I would suggest you do a little background researching before telling someone you think they’re pretending to be blind.

        By the grace of God Almighty, my eyes and mind have been open since 1994.

        I’ll leave you with one of my most frequently stated personal mottoes:

        “I would rather KNOW and unpleasant truth
        than BELIEVE a pleasant lie.”

        Does that sound to you like a person who is pretending to be blind?

        ~ D-FensDogG
        ‘Loyal American Underground’


  2. This was no ‘robbery’. Rich was alive with non-life threatening injuries in the ICU before ” leo’s swarmed the ICU’ and he was quarentined. Will Sessions show any intrest in this case? Is HE an in competent? Is the whole thing rigged? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  3. Oh my gosh, I am so glad to see this! When I read the article about this yesterday morning, my arm chair detective radar went off big time. Using an online search application that I subscribe to, I tried to find more info about Joseph Capone and the three other people with him on July 6th. I was able to find a few Joseph Capones and Michael Capones, and narrowed them down by locations, but I found exactly nothing on the two female names. There is a Joseph P. Capone, an attorney in Philadelphia, that kept popping up, but he’s too old and the location isn’t feasible for him to be the right one. I am so glad that 4Chan was able to verify this bar owner. How in the world did they manage to find that photo?

    Dr. Eowyn, is it truly okay to share this article with a couple of other blogs? I always like to ask first.

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    • “Dr. Eowyn, is it truly okay to share this article with a couple of other blogs? I always like to ask first.”

      Please do! Let’s keep the Seth Rich meme going on the Internet — Justice for Seth Rich!

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . I also have forwarded the articles which you have provided regarding the death of Seth Rich to my sister, and two others who have online presence. My sister mentioned to me, and I wanted to pass on this compliment to you, she was extremely impressed with the time, the energy, and the insight that you have put into bringing this information to light. You are well deserving of high praise, and the thanks of all of us both at FOTM, and others who will benefit from your fact gathering.

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  4. P.s. It took me three tries to post my comment…🙊

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  5. I am so grateful to the “citizen journalist” who captured the picture that was taken by Capone. One thing about the internet, you can think that you have scrubbed your presence there . . . but maybe, not always! We were lucky to have this information preserved. What in the World was Capone and the other’s doing at the WH? I am sure that it was nothing good, from the looks of it.

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  6. Excellent follow-up! And I’m so glad to hear that Seth Rich was not normally so “drunk.” Indeed, maybe he was drugged or poisoned by some agreeable Lou’s City Bar employee? It would not be hard to drop something in ANYONE’s drink at a bar!

    I also thought it a bit odd, per the other article, that he supposedly left Lou’s at 1:45am because they closed at 2am, but said he was heading to another bar that closed at 2:30am. That hardly seems worth the trouble since they would be closed very soon as well.

    Via this article of yours I visited Capone’s twitter. He joined Twitter March 2014, & there are only seven tweets/retweets total through May 18, 2016. If you’re innocent, why delete anything? But if you’re guilty, you’d think he would have deleted the entire account.

    Another bit of “proof” that it is the same/correct Joe Capone is that between the tweet dated March 6, 2014, & the next tweet dated March 16, 2016 (almost a two year span), it shows that: “Joe Capone followed Chris Donatelli, Food & Friends, On Tap Magazine and 32 others.”

    Chris Donatelli is the OWNER of Lou’s City Bar, & the CEO of Donatelli Development (along with his father, Louis Donatelli whom the bar is named after). I posted some of that corporate info in the prior article’s comments:

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  7. I can picture every bar in dc wired for sound and vid by just about every int agency on the planet. I wonder what else Mr Capone will lead us to?

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  8. When truth becomes fiction.


  9. Thanks for this, Dr. Eowyn. We will keep this front and center. One thing I don’t understand is exactly where Seth lived. The townhouse he shared with friends is said to be only a block from where he was shot (at Flagler Place and W Street) according to the WaPo article at

    Yet, if he lived at 1222 Euclid – as investigator George Webb tells us and as Seth himself was reported to have told police – this is not just a block from the shooting site. There is a significant distance between the two locations:,+Washington,+DC+20009/Flagler+Place+and+W+Street/@38.9199726,-77.0289405,16z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m5!1m1!1s0x89b7b7e19e3816df:0x2f0fd81b4a44f456!2m2!1d-77.028871!2d38.923524!1m0

    Home Metry lists quite a few past/present residents for 1222 Euclid. None of them is Seth Rich. But the lease might have been under the name of one of his “roommates.” In any case, it would certainly be important to know exactly where Seth was living on the night of the shooting.,+Washington+DC

    If anyone can shed light on this, please do. Thanks.

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    • The Euclid location is a 7 minute walk from Lou’s bar…whereas the other address is a 37 minute walk.

      Why would an imparied person want to walk 37 minutes at 2 or 4 am, when we hear his Euclid address is a 7 minute walk per google. Plus the area we Heard he was found…has very sketchy areas he would have to “stumble” though.

      Bar location and the 2 addresses would lead a reasonable person to conclude he was going frequently by foot to a “local bar” which would include Lou’s

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      • Thanks, OP. It’s a detail, but an important one, I think. So many of them by now. Hard to keep track.

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        • I’m beginning to think that the parents are covering up. We have never heard anything about the “girlfriend” he was supposedly “talking” to. No nome, she has never gone forward. We only heard from his parents that he was talking to his girlfriend. How would they know? Did a woman call them and say hey…I’m his girlfriend, I was talking to him him when he was accosted, or shot. Did he call his parents and say, hey, I’m shot and in a hospital, you won’t believe what happened to me…I was talking to my girlfriend while walking the streets at 4 in the morning and I was shot.

          Doesn’t make any sense…however, if the police answered the phone when this “girlfriend” may have tried to call back, or they hit the list of recent calls and called this girl…

          Could this “girlfriend” been talking to him, getting his whereabouts so she could tell the shooters where to accost him?

          That there is a HMMMM bugging me.

          My thinking is…Seth Rich was gay, his parents may have not accepted that or were in denial. Very typical of Jewish parents…even as liberals, the gay son issue could have been tough on them.

          There is a gay bar that is open late at night until 4AM, Now according to maps to walk from there to Flager it takes about 13 minutes which makes more sense than anything being offered up now.

          I think that may be part of this weird story. I believe his parents are in denial, Seth was gay, some “girl” was used as cover to hide his gayness.

          He didn’t disappear for 2 hours after being at Lou’s city bar…he went somewhere until 4AM that is about a 15 minute walk from where he was shot.


          • The bar is called TOWN DANCEBOUTIQUE located at 2009 8th street…hours are till 4am on weekends

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          • Interesting theory. I know he was fond of calling himself a “panda,” which is a term sometimes used by homosexuals to describe a certain type of man. But that is mere speculation. It is odd that the gf’s name has never been revealed. Perhaps for her own protection. What is the name of the gay bar you mentioned?


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  13. Glad to hear (the update) that Capone was not even in town or working that night, because in his twitter photo with his younger son, he looks like a good guy so I was hoping that he was.

    But now I’m worried about that Kim DotCom guy who works in DC & tweeted that he was in on helping Seth turn the info over to wikileaks. His photo is online. And if the perps are as freaked out as the 4chan posts say, then Kim DotCom could be in danger as well. 😦

    InfoWars has an article today 5/22 that the unnamed-for-privacy-reasons Lou’s City Bar “manager” (not “general manager”) who spoke to WND, says the police have never asked them anything, not after Seth’s murder nor since; they did not ask to see bar receipts, they did not ask for surveillance video, they did not seek to question anybody who was there on Seth’s last night, etc.:

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  14. Why does the scene remind me of Breitbart’s untimely demise?

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  15. Pedestal threatened in both cases?


  16. Oops. Podesta threatened in both cases.

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  18. “Both WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and hacker Guccifer 2.0 had said Rich was the source of thousands of DNC emails that WikiLeaks published.” Is this true? Assange refuses to reveal his sources. However in his interview with Hannity, he hinted that Rich was the guy.


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