‘The luckiest man alive’ insists raising a child in a ‘throuple’ is the future of parenting

throuple from england

Dad, mum and mum and their kids

Because parenting and relationships should be all about logistics that make your life easier so you have time to socialize!

From Daily Mail: When a family announces that it is expecting, it is usually two parents that excitedly break the news. However, for Adam Lyons and his two girlfriends, it’s three parents who are getting increasingly excited about their forthcoming bundle of joy.

Two years ago, Adam Lyons, 36, who is from East London, but now lives in Austin, Texas, was dubbed ‘the luckiest man alive’ because of his unusual living arrangements with his two girlfriends Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova.

At the time, Adam and Brooke had son, Dante, two, together but now the ‘throuple’ are expecting again after Jane fell pregnant. 

The threesome – who share a super-kingsize bed – believe the new baby, due in July, will make their family even more complete. Adam, 36, says: ‘It’s so sweet that we all get to parent and raise the kids together. We have talked about it at length and we all consider ourselves parents to the children. ‘

With the kids, our titles are officially “Dad”, “Mum” and “Mum”. For us, three definitely works better than two.’

In fact the threesome believe their unusual arrangement could be the future of relationships and parenting.

Adam, who runs his own business consulting company Psychology Hacker, says: ‘For us, three people works because it enables us to manage daily life so much better.  So many of our friends are in “normal” two-person couple relationships with kids, jobs and all the other typical responsibilities and I see them struggling to juggle their lives. It’s difficult with two people.  But with three parents, we always have the ability for one person to look after the kids.’

‘As a result, we never begrudge each other anything because we all have lots of time. With three people, it’s logistically so much easier to handle all those things – we share out the responsibilities and it fits our sexual preferences too.’

‘When Brooke, Jane and I first came out about our relationship, we had some criticism and certain people said we wouldn’t last.

But we’ve been going for five years now. What we have is not a fling or a phase, we’re a real family with healthy, happy kids. Our son Oliver doesn’t even recognise what is ‘unusual’ about our family.’

‘This should be the future of relationships, where people are able to enjoy love in any way they feel works. Three people and three parents makes so much sense to us.’

Indeed pregnant mother, Jane, 27, says that she never wanted children until she realised how much easier it was with three parents. Jane, who also works with Adam in his business consulting company, explains: ‘When I had boyfriends before, I never wanted or cared about kids. Growing up, I always thought that when you had a baby, you became a slave to your child. You see a lot of parents struggling. But raising Dante with Adam and Brooke and watching him grow up with three parents around – I realise we could do it as a family. With three parents around, it’s so doable.’

With three parents, we can still have a social life, make time for one another and share the parenting tasks so you don’t end up like the typical sleep-deprived mum! With two partners, there’s so much help and I’ll never have to leave my kids with someone I don’t trust.’

Bisexual Brooke, 28, – who also has son, Oliver, 7 from a previous relationship – says: ‘I’m so excited for Jane’s pregnancy – I love talking to her bump. I’ve always wanted four sons so this is a dream come true. ‘I think our good parenting is one of the sexiest things about our relationship. It’s incredible to see them Adam and Jane with the kids and how we share all the responsibilities.’

‘We definitely want a few more kids and I would love to have a wedding to show my commitment to Adam and Jane. Oliver says he would like to get married someday too and he knows three people can be really happy together in a relationship. We’re setting a good example.

Adam, Jane and Brooke all live together on a large plot of land with two separate houses – one of which they use as an office and one of which Brooke uses as a home school where she plans to teach all the trio’s children.

Bisexual Jane says: ‘We love living and working together – the family house is a one-minute walk from our office. Adam and I can have meetings in the office and head back home for lunch with Brooke and the kids. It allows us to spend more time together. I love coming home and getting a kiss from Brooke, Dante and Oliver!

‘My pregnancy was a planned one. We were trying for a baby – it just felt like the right time and parenting together as a threesome is a lot of fun.’

Read the rest of the story here.


20 responses to “‘The luckiest man alive’ insists raising a child in a ‘throuple’ is the future of parenting

  1. traildustfotm

    How can such stupidity continue?

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  2. This throuple’s child(ren) will grow up amidst such confusion. I feel sorry for young people today.

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  3. Lucky? Double the bitching is misery in anybody’s book. Plus, one of his old ladies looks like Shoneys Big Boy! Someone’s peeing on this guy and has convinced him it’s raining.

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  4. One more step towards the disintegration of the family.

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  5. Judging by the picture instead of two girlfriends looks like one woman, one lesbian and a guy, or should I ask who’s who there, could somebody unravel that mess?

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    • Brooke, the bisexual woman, is on the left, then Jane and Adam. The boy in front of Brooke is her and Adam’s son. Adam is married to bisexual Jane, who is pregnant with their kid. I think I have it correct…


  6. Sharia/polygamy being introduced, a form of jihad, overwhelming populations. Ironic, those seeking depopulation are encouraging increased non-Christian population. Oh, I get it, get rid of those who made this country great first, then go after others! Wishy-washy preachers, especially promoters of Chrislam, do you get it, or do you just not care?

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  7. I dunno, the kids will see the insanity and flee from it when they get old enough. Look at Rosy 0donel and her kid.

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  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Divorce attorneys, you may have a new, unforeseen market!

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  10. Fun, easier, good example are not terms I would use for a screwed up relationship, or whatever you want to call it. Those poor babies.

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  11. Yeah, sure, dude…

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  12. “So many of our friends are in “normal” two-person couple relationships with kids”
    what “normal” person in a “normal” relationship would want to expose their children to these sins?
    the daily mail article is really pushing and glorifying polygamy or “throuples”….calling it “deviancy” makes more sense.

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  13. The real problem here, as I see it . . . the Supreme Court has recognized marriages between individuals of the same sex . . .now everyone who has their own demented idea of what “love is” or “marriage should be” feel they can justify their own little slice of perversity. Oh! What a slippery slope we have started down . . . . . . . I’m glad I won’t be around in another 20-30 years to see what all this insanity has brought about.

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  14. This BS about 3 parents help juggle daily routines is just that BS. An excuse for exposing their children to unnatural living arrangements. If you need help hire a Nanny. These people just want to romp with a crowd and think they can normalize what they are doing as a way to make life easier. BS BS BS. There are plenty of people you could hire to help with daily life if that is an issue.

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  15. The guy is the one in the purple wife beater, right?


  16. Oh wow, 5 WHOLE YEARS! More like FIVE WHORE YEARS. What a bunch of lies. Get back to me when you perverts have been together 25 WHORE years and then we’ll see. Those poor kids, that’s all I can think of. What a horrible way to be raised, to think that is ‘normal’. And I bet they’re all atheists too. I pray those kids have a chance at a real normal life. Look at how all these messed up people like Richard Pryor turned out, his mom was a hooker and he was a horrible parent.

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  17. I looked at his website..it’s pretty lackluster. Not much real content on it at all. And this is his ‘business’?

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